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Invalid carriage blue Mk1 Cavalier


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Had a good poke about this earlier - the rear arches, drivers side sill and front door bottom, as well as that hole in the wing will all need some attention to ensure the longevity of the car. I should be getting it up on a ramp some time this week, then I'll be able to formulate a plan to restore it to tiptoppedness. Once all undercarriage is deemed sound, bodywork will be ripped back to bare metal and refinished to the full extent of my means. (This will obviously involve me doing as much as I can myself, and leaving the painting part to a professional!)













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get the carpet out, check the front floor pan s, and rear seatbelt points.


then get under it and check the chassis legs, at the bendy bit, called a swan kneck.



Topper Cav BTW,OP :-)

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I'm totally digging this thing! Did a couple of hundred miles in it at the weekend - most enjoyable - it just seems to "fit" me really well! Started the hunt for parts already, its not going too badly.

Been out a-pootling this evening, and its still getting a good papping from random people. Finally parked up for the night.



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This has settled in to its new home now - currently sharing the space with a Nova SR.




After 300 odd miles, the first problem makes itself known - binding driver's side front brake. A strip and clean didn't cure it, so a rebuild kit is being sought.




Gratuitous calliper shot^^^^

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