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  1. I've just had a look through the invoices for this job for anyone that's interested. Paint and consumables has cost about £300, so that's the epoxy top coat, thinners consumables and that. The labour we initially quoted for was about 25 hours. Now obviously we've chewed well into that in hours but to be honest it's not about the cash as much as doing the job right. The owner had blown in the door shuts but because we risked reaction or a bit of a wank finish with the hard edge you'd get from not redoing them, we just sorted it and did them with
  2. I think I've messaged you Mr B, but if you've not got it, remind me tomorrow.
  3. I'm happy to take a look at what's needed and give you an idea of what it'd cost mate. I'll PM you my number.
  4. Yep, absolutely. To be honest we could put it back together and give it back and they'd be happy with it, but Dave G isn't and as the "talent" when it comes to bodywork he has the final say. I've already had to tell him not to refurbish the wheels as well, as he's been checking to see if 13s would go in our blast cabinet as he reckons he could improve the current finish. 😂
  5. Problem with having really good light is you see every single blemish and you can get over critical of the finish. This car is no exception. Take the worst off with the little nubbing pads and then polish with a DA and some 3m green, and it's coming on OK. Panel fit, bumpers and a wash and proper polish and this should really look great when it's finally done. Target is to get it gone for the weekend as we want to get my T4 in for MOT prep.
  6. It's just the kind of feedback I want too. Last thing I want to document is what I fancy if the whole idea is to document what someone else will want to see.
  7. To be honest it'd be a case of doing whatever we are offered and can afford to do.
  8. As a total aside... Me and the other Dave have chatted with a few of our mates about doing a bit of YouTube content. Like a zero budget wheeler dealers, with me as the hapless overweight chancer and him actually knowing how to go stuff 😂. I think there's a market for our brand of automotive tomfoolery but I'd like to hear from a wider audience
  9. Update from Dave two this morning as he wants to have a tidy up and shuffle around, and the best way to do that is to get the Corolla finished.
  10. They go seem to get a lot of crud in. Make sure you ensure they're properly reattached as the rattling and rubbing can and does wear through the paint, which is when you usually find galloping rot rather than just a ton of crud.
  11. The 4wd system does seem to make these feel a bit less lively than the FWD ones do.
  12. There's some work to do flatting and polishing this but given its a dusty workshop and these are out the gun shots I think it's come up alright.
  13. My mate used to say bodges all finished to a very high standard. Basically he meant people took a lot of time to do things to the best they could, without really understanding what it was they were actually doing, or how whatever they were working on, actually functioned.
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