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  1. Now the frost has gone obligatory rooftop pic now it’s dried. Yes, I had to screw a bit of bird poo off it, pigeons grrr.
  2. I think the fittings are shot. The plastic screw thread has snapped. I’m going to get an eBay led light bar and wire that behind in place of the knackered bulb unit I think. £6 versus £200!
  3. It’s only one side that’s done it. i might feign ignorance and send it for an mot to my friendly garage. Actually, I’ll probably tell them beforehand. But then the undertray won’t catch the leaks on the test and they’ll advisory me 🤣
  4. Evidence of prior attempts at finding a solution* An NOS part for this type is about £200, so I’m also looking for economic solutions. £6 of bulbs at my local autofactor later and a some vigorous wet and dry action yielded…4 out of 6 bulbs operational. The rust on the terminals makes me think the seal around the middle light lens may be a factor in all the water retention. Insettled for four and reinstalled, thought I’d check with the boot up to see how it looked… Oh. Basically, the contacts are fubared. I’m not paying full whack, so some Heath Robinson solution will be found - with an eBay add on stick and some internal fettling. One to watch for future. At this point it was dark so Iwent in for a cuppa. The airbag light only comes on when it’s cold outside, so I’m waiting for a stint of mild weather and it’ll get MOT’d on that day so the airbag doesn’t make an entrance during the test…Otherwise it’s running fine, It does have a small oil leak apparently so I really need to sort the bonnet issue as a next task.
  5. Attention then turned to the mirror, the replacement housing was not quite like for like so I went for the popping out the glass approach, always a gamble with 20 year old plastics. Amazingly a year old autoshite Santa gift of a plastic trim removal tool was on hand to prise off the mirrors. Same but different Popping off revealed the wires on the existing had been secured with clips and some kind of glob glue. It wouldn’t come off so snapped the mirror bit off complete with glue glob and then used a blow torch to melt the glue and then pulling, wiggling and making “ooh ahh, hot hot noises” to get the clip off. No photo of finished as I moved swiftly on. I’d noticed the boot seems to hold water and pisses a lot out when lifted - it also explains the condensation in the rear I think. I popped off the boot cover to explore and noticed the 3rd brake light wasn’t connected.
  6. Back out today for a variety of tinkerage. Even the Espace got some love with a new rear wiper blade due to half of the old one doing a Myra Hindley and fucking off somewhere near Saddleworth Moor on the M62. As for the Audi, MOT is due so I’m tinkering ahead of that. Annoyingly the bonnet does not wish to open @fairkens have you had this before? Finished off the work on roof with a waterproofing layer and it may even fix up some of the good colour a bit more. It looks more even but we’ll see how it dries out. Half Moon Total Eclipse Lets hope it dries like that. Also had a crack at the cloudy lemonade that is the rear window with some plant polish and a drill swizzer (no DA for me) Before during After - Results? Dunno.
  7. Aside from it being rather cold to be faffing with buckets of water and hose pipes, the wind and extended forecast of dry weather made for an excellent day to try and sort the roof. Pressure washer didn’t really do much to clear the grot once it dried after my first go so I shelled out for some proper cleaner and restorer. Here goes… Before 🤢 Rinse the hood Pat down and paint on the muck shifter Attack it with the scrubbing brush Mmmm…green Hot water rinse Dry it, Paint it, Dye it and see what we get It takes up to three hours to go off, hence the dry spell being handy so we’ll see how it evens out. It looks a bit patchy in places despite three/four goes over with the dye. I think some of the patchiness is the age of the hood itself and streaks on the fold lines, a bit like the silver streaks you get when ironing your trousers like a fanny for the first time and ruining them cos your mum used to do it for you.
  8. Glad you’ve got it sorted. It’s a brilliant little car. Something about a sporting that puts a smile on you face whenever you get in it. And the fact it makes a racket while going nowhere fast 🤣🤣🤣 Audi also putting the all important grin on my face too…just need to sort those two warning lights before mot or hopefully bang it through on a lucky day.
  9. Thanks. Guess I’m going to finally have to get a faceache account setup…
  10. It was the plastics, thanks. Wife has a proper carpet cleaner and attachment Jobbie so it will be getting used when she’s out and can’t tell me off for ‘skanking it up with my cars’
  11. Also gave the roof a going over with a pressure washer to clear the cack. Its worked a bit but I’ve got some proper hood cleaner and restorer so when the weather picks up I’ll be scrubbing and soaping that down and maybe redying it. £20 cash generator pressure washer working a treat…
  12. Ah, I see about the roof - I’ll see what I can find about the clips. Indeed the boot is full of bits and by god did I cry looking at part prices on fleabay. Seems an odd design flaw with the rear light cluster that reversing light bulbs heat or something cause the crack in all the units I’ve seen (for like £250+!)
  13. I thought I’d try the cheap fixes first so got myself a can of WD40 silicone spray and jetted the window runs with it, has made a fair improvement and shave about a second and a half of the close time of the passenger side but I think it really needs a new motor or regulator as it’s squeaky and slows badly. I’ll get the multimeter out when the weather is better and do some proper tests. I also sprayed the silicone over the window by accident and wiped it off, it makes a bloody good rain x product 🤣
  14. First thing is did was give the inside a bit of a Hoover and scrub as it appears to have had a few roof down with pine needles in it , or perhaps it was Xmas tree transport? I’ve got a steam cleaner to work on the internal panels after seeing @Schaefft work magic on the e38, I need to find something to help lift the dirt out of the plastics - thoughts?
  15. Literally the day after it was trailered away by @Erebus I logged on to find I’d only gone and won @fairkens bastard Audi convertible 🤣. It didn’t event warrant a collection Fred given it wasn’t even 30 minutes to pick it up…trip home was longer as the kids insisted on roof down and scenic route home, despite it being freezing but it made them happy. Initial impressions, it feels suitably Teutonic and mid 90’s solid. Like an E39 but actually event more engineered. It’s got really classical lines, a few people have commented on how nice it looks, and then pass out when I tell them it cost me £15 - Mortals do not understand roffles 🤣 Theres a few foibles - An airbag light flickers a bit from cold before buggering off - An abs light has come on a few times - The roof needs a good scrub - The bonnet won’t bloody open (cable woes it seems) - Passenger side speaker is a fart box - Roof is manual only right now. - The window switches are a bit temperamental - The windows were sloooow to open/close.
  16. Overdue updates here… I briefly had a yellow seicento with a leak somewhere and thogguht it’d fixed it, but this was disproven by a major storm and a major footwell puddle. Moving the vehicle I got a shed lid of water down my neck from the sunroof so it might actually be that leaking, not the windscreen I fixed* with gutter mastic. anyway it got roffled on New Year’s Day as I was trying to sensible and cut the fleet… …except…
  17. The post arrived with an orangey looking parcel containing a plethora of Shitely goods. Most agreeable, though the deep heat has yet to be put into action. I can only assume the bulk buy coconut air fresheners were intended for the espace… Thanks Santa.
  18. Ka can be susceptible to rust, at least this is nowhere any salt in the road. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176141702816?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=mXeRZLoXSMW&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  19. Nothing has graced my doors of note, guess Santa had a few too many whiskies and didn’t want to sleigh and drive, will respond when something turns up new yearish. I’ve also not seen what I sent get posted up yet to be fair.
  20. Unless mine is coming via the fat bearded one himself, seems I’ll be opening mine after Xmas. Hope my shiter has received theirs in time. Looking forward to see the thoughtful gifts unbridled quantities of tat emerge on here tomorrow…
  21. Brilliant thanks! Thought I was going mad! I’ve fixed the windscreen issue with some gutter mastic I had and it’s almost dried out now, gives me a few months to see if I can’t get the boot floor reattached to the body before the Mot 😂
  22. Not a great deal of goings on in ODM Towers. Missus modern Jazz continues to function and will be going away in May 2024. Espace is still here because every time I decide to sell it, Mrs ODM buys a lump of furniture or house tat I have to go collect. Red Cinquecento never got finished beyond front brakes but it’s gone to @richbraith with all the bits in the boot to get it going again, bar some tickle-sticking. I kindly inherited a Seicento sporting for an embarrassingly small fee from @Grumblespeed . It has made a great station car, except for when I was scraping ice and realised the leaking windscreen meant I had ice on both sides of the window. Battery is subsequently flat and will be charged for Xmas running around. Relatively tame by most standards. Fewest car swaps in years. Out Not Out
  23. Was more important to have one of those in the boot than a spare tyre…
  24. Waved this little thing off today. Still needs work. in my ownership of two years I managed to get as far as clearing a mouse nest out the air box, blasting the moss off it, new front discs and calipers and the spark plugs twice (because I did before one winter shutdown and forgot and did it again in spring). it’s off back to @richbraith now he has storage. Should be enough bits in the boot to finish it off, I had the parts not the time. Drives but only been near a road once when I forgot I hadn’t topped up the brake fluid and careered at a barely pedestrian pace.
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