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  1. You must have been on the seafront at a the time to me, That vehicle belongs to Mrs Vassey. (Mrs Chubby Brown)
  2. Last one for today, Odeon cinema on the corner of Victoria st and East St Mary's gate Building is still there, now a Mc's and the road is pedestrianised
  3. Corporation bridge heading towards Victoria St and Market St
  4. Looking from Corporation bridge towards Victoria St and Market St Grimsby
  5. Wellowgate crossing Grimsby. Unsure of year
  6. Nice Mk1 Cavalier on the book of Face https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/318869183802594/?ref=facebook_story_share
  7. EML

    Bus Shite

    On Legbourne road, on the way out of Louth, heading towards Kenwick. And its still there, and still owned by a Burton's family member. Used cars only now, they had a nice low mileage Renault 5 recently for sale And this Uno rally car.
  8. I tried to find some more info on when Burton's went to the wall. And found some later photos of the forecourt Can't remember who bought the garage or it burnt down, as that happens a lot in this town. Was a car park for a while. Below is flattened. It's now a hotel on that site
  9. EML

    Bus Shite

    Whilst trying to find some info on when Burton's garage shut in Grimsby I came across this photo
  10. Late 1990's if I remember correctly, the petrol pumps had gone, but the main showroom and new sales hadn't changed much from the photo.
  11. EML

    Truck Shite

    Tetley's Dray wagon outside the long lost Micawbers in Grimsby
  12. Burtons garage in Grimsby. A main Fiat botherer for many years, and also held the subaru dealership when it was pickups and sensible estates. They lost the Fiat franchise when Dixons took over Grimsby
  13. One of the many car dealerships once along Victoria st in Grimsby, its now a carpet shop. It became a Renault dealer when Saab went tits up
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