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No photo spotted thread


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When I was on the Lakeland meet, a few things were spotted.


-Lotus Europa


-some sort of moped on a G suffix (1968/9) doing 50+mph on the M6, and overtaking people

-Lotus Elite

-red ph.2 BX estate being flatbedded up the M6

-drift spec S13 Silvia

-Danish registered TVR Cerbera in the museum car park

-P5B coupe outside someone's house in a village

-giffer owned Chevette

-Fiat Coupe in Keswick town centre that didn't look like it'd moved for a bit


I was following a pretty fast Piazza back down the M6/M61 for quite a while too... ;)

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Drove past a turquoise Holden (Vauxhall) Frontera Sport with some serious lacquer peel. Never seen one in the flesh before and I hope to never see one again in the future.


Also, a Mercedes 300SL Convertible HOONED past me at eleventy-million kilometers per hour. Would love to see it again in the future as I think it is a local car.

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I had do do a little research into what the fuck I saw on my way home through Northwich yesterday. I knew it was huge, air cooled, and communistical - and thanks to the internet, I now know it was a Tatra 603.

If I hadn't sat and totally gawped at its alien appearance for so long, I may have had the presence of mind to take a picture of it.

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C reg 740GLE saloon in doom blue with grey tweed interior being driven through central Manchester by an old Chinese guy. Seen it a couple of times now, need to get a picture at some point if I can. Plate is C222***, can't remember the last bit.

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Just walked into town to get some stuff to eat at work tomorrow when I heard something rorty blatting around the mini-roundabout behind me.    Expecting the usual barried Corsa or 206 to dump its fake waste-gate next to my right ear I was pleasantly surprised to see a middle-aged bloke booting a minty XR4i up the Asda service road.    Makes a change from being sat behind it in a nylon chair at some car show....

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