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  1. My near neighbours 1954 A30 has made its first appearance of the season. What a lovely old thing it is.
  2. Thanks for this thread which has a melancholy sort of pleasure, can't be many yards left like this now with so many 50's and 60's motors. Hard not to imagine most of these cars being polished religiously on a Sunday as was the practise of this period. Look forward to see what might have changed in your 2019 visit, sad that your motor went south on the trip home.though
  3. The Liphook Maxi was a corker red and I'm pretty certain a G reg on Ye Olde black and white plates.
  4. Before he was called I regularly used to spot Cliff "Holiday" Michelmore out and about in Petersfield, he was in his 90's but remarkably spry and a true Shitter as he drove a battered Honda Civic of this vintage:
  5. Used to regularly see a mint condition red 1500 G or H plater in Liphook, not spotted it for some time though sold on presumably.
  6. A shabby Ford Anglia with those hot rod type alloys, driven by a Father Christmas lookalike in Bordon today .
  7. Daimler DS420 Ford Anglia, which works quite well.
  8. Might be easier to just saw the top off and install this ^
  9. Great to see more fettling of this grand old barge. Reminds me that the BBC repeated the Collertaholics series recently and included Allan Marshall's superb collection of Humber cars, situated on the Humber of course in Hull. Sad that he parted with a lot of them last year apparently.
  10. Though I suggested getting some scrapper doors for the passenger side (in different colours obviously) on the Tube, I think it would be far more entertaining to see you give a masterclass in the use of body filler, and rattle can.
  11. Yeah the rear view made me think it had a touch of the Peugeot's. My OCD meant I had to do a Google
  12. 1965 Datsun U320 aimed at the Australian market, front view: http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/58079/1965-datsun-u320-seat-sussex
  13. I remember when these came out and there was quite a bit of surprise when the consensus was that they were rather good, and great value for money. How's it looking underneath, seems remarkably rust free? I like the look of the estate version over the hatch and it will come up a treat when polished.
  14. I put up a list of dream motors in another thread but I'd happily just settle for a Rover P6 2200TC or 3500S preferably in monza red. My total lack of mechanical knowledge or having the skills to make sure I didn't buy a pile of scrap that looked decent is the stumbling block though alas.
  15. Nice work, but I still think the previous owner should have paid you more than £700 to take it.
  16. Having read the thread my candidate is something of a sports car by comparison to many, but my PUG 205 1.9D felt very sluggish indeed. Bought nearly new but I always felt something was not quite right with it, seemed very sluggish and the lack of PAS didn't help matters.
  17. My dusty example, in remarkably good nick for one of my old toys no paint damage
  18. Just made a pilgrimage to a local farm specializing in producing pork, including the tastiest chipolatas, however this sight of two P5's plus an A30/35 always makes me a little sad. [click for bigger pics]
  19. Inconsistant © Am I alone in thinking that the Standard Atlas Camper is one of the most splendid vehicles to ever hit the road? I love its slightly startled countenance, and "hidden" wheels. Can there possibly be a better way to take tiffin at the side of the road? Wonderful pics all, thanks for sharing.
  20. Results up now that lovely Wols went for £6,784.....curse my tiny garage.
  21. Excellent vid and what breathtaking scenery on your doorstep.
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