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The First Year in the Life of a Philippines Car Spotter


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My photos of Not my photos: I tip my hat to whoever it was at Spelthorne Council that came up with the idea of putting them on their recycling bins adjacent to Shepperton's High Street.



Ich bin ein ausländer


Toyota AE86



VW Santana; the original wheels have been removed but hopefully this won't be pineappled.


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Gone But Not Forgotten #1

The first installment of an occasional series dedicated to notable spots from the past that are now gorn, dead

Talbot Horizon 1.5 GL with @Junkman approved gearbox; it sat in this position for years...


In 2013, the tree stump got dug out and the car was dragged a little bit.


Mere days later, it disappeared from site and the DVLA database. Presumed bridged.

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April: the spotting season begins in earnest.

I've enjoyed reading the "Bus Shite" thread this afternoon; by timely coincidence, here's a shot taken at the Brooklands Spring Gathering.


I wonder if the same stall owner owns this one, seen in 2014; Rostyles!


Outside in the visitor's car parks..




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If anyone fancies an easy introduction to the world of car spotting, I can totally recommend a visit to your nearest Car Boot Sale; there's ALWAYS a few items of AS interest to be found. Save yourself a quid on entrance fees and simply lurk around the visitor's car park while your other half spends a few quid on a load of old tut. Works for me and mine.

The Corsa van was in a bit of a state, I shoulda woulda coulda taken a pic.


Well-used W124


W124 late plate madness imported from that there India.


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Gold badges Lexus barge.


This old fella wanted an ice cream and a quiet sit by the river but he was descended upon by hordes of curious passers-by. An immaculate 100E is bound to attract attention.


Ford Focus SEAT Terra Chairman. I never knew there was such a thing.


Fiat Panda owned by a local window cleaner. He had this for a couple of years, now it's sadly gorn. dead. The window cleaner is still doing his rounds but I don't know what he's driving now. I'm hoping it's 'shite.


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Thanks for all the positive comments, I'm glad it's not just me in here :)

So, I'm into May already. Leaving politics aside (and I'm not anticipating a thread lock here), here's a selection of May's spots.

Industrial VW camper; makes a change from the usual T25 etc.


DO NOT PAINT but please feel free to apply a giant blue felt tip pen to the rest of it.


A minty ZX Aura


Anyone else remember this dreadful zero-budget TV station? "Topless Darts" is the first thing that pops into many minds but I have a particular fondness for "Tiffany's Big City Tips". Oh, and "Britain's Bounciest Weather". And, that poor sap dressed up in a Bunny costume (head pictured here) that ponced about in the background during the "serious" news bulletins. Sticker seen in't back of a Volvo V70. IIRC.


Modern cars are rubbish.




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On 12/4/2017 at 8:17 PM, danthecapriman said:

Bangers & Smash (banger racing) used to be on LiveTV. I used to love watching it!

Well remembered! I'm sure I saw a bit of that once. I'm definitely* the only person who watched "Ten Pin Bowling"; three people bowling 10 frames with three commentators taking the piss out out of them. Nick Abbot was one of the piss-takers.

Back to the May spotting; BX


Ginetta G26


Lonely Super Minx


The End of May; ex-AA Maestro van.


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June: the sun is high and the light is copious.

A weirdo when it was launched but nowadays? Still looks better from the rear IMO; I see hints of Mk4 Zody.


A scene'd Bluebird.


A weather'd SRi.


A Mk1 Capri brought to you direct from 1985.


A P100 with cosy bed cover.


An affordable home in London.


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I always find it very odd that London is like that for chod spotting. Being the place it is you'd think it'd be the very last place you'd see old stuff, but in reality it's actually probably one of the best places to find it. Weird!

I see lots of old rammel kicking around the streets of SE London. It’s nearly all out of the passenger seat of a van so I never get a chance to grab any pictures.

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Car Boot Sales yeah? I reap them with my photographical secateurs.

The flag is incorrectly painted/printed because:

  a : PATROTISM (sic)

  b : the Union Jack (sic) is a bit complicated

  c : balance and pretty colours

  d : I am not UK citizen but I love this country

German canvas suggests 'd' to me (I fear that it's actually 'a')


Too tall, too narrow, yet works (?)


Mainstream classics turn up occasionally


Nissan Vanette in VGC


Oh, what's that over there?


It is indeed a Hillman Husky


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That's a Commer Imp.  The Hillman Husky was earlier than that and, if it had panels instead of windows it was a Commer Cob, which were both in turn based on the Hillman Minx.


Are you sure? You still have two Lifelines ("ask the audience" and "'phone a friend")... :)

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