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  1. It's not just fuel lines. Fittings and gaskets and diaphragms in older carbs can suffer with ethanol. They only tend to run at 3-4psi but chuck that through a small enough hole and it'll vaporise and go kaboom nice and easy.
  2. I've got a few ideas in mind for making this carb work well with what I have planned.
  3. absolutely. I buy and sell a bit of VW stuff, anything I've not gone through myself and would use, is sold as for spares or refurbishment. Everything else is priced appropriately. Carbs are always sold as needing to be properly set up and installed before they grumble, but if it's a good one, I supply details of the jets, I go through them and replace what's needed.
  4. The result is that this carb would have had absolutely no load enrichment, so that explains the jets absolutely terrible for the intended application. There's a reference hole in the secondary ventury with a small route up to the powervalve. When required, the valve is pushed into the needle which allows additions fuel. This carb will not have been doing that, as the chanel was blocked with shite. As the enrichment tubes are stuck at the moment, the carb bodies are sat in my mates ultrasonic now and all the bits are bagged up.
  5. Never trust something sold as good and ready to fit. Blew the lines through for the power valve and took the filters out the carb Scale and rust had been blocking the shit out of everything.
  6. I've managed to get them working really well on EA82 inline 4 VW engines and Wasserboxers, but never tried to get one working on a T1. I think people forget about what happens to air velocity when you open a second choke and how that impacts a carb when jetting these, which is much of the reason they are either lean, or rich as a pig and never quite right.
  7. Also while doing some very important design work for a project, I used my Swiss army knife to take this apart and check the jets. Of course they are completely wrong for my application, and in typical Weber fashion the emulsion tubes are stuck fast so I need to borrow an ultra sonic cleaner in an attempt to shift them without causing any damage so I can get a baseline jetting figured out. And yes, I know these carbs never work on an air-cooled beetle.. that's usually because people don't understand manifold pre heat nor do they understand how carb jetting should work and try and jet them square.
  8. So I bought these. To make quicker work of the paint removal. They are quite expensive but they work well. I'm also waiting for some twisted knot wheels to show up and some flap wheels so I can get stuck in on those horrible inner arch area's and try and clean and dress the welds a bit better.
  9. It did feel a bit wrong, but we're keeping others on the road by doing so, so there's a method to the madness.
  10. DaveJ, the Porsche is heavily accident damaged so all the good stuff has been removed for sale and another shell is inbound that's suffered a catastrophic engine and gearbox failure. We don't just cut cars up at random.
  11. Oh and we chopped the 996 body into cuts and scrap.
  12. Still sanding the decades of paint off at the moment so nothing exciting to report.
  13. Chassis dropped off to and delivered to the blaster today. Nothing else to report. Sorry.
  14. I did look at them, but from what I gather they're not actually massively durable, otherwise I'd have ordered one already.
  15. You're not the first to mention this actually, thinking about it. Perhaps finding someone who can supply zinc plated, or getting mine all done is the way. No work on the car today, I've just had a tattoo done so decided to keep away for today at least. The other Dave spent today chopping up the 996 shell. (There are some good cuts so we salvaged them). He's had a lead on a twin turbo with no engine and gearbox(same age and model as this one), so that might be heading in soon which will actually make more room for us as it means the engine and gearbox will go in it and it can fuck off out the unit so we can get more done. I may get down tomorrow after work to photograph the carnage
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