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  1. If you only need a screw driver rather than drill combo then an impact driver is the future. Takes all the effort out of the job. You can get a half decent erbauer for around a ton.
  2. Gah posted a moan, realised my insensitivity and deleted it. Thoughts to all those affected in the attack, just awful.
  3. It shouldn't do this, there is almost certainly an issue HTH.
  4. May I draw your attention to the fact that the post on the 16th does not show the obligatory pigeon shit welding as per the norm as a follow on from the 12th. There is still time to rectify this. Thanks.
  5. I would rather have a bag of pork scratchings.
  6. Why on Earth had you taken your cat to the services?
  7. Fantastic, did I miss an opportunity to contribute to the old girl?
  8. I think there should be a regular "Dave does something s bit daft" feature. Good work!
  9. There's been some seriously impressive spots recently.
  10. That must be spot of the decade! Absolutely top class!
  11. Glow plug light flashing and similar symptoms was cam sensor on mine. £5 and 5 mins to fit, gotta be worth s try.
  12. BT TV is great. However customer service consists of a complete shower of cunts. That's if you can get through in the first place without being cut off.
  13. Calling all welding gods......I have bought a decent Earth clamp for my little Clarke welder and think it would probably be better with a beefier earth lead. What size cable would be best and I presume it shouldn't be too long either?
  14. I think it's quite common for the radio to pack in first on these.
  15. Well done Ghosty! I am sure you will be able to get it all sorted relatively easily!
  16. If it makes you happy who gives a stuff, your money your choices?
  17. I hope it's not the same bastard cold I have had for the last month.
  18. Wife came home from work in wednesday saying the wing mirror had been bent backwards at her work. She was chuffed to tell me she had managed to get it back pointing in the right direction and it seemed undamaged. I saw the car for the first time today and what she hadn't noticed was a massive fuck off dent right on thhe swage line near the mirror. Seen on cctv today a parent at her school dropping a kid off seems to be the culprit. Only had the car 4 months and to say I am pissed off is an understatement. How can people just drive off like that?
  19. ^^^^ Sorry to hear that. Could anyone explain to me how the f**k insurers get away with increasing premiums when you have had a no fault accident?
  20. I work in Liverpool and live very near southport if eddys offer is a goer
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