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  1. Congratulations. I'm glad to hear it all went well.
  2. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing it in the metal.
  3. This early suitcase engine 205 is still out and about near me, although it's beginning to look a bit rusty in places.
  4. That's a lovely little thing. I had a black A35 about twenty years ago that had a 1098cc engine in. It was great around town as it'd pull in top from about 20mph. Less fun on the motorway, though.
  5. The fifth one in the maps picture round is Bamber Bridge, near Preston. The red road on the right is the southern end of the original Preston bypass.
  6. Only 1 or 2 out of 4 for me. The 205 saloon works, but is making worrying noises in neutral and has something up with the clutch or gearbox (and hasn't been started for a month). The 205 van works, but sulked when I tried to start it yesterday. (The starter motor span but wouldn't engage, but was fine after I bump-started it.) The DS is at a Citroen garage with its engine out, waiting for a cylinder head reskim that's on hold for the foreseeable future. The 2CV made it to a 2CV specialist before everything went tits-up and has jumped up their queue as they're not currently getting cars in for M.O.T.s or servicing, which may leave me in the annoying situation in a few weeks of having a car that's all ready for the road that I'm not allowed out to go and pick up.
  7. Excellent stuff. As a fairly recent 205 convert, I agree. Everyone should own one at least once.
  8. That's probably a remnant from the fire that they had there about 10 years ago. I'd be up for a meeting there as I've never got round to going even though it's fairly close to me.
  9. The annual DS railly is only about ten miles away from you in Little Horwood. I'm sure you'd find plenty of people there willing to offer you a sit in theirs. One day I'll get mine fixed and got here again in it. Nothing massively exciting in my list. Off the top of my head. Austin 7 (or something equally pre-war and slow) Frogeye Sprite Citroen C6 Rover 75 Citroen 2CV (this should actually happen next year when mine is finally ready. I've pootled very slowly up my road in it, but not driven one properly).
  10. That was impressively fast work, @brownnova. Very close, but no cigar.
  11. Blimey. Can I get one in Post Office spec with rubber front wings?
  12. The same YouTube channel also has this excellent video taken from the top deck of (probably) a Bristol VR in Rhyl in 1988. I drove this route more times than I care to remember back in my bus driving days in the '90s.
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