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  1. The issue as I understand with that mini is more to do with someone upsetting the owners club/vehicle expert advisor by EVing a classic car rather than anything else. It's all utterly ridiculous and has been made a right mess of as a result of the spat. It puts you off sharing the work you're doing and it's made the Internet and car forums a lot less interesting since everyone got scared of the DVLA pulling cars in.
  2. Those discs look rusty, but they're basically new. They tyres are "old" but they've not done many miles either. It drives alright when it's up and together to be honest.
  3. So @drewdleft mine early this afternoon. I know the Merc managed at least 11 miles but other than that, not a lot to update I'm afraid.. I'm sure when he gets in he'll update.
  4. You're all assuming he'll get much further than a few miles before having to call in Auto Aid. Grumblings via text so far have not been positive.. sorry if you're reading this Sarah 🤣
  5. Tim's place looks better when he's got the Cortina in the window.
  6. It's the 5 pot dirty denzil. By the way, that LWB Frontera will be for sale soon, hopefully with a ticket, if it's not too shagged after sitting forever while my Dad got the brakes done.. Details to follow.
  7. He can stop over at mine on the way back if he has to.
  8. I'm at a bit of an advantage in that I already know what he's getting. I actually think it's alright, but then my standards are properly in the gutter.
  9. I totally forgot you were doing this today!
  10. I missed the call for details to be sent to you, sorry!
  11. I remember having a pre face 105 with the 1.4 engine and being absolutely fuming because it was as much fun standard as my previously owned and much fettled MK2 golf GTI 8v and cost considerably less money. The only car I think I enjoyed more was my mk1 focus ST170
  12. it's the little things that can make and break how a car drives. Obviously, I've bought the Bilstein shock absorbers for this car, but something often overlooked with these beetles are the gromets and bushes that are used to keep the torsion bars in check and the torsion leaves up front, they're over-looked because you can't see them once fitted to the car I think. I'd been using the now defunct Machine7 Automotive in Nuneaton for all my parts, sadly they folded earlier this year. One of my friends Russ runs a race team Shiftin Ghia (he's got a Karmann Ghia with a VW 20vT engine) and he also does what he can to provide good quality parts to those of us carrying out restorations. This will be a road car (mostly), so I didn't want to buy urethane suspension parts, I also didn't want to use the urethane stuff available for classic VW's because they're shit, they don't fit, they squeak even when correctly lubricated, but rubber stuff is a bloody nightmare, so finding some good quality stuff is key.. the end caps that hold my torsion bars in place are also really badly corroded, so I got a new pair of those too. These are often overlooked when people build beetles and it means the suspension does some odd stuff meaning the car can squirm and shuffle, adding to the already interesting handling characteristics that are part of owning a swing axle suspension car. The top bushes, fitted to the plates in this picture are handed L and R, (the generic urethane ones aren't!) and have different part numbers. The brake hose clips I'm just replacing as a matter of course. The grease nipple is for the front torsion beam, I've got one missing. Silver plates are actually locking plates for the front brake callipers, mine are shot, so new ones. The stack of 4 bushes are for the front torsion leaves in the beam, they're a grease seal and mine are alright, but while I'm there... And finally, the bottom two are inner rear torsion bar bushes. I've already bought new ball joints, tie rod ends, earlier in the restoration, I've also bought some castor correction shims as I'm going to be running the front suspension lower than usual, with some skinner front rubber, and fatter rear giving a nose down stance, and want to make sure the front suspension basically acts like it should do, again this is all stuff that's absolutely irrelevant for Instagram, but quite important to how a car actually drives. New chassis components so far: Refurbished Calipers Master Cylinder Brake discs and bearings (fr) Solid Lines Flexi lines Flexi to Solid line clips Torsion beam bushes Ball joints Tie rod ends Steering box (refurbished) Steering box connector bush Steering box damper Tyres Floor Pan halves Rear torsion bar bushes, inner and outter Rear torsion bar location caps Rear wheel cylinders Rear shoes T2D specification re-valved Bilstein Shock absorbers front and rear. Castor correction shims and HT Bolts for front beam location That's quite the list when you break it down, and doesn't even get into the engine, gearbox, body shell, glass/seals, interior etc.
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