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  1. Yeah, it's definitely the same one. I recognise most of the locations where the photos for the advert were taken.
  2. This afternoon we took the bonnet and front wings off the 2CV to see what horrors lurked underneath. I'd tried removing the bonnet before but it'd been a bit reluctant. I squirted penetrating oil along the hinge a few hours ahead of today's attempt and with a bit of Chuckle Brothers action it eventually slid off. Taking the wings off was straightforward. This wasn't just done for fun, although I did drive it around a bit like this, but to look for crusty bits. As suspected there was plenty of rust underneath. Both nearside... ....and offside The rest of the toeboard part doesn't look too bad, though, which was a relief. I also took the fan off to take a look at the points, which were pretty worn. Setting the gap has improved starting considerably, and it'll be getting new plugs, points, condensor, etc. soon to (hopefully) improve things even more. I suspect that this poor car has been neglected over the last few years and some TLC will help considerably. Then it'll be off to someone who can weld.
  3. I hope this improbable event was recorded for us all to watch at some point.
  4. It's great that you've got the right parts at last. If nothing else it must make you more relaxed at the prospect of the long trip home.
  5. This has already been expertly* done by a previous owner. There's a plastic lid from what looks like an aerosol can there, held on with a cable tie. It's cracked, though, so will need updating. Cheers to everyone for the help and advice so far. The next job is for me to do give it an oil change, grease the kingpins and replace the points (which are pretty worn), spark plugs and leads, etc. After that I need to get in touch with a 2CV specialist to get all of the welding done. I've never tried welding and I'm not going to start with a job this big.
  6. I don't know that much of its history yet, but it's possible. It did (I'm guessing) come from the same place as the 2CV on the cover of Issue 5 of Jalopy, which was E857ATU.
  7. Yeah, there's a separate small filter and the end of the oil breather hose for some reason. Ta for the warning about the wiring. The Dyane fan housing thing makes sense as I couldn't work out what the covered over hole at the top on the right was.
  8. I bought it from a bloke who lived near Penrith, but it had been living in Bury and Coventry before that.
  9. That first photo I put up does flatter it a bit. Before I can legally take it out for a spin I've got to sort out things like this:
  10. Immediately behind the main one. The wires disappear into the main loom and I haven't worked out where they go or what they do yet. Why? God knows.
  11. As I mentioned in the Show Us Your 2CV thread, I recently bought a 1988 Citroen 2CV special after spending a few months looking at dozens of them for sale on the Internet. I've started a thread as owning it is going to raise a lot of questions. As an example of how much I know about them, I spent a good couple of minutes pulling at things on the dashboard looking for the bonnet release before working out that it should be opened from the outside. The main two problems I'm going to have to sort out with it are the rust on the sills, front floor and toeboard (I'll get someone who knows what they're going to do this) and the electrics. It has, weirdly, been fitted with a second battery and I've got no idea why so investigating that will be fun. Anyway it's nice to join the list of 2CV owners here and I'm looking forward to taking it out on the road once it's all done.
  12. I spotted that last weekend as well, presumably on its way to Llandudno for the show. I knew about the Ledbury and Apple 2000 hatchbacks but I've never seen a van that late.
  13. I spotted it in Conwy a few weeks ago while walking around the walls. It looks like it's being done up so maybe they've just not painted theirs either.
  14. Nice. Is blue with white wings a standard colour scheme? There's one near me just like yours.
  15. It's had a galvanized chassis at some point, but I don't know who made it. I'm aware that some of them are better than others.
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