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Nibbler’s and Rightnider’s swedish carshite spotting thread!


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On 19/01/2024 at 06:19, Rightnider said:

You’ve been to Smedby, ’Exploring’ 😀

I’m there many times a week with students. Not far from there is a field where two Citroen XM’s rest. Will try to catch them on picture 

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8 minutes ago, Rightnider said:

Nice! My dad had one like that but an estate when they were next to new. 

Yeah, remember that one. But didn’t he have more than one Subaru? My favourite among his cars was definitely the mighty Toyota Tercel 4wd. 

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10 hours ago, Nibbler said:

We’re in Berlin again, and as usual I get an urge for a 124 estate.

This was picked and driven away up by three hip looking 20-somethings. The boot was jam packed with instruments and amps. 

11 hours ago, Nibbler said:

A w124 200 Diesel is quite high up on my want list.

I know. I’d like one as well, but a 20 valve 250 diesel would suit me perfectly. 

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