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Nibbler’s and Rightnider’s swedish carshite spotting thread!


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Some Swedish army shite. 

Hägglund BV 206 from the early 80s. This is the original version with Ford 2,8 litre cologne. It’s a real screamer and it swims if it has to. Should be familiar to you guys.

Scania TGB 30 1975. 11 litre naturally aspirated Diesel with 220 horsepower going thru an automatic 6 speed gearbox. There is another version called TGB 40 with 3 axles and turbo. Extremely reliable and can take an extreme beating. Popular in Ukraine because of that.

Volvo C304. But in Sweden known as a TGB 13. Down tuned 3-litre Volvo B30 engine. Extreme off road capability. 




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9 minutes ago, Rightnider said:

Wow! When checking the owner (he’s had it for 13 years) it turns out he’s also got a 2003 Lincoln Town Car. East meets West!

And he also owns a couple of really rare MZ motorcycles. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that Lincoln.

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1 hour ago, Rightnider said:

I’m sort of trespassing your domains @Dyslexic Viking, but my brother in law sent a picture of a Lada Samara, out and about. 


Thats interesting there are not many of them left and even fewer if any others in winter use.

Too bad it is not possible to read the registration number because it would have been fun to look it up.

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