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Shite in your town, in ye olden times.


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North Welsh shiters might recognise this scene. Yes, I'm originally from Wrexham.


The Land Rover takes me back. Up till the 90s you could count on at seeing at least one on market day, usually being piloted by a crusty looking bachelor sheep farmer from the hills out of town. Sad to say both the sheep farmers and their vehicles have died out now! 

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21 hours ago, Wibble said:

That Chevette is odd, should have had the later “flush” glazed headlights before then.

UGC433W was registered in August 1980.  Flush headlights were introduced in September 1979, so it's certainly pretty late to have the previous type.

DVLA think it's green!  Untaxed since December 1993, but last V5 issued April 1994.

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24 minutes ago, adw1977 said:

UGC433W was registered in August 1980.

Year of manufacture 1979 though, so registered elsewhere for a year ish then imported? 

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