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  1. I fancy one but given the price of them I'm not really willing to dip the toe. Same to be said of the 200 BRM
  2. I've got a bit of a like for these too. My family members had a few over the years. Usually blue ones with rostyle wheels
  3. Glad you're all unloaded safely. Was a bit of a game getting her on. Best of luck with the car fella.
  4. And she's gone. To a fellow shitter and hopefully to be restored and back to the road some day.
  5. I've had the horn for one of them Insights forever. Robocop future today.
  6. Well.. Definitely not the same fella then
  7. Eddie, I love Huggy, but I don't think I'd be the right owner of such a fine steed.
  8. Is his name Scott? Does he do cycling and running?
  9. Wankor Axe has a red pigment in it now meaning it's not so great for patina preservation; it's also a tit for reacting if you need to do localised repairs. Far better to shoot a satin laquer coat over it, or a gloss if you want to define what's going on there.
  10. When are you selling your junk and buying a lovely machine like that?? Not quite, she doesn't expect me to sell anything ever.. when I said I may have sold the red ST220 she almost fell over. Not that either. She fucking loves it and said, "I can see you in that.. bet they're a fortune, everything that suits you is a fortune.. " Married that one for a reason.
  11. Showed my Mrs this thread. How do you think she reacted?
  12. I fancy an early manual 944 but I'd not want to pay even half that for one.
  13. I've got my eye on something that would sit in its place. Try me. Just bear in mind you will need a trailer and it might have some horrors once you start chopping away at it. I could realistically break it, I have time and space and tools to do that, but it really does seem a shame.
  14. Just priced up springs pads and discs on car parts for less.. £150 or so
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