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Invalid carriage blue Mk1 Cavalier


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Yes, it was a silly question really, but I always try and give them a chance. Sometimes I am wrong, or just miss something, so asking in case. ;)

I've already asked DVLA the question, but they aren't the speediest/most responsive gov dept out there, so ......

You mean to say all blue Cavaliers aren't invalid vehicles? Now that surprises me! ;)

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3 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

im going horribly off topic now!

but thats interesting, so no where on KRW794's V5 does it say 1974 does it?

thats interesting because we know the car is a 1974 car and the DVLA even knows that

but if its not on the V5 then I wonder where its stored/noted down exactly?

I would have expected the special notes bit to say "Declared manufactured 1974"

or something along those lines!

Yes. it's all a bit of a mystery; hence my original FoI request. My appeal got booted btw - I hadn't applied with my full name! Typical daft regulations as they have my full name on the V5C!

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After a recent tidy up of the shed, I thought that now there was plenty of room I might as well fit the other new steering arm and balljoint. (Its been a while since the passenger side one was done!)


After a bit of faffing, and one of the gaiters tearing, it was finally done and tracked up.


The next job on the car will be a bit of a clean underneath, its getting pretty mucky under there. That can wait until my two poster is installed.   :)

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Didn't get round to this at the weekend,  but did get on it this evening.  

Wheel and drum came off


I cut the old bearing off, much quicker than using the press, and it would allow me to inspect the bearing surfaces. No noticeable wear could be seen, but there was a couple of chips out of the hardened surface of the outer track.


This explains why there was plenty of noise, but no discernable play. The new bearing and locking ring were pressed on to the half shaft


and once slotted back where it came from, normal quiet running was resumed. :)

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