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Lazy spotters thread

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Unexpected discoveries at some 'urban salvage' yard in a Belfast industrial estate over the weekend there.



Crusty Caprice...


Stripped and clear-coated Ford Pop shell.


Mini-based Scamp kit car?

All are for sale, albeit probably at a price equivalent to some nations' GDP.


Why is it that hipsters can afford £6,000 bicycles but not afford socks?

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Today's spots from Banbury.

Bit frilly round the edges, but nice to see still in use Rover.


Then something I'd not realised I haven't seen in forever.


I remember these little Hyundai vans popping up like dasies in the late 90s, at least around Aberdeen.  Can't for the life of me remember when I last saw one though.

Best bit?  The interior is every bit as green as the outside, even the dash top.

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Went out to the country for work, but the job was cancelled. So took the opportunity to take a few snaps on the way back. 

So many treasures hidden away in the Midwest of the US...


no idea what this is...^^^




or that...^^^


Other than the FJ, I can’t say I know any of the above...



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Mystery cars - 1930s one I think is a Plymouth or Dodge, two-tone green and yellow one is a circa 1955 Pontiac, and brown one at bottom is a 1951 or 1952 DeSoto eight passenger model, which probably started life as a taxi or hotel courtesy car - these had a set of jump seats behind the front bench. 

Edit - cheating via Google Images, top one is a 1938 Chevrolet, most likely a Master Deluxe. 

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Kind of cheating, but these were in the ‘world of ferrari’ Garage in my little town. 

Elements of a Ferrari 250 but not sure exactly what it is - other than probably bloody expensive.


Think that’s an old Jag in the background. Sorry for the through the window shots. I don’t earn enough to step inside...

still have an old Lotus for sale too  with another Jag behind that.



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Saw this beauty rolling in to the petrol station, wandered over for a gander (waiting for the AA to pick up a very unwell Freeloader) and realised it's the same car I went to have a look at up in Doncaster either in 2003 or 2004. Still got the photos I took at the time somewhere. Anyway, what a pleasure to see it not just surviving but evidently cherished. 



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The local transport festival is on this weekend and I'd blagged a couple of free tickets so have some pictures.


The castle gate isn't huge so this beauty had to wait outside.


Views from the tower


Don't remember seeing an SZ before


Fuck knows what this was



For your 70s detective dreams



I've got to try one of these


Or one of these


This was at the first Hubnut meet


I tried to overhear a tale about this 105 year old relic but the small one talked louder.


This was very special


Another traction engine spotted on the way home



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French van chod. There was a beer festival at Bursledon Brickworks, where I keep the bus, yesterday. This was outside selling pizzas. 


I took the picture from this side so it still looked more like a van. It's still on French plates. I started chatting to the owner and he brought it back from France eight weeks ago and it was converted from a mobile deli so it already was a food van so it hasn't been completely bastardised like the legion of Citroen H vans you see trying to sell coffee on the South Bank. 


Then went to the pictures this afternoon and parked next to this. IMG_20190512_114834.thumb.jpg.66a56e5b1bdd93d3b0276711a3f9d32b.jpgIMG_20190512_114807.thumb.jpg.1c531df458822f2ede3d54e144e1100c.jpg


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15 minutes ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

I'm pretty sure it's compulsory for every French village and small town to have at least one of these Pugs ( or maybe an ancient Renault Master) serving Pizzas and/or Kebabs in the main square from dusk till midnight.

Good lord,  do the French eat Pizzas and Kebabs nowadays? That will never do :)

Recently, whilst in the land of the yellow nylon gilet I did buy baguettes from an ancient H van, still doing its rounds of the villages. 

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