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No photo spotted thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

Spotted on a tram ride from Delft to Den Haag this morning:

Merc W123 wagon with much later and very ghastly plastic wheel trims. 
3x Mazda 626 wagons 

and saving the biggest ‘till last….Peugeot 504 wagon in mid-blue 

no photos ‘cos it was pissing rain. 

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A white Jensen Healey, in the wild.


Any tax on it?


Oh. Maybe an export marker?


Ah. Any other intel?


From "wightbay" would you believe. OK. Does Google have any photos?


There you go. 

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Spotted whilst out on errands just now, a BMW 2002 in orange. A quick Google suggests it could be Inka Orange. Registration plate beginning SDZ. I'm sure I've seen it before in the last few weeks. My eyes will in full Shaw Taylor mode next time I'm out and about on the mean streets East of Slough.

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