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  1. eifion

    Ford timelord

    Interesting Twitter thread with some info about what almost happened to Ford Timelord at one point:
  2. eifion

    Ford timelord

    According to Google Translate it's "unjustified" (assuming I've entered each letter correctly).
  3. eifion

    Ford timelord

    It seems that The KLF may have returned with an official YouTube channel and a complilation album!
  4. 2CV headlights are certainly better than XM ones which were terrible on dip, despite having been computer designed and made a feature of when they were launched.
  5. 2CV? Completed it, mate. (I had to drive around residential streets for a couple of miles to snap this as I knew I wouldn't make it to the next town before it rolled over*). * The speedo, not the car.
  6. There was a short sighting of an Invacar in this week's episode of Tudur's TV Flashback on BBC1 Wales about three and a half minutes in. It was shot in Llandudno so possibly belonged to the bloke who used to sell newspapers outside Woolworths around the same time that scene was filmed. Sadly you can't make out the numberplate so it'd be impossible to identify. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000lrws/tudurs-tv-flashback-series-2-11-transport
  7. Hold on to your Vauxhall Corsas, they're classics* now. I like the way this article describes them as having had "a rapid decline in popularity" rather than having just got rare through getting old and rusty like most types of car do. https://www.theguardian.com/clture/2020/nov/20/vauxhall-corsa-museum-rare-cars-collection-lakedland-motor-musuem
  8. My Peugeot 205 decided that it didn't want to start while I was out this morning. The earth terminal has this plasic screw-down thing that's been getting increasingly worn and today was the day it decided not to earth properly any more. All I had on me was a 10mm spanner but it turned out to be all I needed to act as a temporary connection to earth . I'll get it fixed properly before I go out in it again.
  9. Fantastic. I always fancied one of these but was never brave enough to take one on.
  10. You want one of these to hit the next one with.
  11. I was about to ask the same question. Are we all closet train spotters on here?
  12. Here's mine now that it's back on the road. This photo was taken last week after I'd just driven it rather enthusiastically along the B4407 Ysbyty Ifan road which is a GR9 driving road on a sunny day.
  13. Ah, I must'nt have looked back through the thread far enough. I've since looked at the last M.O.T. fail list for it and it's impressively long. Plenty of welding ahead for the lucky* winner.
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