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  1. I think there's some micro-blistering that needs looking at, but yeah marked improvement eh?.
  2. I'm just planning to get something finished tbh
  3. Said it before, will say it again. VW built their last good cars in 1991/2 with the run out MK2 golf and stuff of that era. I got berated for saying I'd have a focus MK1 over a mk4 golf but I still stand by it. When the answer to everything is 'yeah common fault on them' it's a shit product.
  4. That's coming up well. If it's still flat to drive as I mentioned I'd check the air flow readings out on the live data, as they love to kill a MAF.
  5. He used to commute up the A14 to a job in Cambridge every day in the first 3-4 years then got the role in Peterborough so that stopped. That'll explain it 🙂
  6. Those filters are grim. I'll be telling Rob who I got it off that he needs to learn to actually service stuff or at least get it done. It's not like it's expensive to do on a car like that 🤣
  7. Went down the unit today.. got distracted by some brembo 728i 4 pot calipers I bought for the Mondeo and never fitted. Converted them for use with the Mondeo (new link pipes, relocated bleed nipples) and re tapped some shady threads in them after fighting out some stuck fast bolts. Then chopped the stainless Flexi out the old exhaust and rectified some bad finishing on the pipe so I can reuse it when a new stainless flexible section arrives late next week.
  8. DaveDorson

    Fiesta 89

    I kinda like that. It'd fit well between Dave's Escort van and my Mondeo mk3 estate.
  9. With the aid of some slip joints I now have a complete exhaust system. I've also measured up the long straight tube under the car to figure out how large a silencer I can get under there in addition to what's already part of the "sports" exhaust because at motorway speeds it can get tiresome
  10. Also to add, the "quality" of this supposed sports exhaust is terrible. Kinked bends that will mangle any flow, flanges welded on the piss with bits of pipe stubbed through so your exhaust gas whacks into a sharp edge and flows around a bit rather than a straight exit, basically absolute shite, the "stock" part is actually better designed and will flow better, which annoys me greatly and reminds me why I tend to do everything my bloody self.
  11. That Toyota is fit. Give you £100 and some skittles for it Mr.
  12. So it's Friday.. I've not even managed to get to the workshop. The Mondeo has new oil and a new filter and I decided today to tackle the leaking flexi section I've had since the MOT a while ago when Nick told me it's fucked. Unfortunately the car has a "bespoke" stainless exhaust with a sports cat, as such the mild steel Flexi I have doesn't fit.. Infact being stainless I can't even chop the section out the new one and and weld it into the old one, and annoyingly the people who made this wonderful stainless exhaust stuck the flexi about a gnats dick from the bracket
  13. I was going to mention the PCV. I'd be looking at that first.
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