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Lazy spotters thread

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I could Google this but who needs Google when we have the collective brain of Autoshite. IMG_20190609_082652.thumb.jpg.da7dca90336552cf28b9d74998cd6a23.jpg

Presumably some sort of German Ford? 

Catchily badged as a 15m XL 1500S.IMG_20190609_082711.thumb.jpg.326162b131a88dfc68266e34759248e5.jpgBut does it have a proper name? Doesn't look like any Taunus I know but I'm no Euro Ford licker. 

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What do I win?




...Plus an unnecessarily artsy photo of the instrument panel through the window from the car side of the car just because I like how it came out.


No matter how dire they may be (and the one I drove and nearly bought was indeed hilariously dire - and this coming from a long time fan of Ladas), I do and always have thought personally that the Polonez is a fantastic looking car, inside and out.  Kind of has that rugged almost off-roader like stance to it - from the rear at least sort of has hints of Nissan Cherry meets Matra Ranchero...almost like a crossover thirty years before they were trendy.

Sadly I didn't spot the owner or I'd have seen if I could have got a couple of better interior shots.

The Polonez was number one spot for me I think...but finding an actual, real Transit Clubmobil in the metal was a very close second.  I wanted one when I was five...I still do.




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Keep seeing this being driven round Bristol but never been quick enough to get a photo. 

Always driven by a guy in a high vis and i reckon it's his daily driver. Bit tatty but looks like most of the MOT's over the last 12 years have been clean as a whistle.

Sounds lovely too as when I've seen it driven he has not been light on the load pedal!


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