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  1. EML


    Forgot i took this many years ago at Carrington steam rally
  2. Marketplace - 1995 Lada Niva | Facebook And another soviet 4 wheeled wonder in Lincolnshire
  3. (1) Marketplace - 1987 Lada Riva | Facebook Lada for sale in Brigg on that faceache
  4. Spotted yesterday in Cleethorpes
  5. These were on a vehicle for sale on Faceache, I don't think I would have taken the time to photograph such utter tat
  6. Spotted last weekend at Tesco A Japenesse 200
  7. Grimsby docks, with one of the Ross groups trawlers, John Howard was a big player with frozen fish and coldstores
  8. Gorgeous "Ron" 1970s portable tape cassette carrier/holder TimeWarp new & boxed | eBay I remember something like this in a Scimitar gte i bought and did nothing with. Wonder if its still in the box of automotive tut and coe in handies Close but no cigar
  9. Unknown brand of Mercedes T1 tow truck, very high chance of Chinesium manufactured. Extra shite points for a cracked front screen
  10. (4) Marketplace - 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class | Facebook
  11. Spotted in wilds of Louth's Aldi carpark in December.
  12. EML

    Car chases

    ^ That car chase is great, the Fiat fixes itself a couple of times, and the VW k70 totally changes shape whilst in a roll. 10/10 Will watch again
  13. I must have been lurking here for nearly 10 yrs or so , back then the weapon of choice was a Rover 420si, this was sold on the blue forum. The Rover was replaced with a volvo c70 T5. Nice enough car, but wanted something fun to drive, enter the Vr6 or as the V5 stated a Golf Gti Vr6. A dutch import with lots of paperwork, and unusual colour. Sounded ok, wasnt quick after the Volvo. The 5 door was practical as Girlfriend at the time had 2 kids. Got bored and bought this from my friend. Clk 320 Petrol, went well, sounded nice and was a cheap smoker. As was of its time, rust on every panel. I ran this for a while, till the crank pulley went and the belts pulled the pulley into the engine. Making sparks and noise. Sold within an hour of the ebay ad going live This replaced the Merc, loved them when they were released. Another over rated car imho, thirsty, very hard suspension and always something waiting to go wrong with it. It was £3500 car, so in no mans land of not being an expensive car, but enough cash not to be a snotter. In the year i owned it, Gearbox bearings shit themselves, lamba sensor went, the one piece exhaust system had enough , rear caliper, wheel bearings the steering was starting to get notchy, when it had an argument with a freelander at 30mph. Give the Mini its due, it stood up very well to the impact, it hit the freelander,side on and it banana'd it. Door touching the seat and rear window popped out. Other party admitted fault, so i only had a hire car for a week. Needed a cheap car to get to work, I was offered a £300 306 D turbo, what a night and day compared to the mini cooper. The 306 was a great car, good on fuel, went well after i fiddled with the lucas pump, handled better, and much more comfortable. Unfortunateley I cant find any photos. Ran it for the 10 months the mot was on for, and sold it for £175 to a lad i was working with. This is when i decided £1000 is a limit on the cars now. £800 Xantia Hdi Exclusive then entered the fold. Nice enough old bus, 160 odd on the clock. drove well enough. Run up to Scotland and did 1000 miles in a week. Ran for a while and replaced by a Japanese 3 SERIES. Another car i admired for a good while, And another over ratted car. Thirsty, slow and a bit beige. Ran it till all the eml lights came on, facebook market place got it off my drive. Saw it in the local scrapyard a month later. Replaced with a cheap Rover 111i kensington. Great fun, quick, nimble, amazing vision and just good fun. Boiled it dry and replaced with a cheap 172 clio. It was cheap for a reason, very fast, but lots of little faults. Should have been mothballed as it was a black series 1, 172 With that gone i came across this Then being a regular Rover licker a Mgf caught my eye. 1.8 115 hp £750 Absolutely great fun, quick, fun to drive and amazing on fuel. It spun me a few times. Didnt take kindly to being driven unsmoothly. These are so much better than the some of parts they are made from. I ran this till winter came and another car i had aways fancied came up for sale fairly locally. The mighty 940 2.3 lpt Manual . The previous owner had moddified it a little, chopped springs, bit of a larger diameter exhaust and a manual boost valve. Went very well, handled a bit wooden after the MGF but all that space. Surprised a few people out on the road. Ran for 2 years and fancied a change to be fair, i should have spent money on it, but didnt loose much for 2 years motoring. A lad came up from Southend to Cleethorpes to buy. He was very happy with it, and it managed to stay on the road a bit longer. Nearly upto date now. MG ZTT 160 1.8 Turbo'd Kettle £450 Trade in special. Loads of dents, scratches and niggles. 1st fault the Climate didnt work at all, I danced a happy jig when i replaced a relay and it started blowing. Eml light was on more than off, air bag light used to pop up once a month for giggles. Handled really well considering it was on some autogrips, The turbo was lazy and smoked like a Dot Cotton tribute. Got 18 months service before i unloaded it for £350 with 6 months Boris mot. The present whip is a 406 Hdi 90.
  14. I had one of these at 3yrs old, ex rover fleet. Gutless and a thirsty brute to add insult to the injury.
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