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Lazy spotters thread

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Some dull old rubbish by comparison, I shouldn't like that Ferrari replica half as much as I do.. post-26064-0-97483600-1554931195_thumb.jpg

This hasn't moved in a long time.


Ditto. There were four of these and a 100E but the guy seems to be cutting down.


Nice day to give the Escort some love.


Now I know this is a shit photo so you'll just have to believe me that this is a Lagonda 3-litre. It's not evident here but it's sitting nose-up so I suspect it's been engine-bummed for an Aston of some sort leaving essentially a worthless decaying carcass. Call me a cynic if you want but I reckon the next time this moves it'll be Pinto or Cologne-powered.


And to finish, I don't really like convertibles or white cars in general. But it's a fine example of how slotmags make many things better.


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Here is something a bit special, a Mercedes Benz 450SEL Estate.


Here is my rubbish photo:




And some library pictures from the web:






I had a quick chat with the owner, it is a Crayford conversion using the arse end of a Ford Granada. He has put quite a bit of work into it to get it back on the road, but it is majority original.


Not the sort of thing you would expect to find on a quiet residential street in Nowra, I was only there to use the post box!

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Went to the Great Central Railway today, for a diesel gala. Importantly, nothing to do with classic cars.


These were in the carpark as I arrived. The Cavalier especially is quite a strong look for a daily driver! Had a police radio and radio handset installed too, although it didn't look like an original police car (surely they were using Senators, not Cav SRIs)





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Can only imagine how that conversation in a dealer went.


"... and a purple interior please"

"Certainly, how about black trim with the centre part of the seat in purple?"

"No, all of it."

"All of it, Sir?"








"That last one was an observation, sir"

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Nice to see an example looking like its owner gives a shit . I liked these all the more after the similarly-hued example which just laughed at the Top Gear fuckwits' attempts to kill it.

"That the best you got m8? Come back when you grow a pair"


Is there any shifters on here with old pick ups, toying with the idea of getting an 02 b2500

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