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Kollection Fred - Oh no! Not another one...


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To start with, I'm knackered, I've just finished a night shift that although was busy, it seemed to never end.  A steady drive home, a quick power nap, get the kids up and make some brekker.

Faced with the impending ULEZ and whatnot (for which there is a very good lengthy thread.  If you want to talk about it, do it there) I can't keep running a diesel Saab 9-3.  I was just going to cope with it, but TfL just put up a camera up on a long pole on my route to work - I can't imagine anyone wanting to vandalise that 20ft up in the air.  I was going to drive most of the way, park as close to the camera as possible and walk the rest, but this scuppers it.

Anyway, I was looking on eBay for a submission for 'The Price is Shite' thread last week and saw an unsuitable car, put a watch on it and promptly ignored it.  My phone chirruped when I was talking to my brother with 15 minutes left on the auction.  In that time, we'd looked over the MOT history/ checked the road tax and checked its ULEZ/CAZ compliance and he offered to lend me half of the money if I won, (enabler!) I bunged a bid in with three seconds to go and promptly won it for £££, and not £££££££. 

So vital statistics as per tradition:

  • Miles to go: 159 each way, London will be achieved by 12:00
  • Turdification count = 0 (although my body clock is so messed up, literally anything can happen)
  • Hayfever symptoms = mild to light
  • Passengers = 1 Boom_daughter_elder (Boom_daughter_v2 is being looked after by my long-suffering brother for the day)
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Train into That London was rammed, anyone would think that is was a public holiday or something!

Yeah, I fully left ULEZ preparations until the last possible minute, nothing like a bit of good planning.

I also got my first visit on the Elizabeth Line. Much excite and all that.


Big Chuff Chuff achieved, leaving Paddington, and heading towards Swindon for a change to another train…


Travelling companion (Boom_daughter) is tucking into a OMFGHOWMUCH lunch, I have a bottle of water and plan on watching the towns roll by.




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3 hours ago, EyesWeldedShut said:


I wish it was a 9-7, but I’ve never seen one in the UK.  it’s a 9-3 Aero with the ‘sick’ (as described by a 7 year old) cup holder.

Pez shot in Cheltenham.


It’s taken an age to get home and the kids want sausage and mash for dinner. 
Impressions after 180 miles of motorway and slow A-roads? It’s quick, too quick I think for me. Controls are light and sensitive, runs very nicely. On the down side; handbrake lever is a bit floppy, plastics rattle, rear brake pads are wafer thin, like Mr Creosote’s mint. Probably an iffy ball joint as well. Not a big list and I certainly don’t feel hard done by.

Other than that, really really enjoyable! Tomorrow morning’s commute is going to be great (unless is rains and the roof sticks down/leaks).


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Just now, CaptainBoom said:

Borrowing that!

Be my guest - all* the cars here tend to have a name - you can have that one

*apart from a Pug 206SW 1.4 HDi that my wife bought after much research and deliberation. Four years of bland, painful motoring - I may have neglected to revive it from one of it's deep sleeps.

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2 hours ago, CaptainBoom said:

 a 9-3 Aero with the ‘sick’ (as described by a 7 year old) cup holder.

And a second one via a flap in the centre cubby behind the ignition switch.

As its an Aero, you might even have the remote roof via the keyfob. That'll really impress the 7yr old.

Great cars. Love mine with a passion. (Well like you, not just the one.... :oops: )

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