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  1. The same YouTube channel also has this excellent video taken from the top deck of (probably) a Bristol VR in Rhyl in 1988. I drove this route more times than I care to remember back in my bus driving days in the '90s.
  2. It was a brief visit to a chap in North Yorkshire somewhere who had a collection of twelve various invalid carriages, including a Model 70. I didn't catch the reg number.
  3. Definitely. It's always an ace day out and a nice way to mark the end (for me at least) of the car show season. I hope to be in something more LHM-based next year.
  4. I have one. I though I was taking two cars, but one's not ready.
  5. Tea, what a marvellous idea. <wanders downstairs>
  6. I'm ready. I may be going in a scratched and dented Peugeot 205 van, but after several hours of effort this afternoon it's going to be a polished scratched and dented Peugeot 205 van,.
  7. I found this Fiat Uno In Porthmadog yesterday evening. I've not seen one for a good while. It does rather look like a dog's used the rear bumper as a toilet. Two minutes later I walked past this old beauty
  8. Congratulations. As others have said, it's a nice combination of later front but earlier dash with that lovely single-spoke steering wheel that curves out of the dashboard.
  9. We were interviewed by him and I told him quite a bit about the interesting* history of my 205 van, It was all reduced to a paragraph at the bottom of the page, though.
  10. I'm guessing that one of the other guests at our B&B will be at FotU today.
  11. If today has taught me anything it's that a 200+ mile drive in a Peugeot 205 van with a loose windscreen wiper in the (mostly) pissing rain isn't that much fun, especially on schools-break-up-for-summer day. Still, we're about 10 miles from FOTU now and ready for tomorrow. And we got to meet @Pillock on the way down.
  12. Perodua Nippa spotted in the wild in Porthmadog today.
  13. I tried to change the oil and filter on my 2CV today, but after draining the oil noticed that the standard filter's previously been replaced with a bigger one (apparently this is done to help improve cooling) so it'll all need doing again when I've got the right one. Then I tried to change the plugs, points and condensor. Two hours later and it won't start at all. I suspect I've just done something dumb but I've pushed it back into the garage for now and retired inside for a beer instead.
  14. It seems that Enter starts an new paragraph with a break. While Shift and Enter just moves down on to the next line. (That works for me, anyway).
  15. That's looking unlikely, but I hope that my other old Citroen will be. If so I can save the 2CV for next year.
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