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Invalid carriage blue Mk1 Cavalier


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Went to the Vauxhall shindig at Billing today - fair few Cav Mk1s in attendance, but very sparse selection of parts available. It would appear to be very necessary to join an owners club, so I did!






There was even a Cavalier Coupe in the same "invalid carriage" blue as mine.



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The hunt for parts has been fruitful - first up, a new old stock drivers door!




It's dirty, but not rusty - there are a couple of small dents though. It has been hanging around for a long time!


An unused nosecone trim piece, it is distorted a little from storage, but we have the technology!




Proper wheel trim rings, used but pretty straight, will be rechromed at some point.




Drivers side headlight, to replace the rusty one it came with.




Actual hard work still to do!

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Done a thousand miles in this now, I've enjoyed every one of them! MOT has a few weeks left to run, then the fettling begins. Both rear wheel arches need repairing, and the outer sills are more than likely getting replaced. I'm not looking forward to removing all the alloy trim pieces, the roof gutter ones especially! A little paranoid about ruining shiny stuff seemingly made from unobtainium.

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I can't decide if the different height trim on the front wing is annoying or not and that bothers me much more than it should.

Personally, I do find it annoying! The end of the trim nearest to the wheel arch has dropped due to the rivets holding the trim clips turning to dust - when reassembled after paint, the mildly irritating misalignment will be gone.

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Passenger side rear arch trim off next - I knew this side was worse!




Rear - not bad




Middle - not as bad as the drivers side




Front - saved the best till last! Repairs needed to the inner arch/wheel tub as well as the outer lip. Nothing shocking though, some car pox must be expected after nearly 40 years. I've seen much worse on far younger cars!


Sill covers will come off next time!

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Is that it? Really, is that all there is? 


Rust? You want rust? Come and buy a Triumph Dolomite mate, especially a green one ;)




Doesn't look too bad at all!

It's pretty good - the whole underside has had an almighty spaffing with some kind of bitumen type stuff. It may have been waxoil, but its kinda hard and brittle now. I'm looking forward to scraping all that shit off at some point in the future!

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