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  1. Yep, and what's to lose other than £250 and possible domestic upheaval by getting involved.
  2. It's a £250 car that no one on here seems to want to save. Sometimes if you want a job doing you've got to do it yourself.
  3. I think the Body control module/seat ECU is fucked, but like anything that's been sat you'll find more problems as you go through. That £250 will quickly become three times that, especially if you're trying to hunt down unobtainium parts
  4. As Drew said the inner wings are mega crispy and very thin at the ends. I can fabricate and repair these but if a good pair appears that haven't been bent it'd make my life easier, they came out easy enough though. I'll probably get the rear wings and the doors off at next week depending how much time I can find so I can get them dug apart and any new metal in if needed. Rear cross member aside the main body is really good as @Stinkwheelsaid in his advert, so if I can avoid taking it off fully to sort it out then I will, I'm hoping I can make enough space to repair and reconstruct the bit at the back once the tank is dropped and out. Of course while I'm doing that I'll replace the fuel lines, the fuel filter and the brake line clips as they are missing down the side of the chassis and stuff is sort of flapping about which makes me uneasy.
  5. He's the sort to have a "friendly tester" I suspect
  6. It's a shame Dyane stuff isn't the same as I know where there are a mint pair of inner wings.
  7. The car sneezed and if face fell off. So I had a bit of time to kill this evening and I need to get the brakes done on the car and go over the calipers I also have some not fucked panels to make the front end of of, so it made sense to take the front end off. Inner wings are not anything like as bad as they could be, but they do need some attention. These will also unbolt, so it's easy enough to take them off to repair them.
  8. So went and saw a bloke called Pete today and got some wings, but because the phone camera is absolutely nailed you'll have to wait for progress shots as they happen. The rears are GRP and need some love, the front on one side could use a repair but crucially it's not bent about and creased, so I'll sort that out and get the front end on and about straight and work out the rears a bit.
  9. I might mither you a bit for some measurements once we get to work on pulling the front of the body a bit straighter on this one, if that's OK. I'll send you pictures of the points we would like to measure.
  10. You didn't hear the words other Dave used when I'd got back from dropping @Stinkwheelback. It's dry and safe where it is, but yeah I was getting stuck in before I'd taken delivery buying parts and things, want to get it done so @drewdcan enjoy it a bit.
  11. I've got a friend in Worcester who can probably grab them at the weekend, if not I'll drive over and get them, it's a bit of a trek but they don't exactly grow on trees, but if for any reason I can get them on Saturday or Sunday it'd be nice to have a backup to buy me a few days.
  12. Anyone in Hereford want to grab some Ami wings for me 🤣🤣. He's got some plastic rears for me too.
  13. Does he owe you a pair then? I mean I'm not far from Melton.. I could use that card 🤣
  14. My brother didn't know I'd bought it for him 🤣
  15. Well... If anyone has a body, I may have a sidewinder Super Ami rolling chassis going "spare" along with a VIN and plates for an 82 2cv..
  16. I've messaged a bloke called Pete Sparrow about some wings and he's going to have a look for me. I've been buying a load of spare parts for it, hence the lack of updates of my own stuff, and now hopefully folks can see why I've been consolidating a bit... The golf takes up less room than the Mondeo and the range rover isn't going anywhere any time soon.
  17. Yeah I got the Max Pro one that does all makes because I'm me and I keep buying cars, so a restricted make one just didn't make any sense. My mate has a far more expensive Autel one that doesn't do any more than mine so I'm happy with it.
  18. Mondeo is gone, as mentioned it's staying local. It's a space thing and you can't keep them all, besides my time is better spent elsewhere. Sad to see it go but I really do like the golf more. It's more me for sure.
  19. I need to drag it from its current resting place and into my lovely dry workshop, but I'm a bit tight on space, hence the sudden* fleet consolodation
  20. Yeah they just need to not be ruined with shit add on spoilers, not slammed into oblivion and not fitted with entirely inappropriate wheels. I don't mind a bit of low, but a red car on Monzas that's kept clean, which this one isn't really...is a nice thing
  21. Mondeo is up for the chop now, I've decided to sell it to a local lad as an on-going concern, with a boot full of bits; I just cant find the time to get it sorted and once I get going, how far will I end up going before I'm too far in.. it's been a good car, but it's time to cut ties and get out of it. So, I need to get all the ICE out of it.
  22. Glad you have it sorted. Diagnostic wise, my mate has an Autel 808 thing and my much cheaper iCarSoft Max does the same as his with a similar interface. £300-325 seems to be the going rate for them, he gets updates for 2 years and I seem to get them for life with mine, however Autel are established and won't be going anywhere, my iCarSoft had lifetime updates but if they go out of business on 2 years then I won't get anything.
  23. Diag will tell you if there's issues around the fuel pressure and you can troubleshoot from there. Otherwise you're just randomly wiggling stuff about until you find the fault.
  24. Check all your sensors just incase something got knocked. You got access to diagnostics with live data that can interrogate the fuel rail pressure?
  25. I was sort of thinking if it's just a bunch of switching 12v and 5v signals and triggers using logic it's the perfect use case for an Arduino of some kind and some logic gate programming. I mean I appreciate that you just want something you can plug in and it'll make it work, but if that relay is NLA and made of unobtainium there's a potential real usecase for pissing about with hobby electronics. Weak lemon drink and thick glasses are entirely optional of course.
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