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Invalid carriage blue Mk1 Cavalier


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I am jealous. Not of the work that lies ahead, but of the car :P


Did you have it MOT'd before stripping to see if anything else was highlighted?

Aye, it had a few months MOT left when bought, and I did about 1600 miles in it over three months. The only thing that didn't work was the automatic choke. I'll most likely fit a manual choke Weber carb if the original Solex is borked.

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I've just discovered this thread. This is great work 4WS.  8)  8)  8) 


When I was a kid my neighbour had one as a company car, moving onto MK2s. We had a shared drive...His MK1 Cav, his wife's moped and my Folks Chrysler Alpine and Saab 99EMS all grouped together :-D :-D

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Door glass, regulators and remaining chrome trim now removed. Just the locks and exterior handles to do before the doors come off.




Main welder bloke is not available for a couple of weeks - I'm sure I can find stuff to do in the mean time!

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Really enjoying this. I presume it's spent a fair bit of time in a garage over its lifetime.

Aye - apparently it was garaged every night when it was in use. Highly likely that this has prevented it from going the same way as 99.9% of its brethren!


Been viewing a metric shitload of spare parts for these cars today. They are to be gathered up for the owners club, after the death of one of the senior members who lived locally to me.

A sad day, but at least all his stuff won't become landfill/bean tins now.

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Didn't get much done at the weekend - a fair bit of time was spent retrieving masses of spare parts from the recently deceased bloke's hoard.


Now the dash is out, it should be a little easier to remove the windscreen. I'll do that next, before more underseal/paint removal. :roll:



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Fantastic work. Very impressed. No messing about too, obviously going to get this done in a fraction of the time it would take me.


Sad to hear about the chap with the spares who has left us. That'll be me one day. Reminds me to make a will.

Thank you kindly! The bloke who is sorting out the guy's estate still hasn't found all the vehicles that he's found the documentation for yet! He says it's taken over his life, although it's difficult to feel sorry for him due to the size of the inheritance!


The screen took 5 minutes to remove, but getting rid of all the sealant took a great deal longer!






Just a couple of small patches of surface rust - almost perfect!

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Absolutely fantastic work, I love these motors!

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The rust that had crept up the seam sealer in the footwells was investigated today. The passenger side should be fine after cleaning up and re sealing




I ground straight through it on the drivers side, leaving a small hole. Another easy fix though!




Not a lot left to remove in here now.




Cleaned all the screen sealant off the glass before calling it a day, one less job to do before reassembly.



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