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The First Year in the Life of a Philippines Car Spotter


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Cheaper than a full page ad in the local rag I guess...



I don't normally pay much attention to Volvo estates but the 3.0 24v badges on this one had me reaching for the camera.


Appears to be a genuine Cooper; not something you see parked on the street every day.


These either; almost looks like a daily.


Remember when these were parked on every street, everywhere?


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Well, that's almost it for this year. I'll keep updating this thread with future spots; not sure yet if I'll do a monthly roundup or just post 'em when I got 'em.

My sincere thanks go to all who have taken the time to comment and view. It's a niche thing this spotting lark but then again, the entire forum is niche so I suppose it's just a matter of degree!

Some if not all of us spotters have what we refer to as our "Spot of the Year". Something so surprising, so jaw dropping, so RIGHT it makes the whole game so satisfying and worthwhile. We are not mere "spotters"; we are Historians. If we don't record the kind of cars that everyone's Dad/Mum/Grandad/Girlfriend etc. used to drive then who will? [/bloviate]

I had to wait until December to find my own SotY. I'd like to wish all Autoshiters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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Appears to be a genuine Cooper; not something you see parked on the street every day.







My dad had a white Mini Cooper with a black roof as his second car, bought new in 1965 when he qualified. It would have been a 'C' reg, but he transferred the 'plate from his first car on to it which had his initials. He loved the Mini.

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We are not mere "spotters"; we are Historians. If we don't record the kind of cars that everyone's Dad/Mum/Grandad/Girlfriend etc. used to drive then who will? [/bloviate]



Totally agree! If you don't snap them today, they may not be there tomorrow. Seasons greetings to you too!

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^ Mmmm... Micra K11...; I have a hankering for one of them too. Pre-facelift.




I have had 2 of them. Great wee cars. Nothing really worked properly on my last one apart from the mechanics haha lol and it was rusty. The radio was more use as a paperweight, heated rear windscreen threw a strop and blew several fuses (gave up with it in the end), drivers door was permanently locked as the lock was so stiff so I constantly had to go in through the passenger door and the boot on the odd occasion when the passenger door lock decided to stay shut. Apart from those small niggly things it really was a great car to drive, the steering was brilliant and it was always good fun down the back roads when I decided to have a bit of a hoon on way to and from work. 

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Thanks guys, I know the spotting threads are a sideshow to the main attraction but they have a following... and what with me being 'shiteless, it's one of the few contributions that I can make to this great web community.


Like me, the Sierra is in SW London area; I've seen the photos that spottedlaurel took and I think he said that particular car is now gorn, dead :(

DLY821Y is motd and taxed well into next year, so it’s all good. Looks to do 2-300 miles annually.

Great thread - keeeeeeep posting!

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  • 2 weeks later...

2018; another year, another 12 months of spotting to enjoy. January is traditionally a lean month for me what with the rubbish weather and enhanced poverty post-Christmas. A visit to Brooklands Museum for the annual New Years Day Gathering is a nice opportunity to reap some prime AS and to re-vitalise this thread

Outside in the car parks, a Clio that at the time of writing these words, still belongs to bramz of this parish.


Chevy Blazer. Once upon a time, these two words might have conjured up images of fire-breathing V8s pumping obscene amounts of HP and torque out of fat, squealing tires. However, this Blazer is more like the one worn by an indolent teenager who attends a somewhat below-par suburban secondary school. I'm quite enamoured by its complete lack of character and I'm not even sure what colour it's supposed to be.


A lovely bit of 1980s parking.


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I really ought to keep the exclamations of "oh baby" to a minimum but oh baby



My first car was a '71 Avenger so I glopped all over this one for longer than I'd care to admit.



If anyone claims that nothing good ever came out of Communism, I suggest they suck on the tailpipes of a rear-mounted air-cooled V8.



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Looong Senator.


This is really nice; '73 Mercury Comet with brown interior and six cyls.


The wheels look a little banded but that indestructible face can never be destructed.


Italy's answer to the Mk4 Fiesta? Roy Walker told me to say what I see.


It wears a FIAT badge on the grille but this is in fact a SEAT Panda Terra.


I tend to avoid cars with owner paraphenalia all over them but OMGRHD404


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Metro was representing quite well; this one started life as PLAH but appears to be morphing into MG.


Appalling quality of light made this yellow City look insipid; I need to learn mad Photoshop skillz


ARX Limited Edition.


Oooh, the sun came out! HLE one-litre.


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A girl I lovedRemembered from a Life Episode I had in 1988, these are a very pleasant car to drive.


*anguished sobz what have i done with my life etc.*

Dolly's Auntie. 'Mother' is a little too 'familiar'.


Mmmm. Beige.


A Swiss Marina estate. Who woulda thunk it



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Back out in the real world, spotting in it's purest form. When my missus suggests that I might be "a bit mental" for pursuing this hobby, I tell her that it's merely a part of my exercise regime. 

"I'm just going out for a walk, darling".

"Don't forget your camera.... weirdo"

Seriously though. Given the choice of spending a hellish hour in a fetid gym surrounded by grunting sweatmonsters and shit music OR two hours of walking around in the fresh* air of towns and residential areas hunting for chod, well I've made my decision. I have no inclination at this point in time to start taking photos of grunting sweatmonsters.

Quite the original looking Escort with one previous owner and 66K on the clock. I heart Cazana.


Xedos 9 was never a common car and this one carries added rarity points due to 2.3 Miller Supercharged. I'd never heard of the Miller Cycle engine until now. 


I'm eternally interested in saloon versions of ubiquitous hatchbacks. This may be one for the "Stupid Question Amnesty" thread but why did the UK car buyer fall out of love with boots? I blame marketing departments and the Ford Fiesta.


This is the kind of Old School (sic) Ford I like to see. A copy of Street Machine #1 (you know, the one with Henry Hirise on the cover) on the back seat and scribbled directions to Slyfield Green Industrial Estate not pictured. 'Cos they exist only in my mind's eye. My missus is right, I AM a bit weird.


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....Xedos 9 was never a common car and this one carries added rarity points due to 2.3 Miller Supercharged. I'd never heard of the Miller Cycle engine until now. ...

Mazda's other dead-end was the 626 Comprex supercharged diesel. 75hp and slow as hell. A Polo SDi could probably outperform it.

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