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  1. Being on page 306, Have this dreamer and his 306 Dturbo Driven 123,467 km Manual transmission Exterior color: Gold · Interior color: Blue Seller's Description Peugeot 306 d-turbo for sale Project needs work Need quick sale Will try and get more photos tomorrow Feel free to check the reg and do your own checks etc Will need to be recovered on a truck Was running and driving when parked Not 100% sure now as don't have a jump pack to hand and has been sat for around 2 years Tyres are flat interior needs a through valet and the sunroof did have a leak and was taped shut. Don't have time to get it up on a ramp body work is okay Sold as seen no Messer's need a quick hassle free sale by end of week. Looking for around £975 ovno Lincolnshire branston area Ln4 Lincoln, England Date tested1 June 2019 PASS View test certificate Mileage191,220 miles MOT test number7393 7263 5483 Test location View test location Expiry date6 December 2020 Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): both front chassis rails corroded Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material both front to rear pipes (1.1.11 (c)) n/s/f top strut mount stiff What are advisories? Date tested28 May 2019 FAIL View test certificate Mileage191,220 miles MOT test number2446 4853 7298 Test location View test location Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a)) Offside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Nearside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) Offside Front Wheel bearing rough when rotated (5.1.3 (b) (i)) Nearside Rear Wheel bearing has excessive play (5.1.3 (a) (i)) Bonnet cannot be secured in the closed position (3.1 (b) (i)) Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): both front chassis rails corroded Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material both front to rear pipes (1.1.11 (c)) n/s/f top strut mount stiff What are defects and advisories? What a cheeky tramp
  2. Marketplace - Mazda mx5 .2002 plate.only 97k | Facebook .just ran out of mot but will sale it as hardly moved since last mot .grab a bargain .my take a ox etc Hope Jack from Jack and beanstalk doesn't swop the family Ox for this instead of the magic beans
  3. Unfinished Project Car | eBay The truck is a 2003 on a 53 plate. It has had the Lexus LS400 motor transplanted.The install was done by Theoc4x4 in Gloucestershire, and Hertscustom4x4 has also done some work on the vehicle.The motor is run by a stand-alone aftermarket ECU; Megasquirt from memory.
  4. EML

    1968 MG Midget

    Hope your going to call the spridget Paul...... runs for cover
  5. It a Volvo thing, something to do with the engine management
  6. On the sales page it states the engine size as 1.2cc which was the Sporting, The Hgt was a 1.7cc engine as shared with the Barchetta. And was a quick car, unfortunatly for me I bought the 6 speed manual geared sporting brand new in year 2000 from Dixon motors of Grimsby. Biggest pile of steaming shite I've had the misfortune to purchase, engine was rattling after 1500 miles, cv joints knackered at 2000 miles. Steering faults and lots of other niggles. £11500 Brand new and they offered £7500 at 6 months old. Utter creatins . And it was bloody slow, had to keep going through the 6 speed box to maintain a pace, a standard cinquecento was nearly as quick, so dread to think what the slush box would be like
  7. EML

    New addition

    So after a while on the net and checking local scrapyards i throw the net a bit further afield, I go to Roger Windley's at Tattershall. A great scrapyard like going back 20 yrs. Cars are all ground level, No climbing two and three high here, its a huge yard. Pull the bits yourself type of yard, They have a 850 ! The excitement turned to disappointment when the heater motor and the elusive heater resistor was already missing. So i checked a v70 motor and the shape was the same, i also cut the wiring plug just in case, which was lucky as it was different with the 850, and the heater resistor to see if it would work with this motor. The pair was as cheap as the fan from the Volvo breaker so nothing lost. Whilst at the scrap yard i got a bumper grill, which i was missing, a better condition switch and some other bits and pieces to make the journey worthwhile. So its time to start putting the car back together, Everything went back together smoothly fan back in, dash top back in, fan motor about to be installed when i spot 1 or 2 cm's of water in the area the fan sits in. I drain it out and think to check the cabin filter. Ar, the none filter Ebay order and a few days later we have a Unipart filter installed, delivered for less than £5 So everything is in, fan motor installed, trying the new resistor and it spins for 1 second again. Least ive got the original unit being rebuilt. Been 2 Weeks since i sent it off. Finally go to fit the glove box and it wont fit anymore, the v70 fan is a bit deeper and hits the inside of the glove box molding. WHY OH WHY is such a simple job fighting me so much
  8. EML

    New addition

    So the rebuilt clocks were fitted i thought its time to look at the heater fan, especially as it should be easier to remove now the glove box is out and dashtop is off. Heater motor was removed fairly easily, its just the wiring that gets in the way Motor Hamster cage looked in good order and round, so i removed the cage from the motor to be met with this. I thought if I get the used motor from Hull, and use my cage from above then its job jobbed. So I phone the breakers at Hull , only to be told that he has now sold that fan, (It was his last one) This car is really starting to test me now, if it was spring coming on summer i could go without the heater. But winter is on its way and i was going to use this as my daily drive.
  9. EML

    New addition

    Whilst waiting for the resistor rebuild I set about trying to fix the speedo mileometer Armed with torque keys and a good youtube how to i started the project with gusto. Heater vents out, glove box removed, screws unscrewed it was going well. Dash top removed and finally to free the clocks Clocks stripped down, mileometer removed from the cluster and the offending cog replaced. All this aggravation for this little bugger. The odd thing is that the speedo is an all electronic affair, not cable driven, so why does it have an analogue mileage when its an electric motor turning the cogs that keep the mileage. Funny old game eh!
  10. EML

    New addition

    As the car was around a mile from my house there was no cross country or even county The method of collection was the shopper, see if it fits in the boot Fitted like a glove, in the week of waiting i got a few insurance quotes that came in loads cheaper than the 406 it was going to replace. Happy days So collect the car, the cam belt and water pump had been fitted. Heater resistor was the wrong type, so he will get the correct one ordered, Not a worry it wasn't too cold a month ago. I drove it for a couple of days and it was ok, but buyers remorse had already set in, and wasn't really feeling the love for the car. I am the guy who gets remorse from buying shite bicycles so it shouldn't have come as a shock I had ordered a repair kit for the speedo, manipulated the wiper arm with 2 big shifters and had got the wiper blade sitting flat on the windscreen now, just waiting on the heater resistor to arrive My friend with the 850r offered me a mapped ecu for not much, Even a try before you buy it . Little did we know that the Volvos ecu was wearing a chastity belt to keep people out there from meddling with the maps. After the electric lock pick did the business I gave it a try. By god it made a difference. Even off boost it felt quicker. On boost it was really blowing some, yet it was really smoothly delivered. Not a big bang of power as in a 2 stroke kind of way. A very linear boost. A great improvement Feeling on a high after that improvement, and the new mileage cogs had arrived i studied youtube and other sources on how hard it would be to install the new cogs. Whilst the dash was going to pulled apart i thought its time to get the resistor changed at the same time. Yet another wrong resistor had been sent to the seller again, so i decided to get one sorted as winter will be on its way, and my insurance renewal was getting ever closer. The heating set up on this car is the Electric Climate Control , which makes this resistor unique to the ecc. ARSEHATS But surely being a Volvo it wont be hard to get a replacement. Oh how wrong was I. Nothing with the same part number on ebay, this part is unavailable from Volvo anymore. So i looked on forums etc and it seems to be a rare part, I phoned a Volvo breaker near Hull who had a part from a V70, he sent me the part number and i looked online, it looked identical to mine except different part numbers, He wanted £25 and £10 postage. I could send it back if it didnt work. My madcapped reasoning came up with if its £20 for a part that might not work, and need a few days for it to arrive i may as well drive over and try it at his breakers. So this is exactly what i did, when the v70 part was fitted the motor spun for a few seconds then stopped, that's when i realised that the motor was also shagged. Rattling like a good un. The breaker had a motor, but the fans "hamster cage" was well warped, as what was suspected on mine. So i didn't buy that either, but managed to bag a pair of clear side indicators and a replacement mirror glass for the passenger mirror. Not a totally wasted trip, I remembered a person on here using a company called bba reman to fix electrical issues, quick look online says they can fix them . Excellent news at last. They sent out a courier to collect from me on the Friday, I waited in all day only for them not to come. Splendid So after a phone call on Monday I spoke with bba again, and i sent the parcel myself through parcelforce so i needed have to wait in again all day.
  11. EML

    New addition

    I've fancied something a bit quicker than the 90hp 406 Hdi , a puch maxi would probably be quicker to be fair. Spotted a Volvo locally, after a messages and a phone call I agreed to go and kick the tyres. As my friend is running a T5r I took him along for an extra pair of eyes and see what it felt like in compared to his car, just as we pulled up to look at the car, the heavens opened. The rain did a sterling job of hiding the awful lacquer peel on the drivers side, but it was described along with a few other bits of paint that wants looking at. The heater didnt work, as the resistor had gone, and the fan was running all the time, the seller has ordered a resistor for it, And pulled the fuse so not to run the motor hence flattening the battery. The miles weren't counting on the speedo TADTS and the drivers wiper wasn't hitting the screen very well. Despite appearances it drove well enough, stopped in a straight line, no odd noises or anything bad, gear changes smooth enough, I made an offer and it was accepted. Seller will put a new heater resistor in for me, a cam belt and a water pump at an agreed price, collect next weekend. As the saying goes, Ive just bought a Volvo 850 T5 Automatic
  12. A great car bought there, I've regretted selling my 940 lpt, a manual boost controller made it a much more entertaining drive, I should have kept it as the prices are on the climb
  13. That sounds a bloody good way to spend a bank holiday weekend Thanks for sharing
  14. After seeing the Opel "Monza" in the cars you never knew existed thread i had a quick look at south African Opels Opel Rekord GL 2.0 for sale in Vanderbijlpark - ID: 26225186 - AutoTrader 49950 Rands or roughly £2500 "Monza Gsi" or Belmont sri to us 1994 Opel monza GSi for sale! | City Centre | Gumtree Classifieds South Africa | 1011388723 40000 Rand or just under 2k in the queens heads. Wonder how hard it would be to import one
  15. Not sure if this should be in bus shite, (1) Marketplace - 1977 Leyland Horsebox bus | Facebook
  16. The C70 is still a dam fine looking car, well done with your persistance of fixing up the swedish coupe
  17. Spotted this yesterday in Sutton On Sea Sutton On Sea is on the Lincolnshire coast , between Mablethorpe and Skegvegas
  18. Didn't realise the street triples were that cheap now, I had a 2005, 1050 speed triple a good few years ago. It was a great thing
  19. That's a few miles from home now, John Somerscales are still a timber merchant, but have gone into the heavy/abnormal load business Somerscales
  20. I'am sure that's a Grimsby number plate. Was it registered at Barkers
  21. EML


    Woolarding the 406 last year
  22. And what a car to convert to that witchcraft. At least it wasn't a Delorian
  23. Yes there a nice bike, I've got a few Raleigh twenties and stowaways (folding twenty) in the hoard. There's a good facebook page for kingpins and the modified small wheelers page is worth a look I have changed the saddle since this photo, its a 1976 model
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