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  1. Huzzah, the van is back with me as of Thursday last week. However I was at an event all weekend and as such I've done the square root of chuff all on the van. Probably do an update mid week once I'm fully recovered.
  2. See that's the thing, I'll have done everything except the windows.. unless I bob a caravelle sliding door on it with a window I guess.
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/registering-a-diy-caravan/converting-a-vehicle-into-a-motorhome Nope, there's more to it, but a permanent side window is part of the deal.. it's all on the doovla website
  4. It is Indeed. I don't think it impacts VED at all, not sure about congestion changes etc though, not looked at it.
  5. Right...so what next for this thing.. well I've bought a clutch pedal repair plate so I'll do that as it addresses the common pedal box failure before it happens, and I've got my lever exention and gear knob sat at home, so they'll get added. I plan to replace the gear shift bushes and I'll document this with photos as I do it for your viewing pleasure, I'll also modify the fore/aft shift ratio by repositioning the shift rod, as it's very long at the moment. Hopefully the van will be ready to collect and I can start doing some photo heavy updates after the weekend. I think the first step will be empty the van out and clean it up properly so I know what I'm working with , and plan the way forward. Bodywork to address, some new tyres to fit up and then start to build a camper into it, starting with insulation and planning some clever venting for comfort. Apparently to register it as a motor caravan I need to add windows to the side. While I'm not keen on this, without doing so means I'm subject to van speed limits, something I may need to live with, as I want to keep it looking like a builders van, but with better tyres.
  6. Thirty fucking quid for some bloody coolant. It's starting to get expensive now. I knew a cheap van was a bad idea. ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. Radiator finally arrived and with Steve, who was doing the diesel leak off pipes when I arrived to deliver it. Annoyingly DPD didn't deliver it on Friday and rather than let me collect from them on Saturday, made me arrange a collection today at mid day. I won't dwell, because it's the right part and it's saved me ยฃ50 off an already discounted Euro Car Parts one, but I've spent the weekend in a foul mood over it and my van being in Peterborough and me being unable to drive the van home over the weekend as a result. It does mean I got to spend the weekend getting increasingly annoyed at my Mrs for making me do shopping and gardening and stuff.
  8. Apparently if the valve has gone, given I've blocked the egr, I can use the n18 instead. VAG com after a quick drive will tell me what's what, but that needs the rad which failed to arrive today.. ๐Ÿคจ
  9. Apparently the radiator is due to be delivered today so I can get it properly timed up and find out what's going on with the boosting, or lack thereof. Expect some weekend updates, I'm hoping to go home, get the rad, run it to Steve and then meet someone at my unit to sell yet more of my chod (the 320k miles petrol golf mk4, my Dad has replaced it with a 2008 Kia Caren's diesel... Oh yes!)
  10. So I'm still waiting for the rad. Popped my head in at lunch today and helped get the water pipe swapped over and helped with reassembly of the inlet and the egr stuff (might have stealthily installed a well hidden delete while at it, some solder caps are now preventing exhaust crap from entering the inlet). The n75 valve doesn't appear to be functioning correctly which is leading to the wastegate opening before boost is made, which is probably why no power. Another one to add to the list. Didn't get to test this theory properly because no radiator is installed at the moment.
  11. It's got an OBD2 port, you time them using vagcom. I'm just helping over lunch doing a few bits, Steve is doing the grunt work cos I'm earning a living in the day and spend a few weekends either sorting the workshop or I'm at the race track. I've actually got this weekend free so if the parts all show up then I'll go help Steve with the last bits and we're all sorted, the following weekend I'll be at Doorslammers at Santa Pod. Time of year means my time actually on the spanners is quite limited which is why I threw the belts job at my trusted friend Steve.
  12. Belt are in with new stuff, found the remains of an old auxiliary belt in there too. ๐Ÿ˜…. Looks like it's got a recent new set of aux tensioners and a recent bottom pulley as well as a set of Sachs front shocks fitted. Nicely. While it's apart it makes sense to see what the old EGR has done to the inlet manifold... It's a bit grim. Currently the inlet is soaking and will get jetwashed clear, the small deposits you see are from the egr valve only.. Turbo actually doesn't feel like it has any play, it's free too so I might have a spare one. The boost pipes were best described as badly fitted though (read, they were hanging off). Oil leaks, well if it has an O ring or gasket it's shagged so they've been replaced now.
  13. Well, found the source of the oil leak. Cooler missing a bolt so not sealing, done the gasket while at it as it's a common failure. Rocker cover gasket missing a bolt, also replaced. The water pump was well shagged, but given I'm doing the belts it made sense to buy a pump too so that's being changed also. Coolant flushed, found another grotty water pipe so new parts now ordered. Now to wait for my bits to turn up so we can nail it back together.
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