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To London and Beyond... Collection Thread


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9 hours ago, DaveDorson said:

I was chatting to a bloke at a local car show about his 2.2 on Sunday.  His is black with the cream interior, so pornographers spec (same as my L322 is).


He was saying he's had very little issue with his one.

That's good to hear.

8 hours ago, wuvvum said:

2.2 HDI probably the one to have if you're going for a C6.  These are still on my bucket list but I refuse to pay the 700 quid a year tax on the 2.7 diesels.

That was one of my reasons for going for the 2.2 as well. I'm not going to be using it that much and the thought of spending £50+ a month for it to sit on the drive was a bit too much. I'm hoping that the (relative) simplicity of the 2.2 will mean that there's a bit less to go expensively wrong. The previous owner has replaced some of bits that usually fail on these so fingers crossed it's going to be a good 'un.

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