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No photo spotted thread


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I really should get a dash cam as over the last 2 days doing 800 miles through France I failed to get pictures of 2 Citroen Tractions, 4 Renault 4cv's, loads of 2cv's and Arcadiene's. A Renault Estafette campervan, Renault 12 and 8 Gordini's and a Renault Fregate. All out and being used, most on Sunday though and I suspect they were on a classic car run. There is still tons of 80's French chod on the roads if you keep off the motorways.

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Over this weekend....


Autoshite-approved beige Rickman camper-van.   Northbound M3 Saturday morning, just past Fleet Services.


Red Opel Commodore B Coupe with black window accents.   Going past Vauxhall plant in Luton.


Daytona Yellow hued AMC Gremlin (on trailer) going northbound on M3 just north of Winchester,  Sunday afternoon 

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