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Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.


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Had a good look underneath earlier, and it's good news! The spring cups on the rear chassis legs have been replaced, and a small patch has been put in the back of the inner sill on both sides. Nothing else requiring attention has been spotted, but the welding looks like it was done with a stick. It's all hammer proof, but I'll most likely tidy up the welds so that they won't be obvious. The rest of the underside appears to be in really good nick - just a few bits of light surface rust. :)


The wobbed up rear valance




Offside rear corner - arch repair section plonked over the top and wobbed up.




Nearside rear corner - similar 'repairs" to the offside - but with even more wob.




The rear half of both outer sills done in the same style as the arches - repair panel tacked over the original one, followed by lashings of wob.



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The interior is in fine fettle, sadly the camera flash makes the velour of the seats and door cards look a washed out grey - they're blue in real life!




Seats are tidy






Sunroof works well, and doesn't appear to leak




Behold! The mighty donk - its very quiet, doesn't smoke, and apart from a bit of a stutter at about 2000rpm under load, it pulls well.




The clutch can indeed be changed without removing the gearbox - I took a picture of it, and then subsequently deleted it by accident!

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I see Mk2 Cavaliers, and just think The Bill.


The top end interiors were plush, my grandparents took me to the Vx dealer for the Mk3 launch, where they had a run out Mk2 GLSi in black. Lovely car, everyone knows more letters on the back is better, but they ordered a Mk3 L instead. The Mk2 was amazing inside

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Love how ridiculously different the two generation of Cav are.




Certainly no likeness from this angle! ^^^


Spent a bit of time playing with my recently acquired chod this afternoon. The headlights are no longer remaining on whenever the battery is connected. The culprit was the dim dip resistor pack thingy - simply unplugging it solved the problem. If I can find one to replace it, I will do, but it's not a legal requirement anymore and so not really a problem.

The time clock in the fascia didn't work or light up, but a replacement courtesy of eGay was clipped in today too.

The clutch biting point was just off the floor when I got the car, but a cheeky adjustment of the clutch cable and it's a lot nicer to drive now.

Being totally out of practice, I completely forgot to take any pictures of today's fettlery, so here's one of the shed just before locking up for the day.


Still on the hunt for a rear valance and bottom corners. :)

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How do you change a clutch without removing the box? I demand enlightenment

I have a pictorial demonstration knocking about somewhere - when I've found it I'll post them up. It's pretty cool* :)


*My idea of cool is not necessarily the same as anyone elses.

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I went to start her up at the weekend, and failed! It just cranked over and over without firing. I pulled off the king lead, and the coil end was full of water and green corrosion slop - three of the four plug leads were in the same state at their distributor terminals. This wasn't helping for sure! The rotor arm and dizzy cap looked fine, so the leads were cleaned up and re fitted, and we now had sparks, but it still wouldn't fire up. The plugs were very wet with fuel, pointing to flooded combustion chambers from all the sparkless cranking, so the injectors were unplugged, and it was cranked again. It fired up and ran for a few seconds, then conked out when the excess fuel was gone - after plugging the injectors back in, and cranking again, normal service was resumed. :) I reckon I'll be buying some new leads at some point!


I was given another interior light to try, but it appears to have suffered the same kind of heat damage to the circuit board that the original has. In other news, my under bonnet light now works!





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What's the mileage on this beast? It looks pretty clean, apart from the bits that aren't, if that makes any sense.

It's showing 36k - I reckon if it was 136k it would be in a far worse state, particularly the interior. I don't have the MOT history to hand, but I think it's only done 14-5k since 2006.

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Been hunting down bits for this, all repair panels needed apart from the lower rear quarters have been sourced. Dizzy cap and leads are on their way here, the next items on the list are the correct wheel trims. Apparently, these are the ones -


There is one slightly battered one on eBay at the moment, but obviously a full set would be required to geek proof it. :)

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He cabbed it as well didn't he? Then sold it Curly. What a twat. He's probably banged Raquel in the back as well while Curly was at Bettabuys. Assuming fanny rat himself Des Barnes wasn't at it.


It was Don 'legless' Brennan who had the blue Mk2 Cavalier which he crashed and thus had to have a leg amputated.

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