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Shite in your town, in ye olden times.


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More from Gravesend.


1979 outside the Three Daws pub. Probably last year of RFs in the town.


Wakefield Street in the 1960s. This is now the site of the St George’s shopping* centre.


Bath Street, early 1960s.


I believe Parrock St, 1970s


King St, late 80s/early 90s given the pickup is an F plate.

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And now Chichester. Finding pics of Chichester with old rammel has been quite difficult.


North Street, 1960s. Bonus what I think is a Standard Atlas panel van.


Undated, no location given but possibly again North Street. Is that a Triump Mayflower?


Whyke Road near the junction with Willowbed Avenue

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On 14/10/2023 at 22:37, sheffcortinacentre said:

Just like here it's all about students 

Students = money ( for someone else). Watch Homes under the Hammer. Big house , say 5 bed, rent out as a house , say £1000 pcm. Make it a HMO ( always think it sounds like a prison, next worst thing I suppose ), 5 students (probably more) at £100 pw = £2000+ pcm.


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