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  1. So far this year: speedometer, oil and filter, new stereo, new big battery, new battery connectors, welding, some paint and I went to the west coast of Sweden and bought another gearbox... hopefully working and with a reverse gear. 74 kilometres done...
  2. Today’s findings. Autobianchi is by Mebetoys. Repainted Peugeot 504 is by Norev, hopefully I can clean it up.
  3. Nope, City gross, Kalmar, Sweden. So it’s quite far away 😀
  4. Ugly alloys, otherwise it’s bloody brilliant.
  5. I love this thread! It’s an endless source of joy! A couple of days ago I set out on a quest. To find myself a Hot wheels Cadillac Seville. I scored in the last shop I visited. During my quest I picked up a couple more...
  6. The 145 and the 245 are by Nacoral. Volvo 66 DL is by Pilen.
  7. I bought a mystery bag with mixed shite. The superkings trucks are good but missing it’s cargo. Plastic Norev R12 and Solido Renault 5 are both quite good. Superkings SM I sadly missing it’s decals. The rest is really rough!
  8. Some plastic stuff. VW T3 from Swedish maker Vikingplast and a Stahlberg Volvo. The Volvo is quite large, around 1/20 is my guess.
  9. Project Capri moves slowly forward. I given myself one month before the engine is supposed to be installed. Only three obstacles remains. 1: the front crossmember. 2: a couple of small rust holes in the lower part of the firewall. 3: the new AEF brake cylinder doesn’t fit the original brake pedal. The AEF is a non servo one, as a brake servo won’t fit when a fuel injected engine is used (205 Pinto from a Sierra). There are other problems, but I refuse to think about them for now... The front crossmember is bad! See picture.
  10. Another blast from the past: Mercedes 220D -75. I took the train to Gothenburg, bought it and drove it home. Noisy and with crappy seats it was not an enjoyable journey. After a couple of years i sold it and I can´t say I miss it. It looks like it´s been exported from Sweden in 2022. The car beside the Mercedes is my ex-girlfriends Honda Accord 2,0 LS -94. Total reliability. She had that car for many years and drove it 220 kilometers every day.
  11. We only got the 12v here in Sweden. Remember accelerating uphill out on the motorway with my friends HTP. Since that moment I wanted one, so if this Fabia would have been a HTP I probably would have kept it for myself. As I like slow cars.
  12. This Fabia has the 55kw/75hp engine. I rented one of these back when they were new and it was nice. Especially compared to the HTP version that was hilariously slow.
  13. A couple of days ago I was offered a Skoda Fabia 1,4 Classic 2006 for free. My wife’s friend had her car in for MOT and it failed. Some minor stuff and a leaking brake hose. So she wasn’t even allowed to drive the car home. Spanish flag as we call it here in Sweden. Her plan was to scrap it, but offered it to me for free. I like the Fabia but I have too many cars already so I sent a message to my friend Eskil who was up for a free Fabia. He took the bus down from Stockholm and we fixed the Fabia outside the MOT station. You could feel that it wanted to be saved. Everything went smooth. So today with a fresh MOT, Eskil drove it the 5 hour journey back to Stockholm.
  14. Best road trip ever! And here is a picture of the Ghia X inside the Ford workshop in Odense.
  15. Car from the past: Ford Scorpio 2,9 Ghia -90. This was my first car to be driven all year round. Bought it dirt cheap with a broken MT75 gearbox. The gearbox turned out to be unbroken, the bolts connecting the prop shaft to the gearbox had snapped. We talk serious high mileage here... when I scrapped it due to rust it had done 540 000 km or 335540 miles. Still on it’s original engine, gearbox and rear axle. It was worn! Belts screaming due to worn pullies, windscreen wiper mechanism falling apart and the transmission play was hilarious. But it took me too Germany several times, to Norway, around England and Scotland and to work. I loved it!!!
  16. Could be! One of the rims on the right side was wrecked. The car could have been there for weeks before anyone took notice. So cat is probably still in the car.
  17. A wrecked Aerodeck in the middle of nowhere. I like this area, wide gravel roads built to service the massive wind turbines and no people.
  18. Today we play the game “spot the Volvo” with this brand new picture.
  19. Not looking to good for the old Volvo. It’s a 1988. Not had an MOT since 2004. Current owner since 1994 and he is still paying the registration fee. I presume it’s a he based on the amount of bottles all over the farm.
  20. This Opel Commodore and rather nice looking Volvo 240 was found at an abandoned farm. The 240 was in quite good condition, the Opel not so much...
  21. I would say that today is probably a good day to put on winter tyres.
  22. Found this at my parents house. Mom had a 9000i -86 in slightly darker red and it was she who bought this model. No idea who produced it for Brio, but I do like the “give the kids the base model” approach (please ignore Turbo spoiler). Scale is around 1/36.
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