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  1. that passat makes me happy in the trousers.
  2. I've been working in IT for years so I knew I'd he able to "hack it" should something fuck up, it's not complicated really it's just different.
  3. Well.. You all warned me that it'd happen and I ignored you.. Last night I was celebrating my dad's 70th and as we left the pub, my media system (which is sort of integral to a load of stuff on these, like the clock, the trip computer, the suspension and so on) stopped working. Those who've owned and worked on these will be absolutely aware of the MOST bus, but for those who aren't familiar, the actual head unit is buried deep in the dashboard, the touch screen infotainment bit is linked to that via an optical fibre bus, which loops to a number of other modules in the car, the CD changer, the amp, the traffic module, and the Bluetooth connectivity.. unfortunately the Nokia Bluetooth module on these gets full of condensation and blows up, and when that happens the optical fibre loop is broken and nothing works.. you get the Landrover logo, a flashing LED on the dash and you can't access the stuff you want to access. Modules come up used all the time but they're all inherently flawed, as such the below is inevitable. I'm sure I could repair this, but it's easter Sunday, I don't like driving the car without stuff like access to my suspension and trip calculator (or music) and I need to adjust the clock. You'll probably have heard of people using loops to bypass modules, but I want to use the car today so I found a way to bodge it until I can get a new unit which I'll add some confirmative coating to the boards of and properly seal to stop this happening again.. I'll probably opt for a later module too so it's actually useful as these Nokia ones are useless. Anyway the fix.. So I'll take these.. some tesa branded electronics tape and the plastic tube from an empty bottle of oven cleaner spray, washed out and dried off. Unplug the faulty module. To reveal my optical cables, as you can see "in is working, out isn't and won't if plugged into the module as that's cooked. So I trimmed a patch lead. Used it to make the jankiest ever fibre splice Don't do this..it's stupid. Badly taped it together and cable tied it out the way. As a result I've now bypassed the module and it all works again. Total cost to fix, albeit temporarily, £0.00. These cars man..too complicated, to expensive to run..
  4. I forgot to update this...uh yeah it's MOTd and back in use again, new bushes, drives as expected although I did get an advisory on the balljoint so I'll change it this weekend. I am a bit annoyed as I booked it in with the wrong MOT tester when I got it done, the combination of having to pay a fine for driving in a bus lane in Cardiff, having awful man flu and being absolutely burned out due to work meant I got my Bs in Lincolnshire mixed up so it went to the place that uses a rumbler on their lift to check for play and wear rather than my usual chap who's a lot more mechanically sympathetic and can check using bars like a proper person. 🤣 I mean it's not an issue in the grander scheme of things, it just meant I had to drive a bit further and it cost me a couple of quid more, both do the job right.
  5. ah man, I'll see if I can find something sweet to send on from my box of stuff to send by way of an apology. That's annoying, I bet it got lost at the shop I took it to, they're notorious for doing that, not my usual parcel drop off spot, but the usual wasn't open when I was free.
  6. Has that Just turned up?, it was sent weeks ago!! Gutted about the glass, I thought I'd protected it fairly well, sorry about that mate.
  7. The road risk part of my policy has gone up loads. Bad times really.
  8. Tell tell sights of shagged calipers on that, but they're a good looking car and have aged really well. I really enjoyed my time with an ST170
  9. yeah the later engines are chain only, earlier are belt and chain, mines belt and chain (between cams) being an early car with higher compression.
  10. I'd check what the tax is on that before you commit to anything, but yeah no MOT always sets alarm bells off for me, just put it through one for gods sake.
  11. Well the bushes are out.. I've also been attacking the subframe with flap discs, wire brushes and chemical rust stripping.
  12. That's how today is going... I'm going to attack things a bit more tomorrow but right now removing the bushes is proving tricky so..
  13. Makes me quite sad but I think we're the last generation that will enjoy cars the way we can now. As such I don't think it's a good pension scheme..you're better off buying vintage watches or just chucking the money you'd throw into a car and storing and maintaining it into a pension pot.. sorry
  14. I think if you buy the wrong Mk5 golf you're going to hate yourself. Remember they do rot, the engines need looking after right, they're not really a fan of irregular servicing and you need to do a bit more than just oil and filters when you're running one too, they coke up the heads and valves with cheap fuel, etc etc. Mine came with three folders full of recipient for most of the expensive bits, lots of oil changes with the right filters and expensive oil, clutch, flywheel, suspension stuff etc and it was still in need of a bit of work. It's a lot of fun though
  15. I'm in my early 40s now but I've had my time under cars bodging them together in all weathers on a Sunday as I needed it to get to work on Monday. I'm now in a really fortunate position in that my job lets me rent a fucking great barn and buy tools for the place so I don't need to do that anymore, it's not my "job" working on cars, (I'm in Cyber Security for a living) but it does keep its own arse clean in terms of doing the odd paid job for other people so I don't have to spend my wages on it every month and live off beans and instant noodles. I plan on keeping the car it's as easy to take it apart and get it all sorted in one to as it is to do it peace meal, especially with the scissors lift to help.
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