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eBay tat volume 3.


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@barrettand I went to view this earlier today


it has been for sale a month or so now and I have been uhmming and aahing pretty much every day since.  Decided if it was as good as it sounded I was going to have it and worry about what to do with all my other needy cars later

It was totally original and not messaged with and pretty straight and clean but sadly head won over heart and it was just too much for me to buy, have delivered, recommission and then think about sorting out the crusty bits and the paint, plus parking it outside after so long in a garage didn't seem the right thing to do.   Bit of a shame really as I had pretty much talked myself into buying it over the last week or so

Good to meet you anyway, Barrett and thanks for taking a look at it with me

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This is a 5 min walk from me, but I’m not brave enough to spend actual money on it. If anyone wants the car let me know, it’s got great potential and only had 2 owners, e300 diesel auto



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