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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, cort1977 said:


Mercedes SLK320 manual 2001

Mercedes SLK320 manual 2001 | in Kingswells, Aberdeen | Gumtree

I take it this is not quite the bargain it appears to be?  700 quid for a 6 cylinder mercedes seems hard to beat.

Is it bad that before I even saw the link underneath, I could tell from the photo it was Aberdeen just by the harling on the wall?

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1 hour ago, Disco Fever said:



Volvo 480 Turbo - Nothing more needs to be said!!!

My folks got through 2 ESs and a turbo back in the day and I always had a soft spot for them. Lot of hyperbole in this ad but looks tidy.


It has had a good going over by the experts, I would tread carefully with that one (as a Wedge man myself)

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5 hours ago, barrett said:

Are you local enough to give it a once-over? I already have a couple of rattle-cans and if only @seth still visited this forum he could probably supply the photo of me doing 'the pose'

In the unlikely event that this is still around on saturday, I could check it out. 

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10 hours ago, barrett said:

Limited info, but this looks like good value if it's as clean as it appears. Incredibly tempting way to spunk my limited 'savings' up the wall




Shame, it's not the right sex for me to perv over. (Middle, not Sussex)

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