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  1. cos its literal scrap. cars worth 500 quid when done and needs 700 in repairs. its uneconmic to repair and it has a fanbase as big as a mouses nadger. ad in whatever it needs for MOT plus some Tax and youve sank 1k into a 500 quid turd.
  2. ypou need a new gearknob. look for an r32 one from a mk4 or mk5 and swap the yellow boot to it.
  3. i saved a giffer spec 205 gl 3 dr from the scrappy once, pale blue and 33k. paid 35 quid for it. was odd, as it was phase1 dash on an e plate but had a tu engine... sold it to a mates mum for $350. lovely little thing
  4. mate over here has a toyota kluger with the rego FLEDDY
  5. those front shocks appear to be big piston bilsteins....
  6. its the pressure releif in the rack. it jams and stalls the pump.
  7. ah shame. seems it didnt have much wrong last time. i reckon its just been classed as an old car and scrapped. low miles aswell. bumhats.
  8. guys, due to the stupid rules with dvsa website i cant check mot status here in oz. can someone chec YF03LHN for me? its a black corsa c sxi 3dr. i bought it at 13 months old and had it for 5 years. thanks.
  9. my old man got a 1.6 zetec on an 03 plate brand new on motab. he handed it back 3 years later with 489 miles on the clock. it had actually done 18,000 but the speedo failed the week before handover. new speedo fitted. on handover day (for a fucking cmax that was dogshit) the sales manager thought the 489 miles was genuine and asked my old man why he handt driven it. im sure they sold it as new.....
  10. if your brave, add 500ml of diesel to your oil. the detergents can assist in breaking down the crud a bit more effectively. i am not liable if this causes OMGVAGDETH
  11. yeah the c18xe made 149bhp on the rollers with nothing but a big silly cone filter and a decat. was a great everyday car. the owner worked out he wa getting 56mpg on the motorway! no pic of the b, its pretty sad looking thing. i keep getting tempted by corsa c's theyre pennies here atm, and i used to have one as a young bloke. that 200ts was in total vauxhall years ago. lovely cars both. there is a 2.0 sport saloon near me, has the full irmischer kit on it and its a purple color. keep meaning to door knock it....
  12. nice job on the corsa, as a fellow vaux licker, ive done my fare share of engine cnversions. best one i did was a 23k mile sport with a c20xe and wide ratio box, used the stock airbox, a/c and pas etc and it looked factory. i also did a c18xe for a lad with a daewoo box that seemed to have close ratios for 1,2,3 and a wide 5th. that was a fun car. currently have a rio verde gsi rep c14se auto sat here awaiting a b204 conversion. that astra 160i is rare as rocking horse, though there is about 4 200i's in the uk inc a turbo one....
  13. the commos use totally different suspension to the uk cars. nothing swaps across. that one in scunny will be fucked. i do wonder how it got there.
  14. its bullshit. oz has been using it for 20 years with no issues.
  15. blue feeds signal to ecu for engine temp. always replace the rubber o rings too.
  16. coolant sensors on vw should never show an open circuit. have you replaced both sensors with new ones?
  17. bike memories. rode a cub 50 to school and back fromage 15. i was a bit if a wrong un. fitted knobblys and de plasticked it, and added a high rise zorst. swapped it age 17 for a shagged 76 dt250 in bits. built it and painted it fluro orange. sold to a mate age 18 after getting my first car. i owned a zxr750, 93 model for all of 4 weeks till muthasloth saw it and preceeded to belt me with a spatula till i promosed to sell it. i was 20.... unclesloth rode a zzr1100 then a thundercat v twin. t'other unclesloth had a 1958 triumph t110. loved that bike. was just perfect.
  18. still showing as teh fail here? and turquoise?
  19. shame these are commanding silly money even over here. id love an xe'd van.
  20. never had a mk1, had a mk2 for all of 2 months. aus spec 1600xl. was fun in the rain, but for a daily it was average. theyre overhyped an overpriced. swapped it for a 100e with the same running gear. far more fun car oddly.
  21. says mini on it, looks like a mini and is a mini. therefore mini. just cos it has a honda engine, doesnt make it a mini. does that make heart transplant receivers not the same person any more? should we call em "bob smith & dave turps" as its now 2 people? didnt think so.
  22. OMG SNOKAOS AND ACCLAIM - YU KAN HEAR TEH FIZZING FRUM HEAR. looks lovely that! well done. now what about the dollop o shite?
  23. commer called their truck the commer knocker, as it was the first truck to be driven by a lady with massive cans. there are 2 cars mentioned in the bible - leviticus 2:13 - "and the lord said this is my accord badermatic in beige" and JOHN 4:23 "and jesuses death was brought with a herald, in dogshit brown, with a fucked 1300cc engine. and the lord proclaimeth " it doth need a rebore, and a head gasket, for that is my commandment" and then it was recovered by Big Ern from 3-ways recovery"
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