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Lazy spotters thread

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But this driveway-of-shame is my last offering for tonight. Rest assured that the level of mouldiness is most definitely as bad, if not worse than what you are imagining. I drive past these vehicular Petri dishes at speed, with the windows up and the HVAC on recirculate...688b439d160babc1c1bf369f82604f79.jpg


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Spotted near Hermiston Gait



Little Ignis in Carlisle, by Dunelm..



LHD Volvo 740 Turbo in Silloth



Just by my old house, in Carlisle



Spotted this in Southwaite services when I worked there - had French plates


One owner 18,000 mile Bluebird:

attachicon.gifOne owner 1987 Nissan Bluebird LX.JPG


Found this using search, I bought the Bluebird in October 2018  :-D

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Spotted this absolute weapon in Libourne a while ago






Tell us more about your Bluebird!


I'll put something up about it soon!


I was looking for a car on ebay, spotted the Bluebird as it went up for £900, called the number on the listing and told him I'd collect it in the morning.

Ended up taking a Caledonian Sleeper train down for £40 a ticket (£80 in total, took the girlfriend) and shortly after I was driving it home.

Was a guy that'd owned it from new but got sick of driving into London to work so barely used it, it ended up as a second car and he put an MOT on it every so often with minimal use.


It isn't perfect, but I'm not really complaining at £900 for a mint condition 18,600 mile Bluebird.

I'm in the process of finishing up everything that needed replaced with age/wasn't up to spec and after that it'll be for sale

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A few more from our trip to London at the weekend. Mainly Shoreditch/Hackney area.



I mean this is great,


But look at what was parked in front of it!




Coming home, there was a place between Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge that had two Lamborghinis a Ferrari and two new Rollers outside. Whoever turned up in the Audi R8 must have felt a right tit. I bet everyone laughed at how poor he was. But on the other side of the road was an old XJ40 with a roof rack. A classic case of money with no class against class for no money. Love it.

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Sadly no photo as I was driving but out near St Albans today, a car I almost forgot existed.


Gunmetal grey Rover 400 Estate. Looked very minty for the fleeting moments it passed me.


Also an H reg 3 door E30 in what probably used to be white on the M25.

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Maybe not shite right now, but in a couple of years surely the thought of an L-series 2.0 derv-powered MG ZS with the optional factory-fit bodykit will bring tears to the eyes...






The sculpted black leather interior in this one still looked very clean; the multispoke alloys less so, plus some lacquer peel and a few dings here and there  - difficult to know whether this is a once-loved car that's now falling on hard times, or a well-used survivor that's still being looked after.


Going by the absolute pittance these are fetching at the local banger auction (even in V6 180 flavour), I'd say most ZSs are currently a mere slipping clutch or rumbly wheel bearing away from the bridge...




Looking at the overall stance and extravagant use of spoilers and vents cribbed from the XPower SV coupé, it seems to me that even at the very tail-end of the Phoenix-era, MG Rover still hoped they could pull the punters out of their BMW M3s...




Ah now. This example left the showroom in January 2005; three months later, MG Rover was no more.



Another couple of not-worth spots seen lately:


'Sad Face' Fiesta, being used as a commuter station hack:






Some dings and grot, but not as monumentally shagged as most.



Facelifted Phase 1 Laguna, snapped at a distance:




Getting increasingly scarce, locally anyway.



MrsDC also clocked quite a clean Triumph Toledo while on the way to work yesterday; powder blue and on an M-plate. No pic, sadly, but I am impressed with her observational skills (deffo not a Dolomite).

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An Landrover.




Shitron Sinner




The next pics are from my mechanics chod collection

at his garage. He has loads more elsewhere.

An eclectic mix I think you will agree.










I forgot to get a pic of his Moggy van or the milkfloat

that he is in the process of making a chassis to take

a 4.3 something. Mustang ? Can't remember.







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