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  1. Love an e28. Those 2.0 six pots are soooo smooth, gorgeous looking cars.
  2. OMG Sno Kaos in deepest Essex and snowy Vulva in badly taken, can't be arsed to go outside to take pic, pic. Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  3. It's funny you say that, wasn't entirely sure as had only worked on super smooth Mk1's (in Ambulances, hence the sliding door fetish) with lovely leaky cam boxes. Plus the rhyme entered my head, couldn't keep it in! Downgraded to want²
  4. Sliding door, slant straight four loveliness. Want³
  5. Just sent this to the overseer. She came back to me with "Do it, I'd much rather that than another motorbike'. What do I do? Give her a hug or divorce her?! Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  6. I think you are reading it right. Just a bit of T-Cut, no? It is a runner, apparently...
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1432414550279444 Anybody???
  8. I used to live in the Harlow area. The buses around there, Ware, Hatfield and St. Albans garages used to seem to do the rounds back when. Was getting very spotty when in the school holidays, my Dad would treat me to a Golden Rover week bus ticket. The obvious challenge was to hit as diverse routes and types as possible. Including the aforementioned, plus the odd sexy Duple or Plaxton bodied Green line. Those were the days!
  9. All of this Leyland National stuff is making me feel a bit giddy. Give me a single door Mk1 with a original smokey, 510 engine, the flat tailpipe and some London Country/Green Line blue moquette coach seats... Not to forget luggage racks, being driven like it was stolen with no lift between the gears..... Might need to have a 'moment' now.
  10. I'll be honest, due to my background in a previous life of being in 'the trade'. I generally find a lot of these Youtube project channels a bit tiresome. Lots of bought in parts, normally presented by somebody whos personality resembles genitalia and a Discovery channel feel about them. These have not, quite obsessed at the minute!
  11. Oh my god, this just led me to project Binky. How in the big man in the skys name did I not know about that! New binge started.
  12. Was just about to post this with a similar (though not as great) comment.... Not far from me either, though the wife would divorce me. Actually......... ?
  13. Sexy Safrane One for the lickers? I'm in love.
  14. Just missed the boat on that. Late, facelift Omega would be my punt too.
  15. I've not seen one like it, though it doesn't mean a lot. I just really like the look of the thing. Being honest, there isn't a lot I don't like. Not ready for a HD yet though......
  16. Just wished I'd bought something pre-lock down. Just a ridiculously clean 765RS, that is in danger of wearing its chain out standing still with me cleaning it again....
  17. I know.... Hardly in the spirit of Autoshite due to exactly that. I just miss bikes and nothing to do on mine ?
  18. A bit salty for me, not much of a BMW bike fan, but something about it I really like. Lovely project fodder.
  19. Christ, staying at home with not a lot to do (even obeying the 1 hour max walking exercise) makes me do some strange things... Posting on here for one, instead of the usual shiteperving. Cleared out the garage yesterday, will make my fortune in a clear out sale of crap when we are safe. Replaced 6 litres of transmission fluid in the Ovlov, not a bad job.... No pics as needed to get it done before it rained. Be safe out there children.
  20. I'd give my left leg to get this one back. First foray into ebay, 'twas an oldun then in 2007. Sold it to replace it with a 525tds. Used to do some foolish things and remember once fishtailing it (no skillz involved) with a mate in the back seat and him bouncing off both door cards.... No girlie traction control then.
  21. Have a long overdue donation. Actually, have another as this made me chuckle on the train home after a glorious night shift. Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  22. Feeling very inadequate with a horrible red S60 185 d5. That S90 is stunning, nice buy. Ubersafetywaft with added Blackberry lovelyness.
  23. Me too. Too trendy for a giffer like me though. Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  24. Those stripes....... [emoji2957] Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  25. Very nice for £550. I have the 185, so far no OMGDPF after 10k. Would have shared, but I paid an un-Autoshite price for mine and am sure I'd have someone chase me with a pitchfork..... Maybe. Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
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