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  1. There's a nice shot of my old XM estate, not long after I bought it in 2011, taken in the car park of the place where I used to work. Going back to 2009 you can just about see the back of my Peugeot 205 van in the garage of its original owner, along with the concrete gateposts that are the cause of at least some of its dents and scratches.
  2. I saw this parked up in Betws-y-Coed this afternoon. The surrounding moderns make it look like a 3/4 size replica. Also saw a dozen or so Mini Mokes out on a run but I was so busy dying from old-car fumes surprised to see them that I didn't get my phone out in time to take a pic.
  3. This is only a week off now. Is anyone still planning on going?
  4. Yeah, I saw the pictures in the local paper.
  5. If I remember correctly there were only something like 30 of the petrol V6s in the UK so they're bound to attract a premium (though maybe not that much). You can still pick up the 2.7 V6 diesels for relative pennies.
  6. I've been feeling a bit that way about it myself but I've reasoned that I can go and look at the other cars when it's not too crowded and retreat to the safety of my car, Gary Numan style, the rest of the time.
  7. A nice collection on a pub wall in Bridgnorth which includes the only stained glass roadsign I've ever seen.
  8. While it's nice to see really old roadsigns still pointing to places I do have a bit of a thing for the early Worboys thick blue bordered local direction signs. They're all pre-1975, apparently, and getting harder to find. It'll be a sad day when I drive to Betws-y-Coed and find that this one's been replaced.
  9. No, it's fine, but the gearbox has been noisy so it's gone to have a reconditioned one fitted.
  10. I think I'll have to give it a miss this time as I currently don't have a car that isn't away being fixed or currently in pieces. I took the front bumper off the 205 today to put a new one on but half of the bolts snapped as I took them off and the new bumper doesn't fit anyway. Grrr.
  11. If I remember correctly my diesel XM had an 80 litre tank. I think I only ever filled it once when we were off to Scotland on holiday and the on-board computer said it'd do about 630 miles on that.
  12. Oh shit, that's awful. What happened?
  13. Sadly 5th September clashes with something else I want to go to. The Mavericks meetings look interesting, though, and aren't too far away.
  14. What a moth-erfucker. (sorry)
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