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  1. IMG_20200327_073010901 by davedorson, on Flickr It’s getting past taming now. Quick recap. Hair is currently around 94mm. Donations to david DOT Dorson AT gmail DOT com friends and family. Correct guess wins £100.00 More than one correct guess gets an even split of the money between correct guesses Anything above £100.00 raised goes to Brads Cancer Foundation. You’re guessing the length of my hair, once social distancing measures in the UK are lifted, and I can cut my hair again.
  2. thanks everyone so far. Be great to keep this going. My colleagues are getting daily updates and having a laugh over this.
  3. you did fine mate. My Mrs prefers me with shorter hair, and doesn't mind the ugly, so as long as she's about, I'm good.
  4. have some pictures of the measuring shenanigans and my morning look.. received_1131508940529891 by davedorson, on Flickr received_865231030661674 by davedorson, on Flickr bedhair by davedorson, on Flickr
  5. Friends and family to PayPal would be the best way, details are up in one of the posts. Let me know your guess in the notes bit when making the payment as it helps me track stuff.
  6. We've had to dart out to do some shopping, but your reference is 94mm. No, it's not a hugely accurate measurement, but neither will the other be.. this is mostly to raise some money for charity and if you happen to be closest you get a ton (split with all equal guesses.) Guesses in new money mm please.. keeps it clean. This will be measured again when we're told we can go back to some sense of normality. Sarah (who won't be entering, but will probably donate anyway) will measure using the same method. My PayPal is [email protected] Friends and family payments with your guess in the notes. Thanks
  7. I've got £65.00 of commitment so far and not even started with the folks at work.. So it looks like this will be a goer
  8. Hi all. I've decided that while we're going through this Covid-19 Lockdown madness, I'll try and do a little something to make you laugh, and to raise some money for a good cause. Those who've known me for a while, will know that I used to have fairly crazy hair, a few years ago now I cut my hair, raised, a bit of money to the little Princess Trust, and donated the hair for a wig too. So tonight, at 7pm, I plan to take a reference measurement; Then open a sweepstake, £5.00 a pop, winner gets £100, and anything above the pot goes to Brads Cancer Foundation. The idea is, you pay your £5.00 with a guess, obviously, if anyone guesses the same, then I'm afraid you'll share the pot. Now for the amusing bit.. My hair doesn't grow just long, it grows out.. and not gracefully. FB_IMG_1585134214756 by davedorson, on Flickr FB_IMG_1585134207435 by davedorson, on Flickr FB_IMG_1585134223138 by davedorson, on Flickr Before I set up the sweepstake, I'd just like an idea of how many people would be in,
  9. Awful news that. Condolences to Reb and the family.
  10. DaveDorson

    Merc thread

    Oh god. I massively want one of these cars. I owned one for a bit that was terminally rotten, and I've not managed to get my mits on one since. These are probably my favourite three box saloons of all time.
  11. Don't suppose you've got a spare set of injectors knocking about have you? Apparently it's a bit of an upgrade for the Stanadyne ones in my VW T4 88BHP
  12. I dunno what happened to the crypto bus, but I'd happily withdraw my money from that and put it into this Rover
  13. Or just save it cos if we don't, who will? Logic shouldn't come into it when we're just doing it for a bit of fun, and the sake of saving it. I've got a brown and beige VW T3 in my workshop, and a 1972 1200 beetle that's getting a full body off restoration. Neither are really worth the effort, I'd be able to give the lot up, sell my tools, and buy good ones to do what I'm doing for less. But where's the fun in that?
  14. Alternatively, just get it done because it's a hobby, and if not us, then who? I'd offer space, but it's lacking, and I'd offer time, but it's taken up. I can't offer money either, as I have non, so I'll offer encouragement.
  15. Crikey. Take a step back a minute folks. If some people want to save it, let them bloody save it. It's not like they're forcing you to spend your money.
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