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Alternatives to the obvious.


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Ooh, my first thread - hope it's in the right place! 😬 I did agonise whether it should go in the questions area, but I thought my initial question could lead to an interesting discussion.

So, my question first:

I love a small car, and would adore a Mini (proper one, not those modern thingys). But realistically, out of budget. 😔 So I've been looking at alternatives. I know the Seicento is kinda already there, but I'd like something maybe 90's or earlier, a bit more 'old car' feeling - if that makes any sense?

What alternatives are there? How bad is the Rover Metro in comparison? Early Suzuki Alto? Most of the earlier small stuff I like is also getting expensive for decent ones (E.g Fiat Panda)


Which leads me on to the main discussion, what 'common classic' can you think of alternatives for? 

One that springs to mind is buying an avenger rather than an escort, but I guess now both are quite pricey.


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Good old Rover 100 would be my choice, still get good ones for cheap and parts are easier to come by. Toyota Starlet is another option. Perhaps a Vauxhall Nova?


Edit: Two more: Nissan Micra (K10 and K11) or a Skoda Favorit

Edit 2: 

Here's a nice AX on this very site

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Peugeot 205s are brilliant to drive, really spacious for their size practical, reliable, look good, economical... If you like the old car feel you could get a basic 4 speed one. Honestly they're great. Keeping to Peugeots, a 106 could be a good shout? 

I've also had a Smart Car which is certainly small and quirky - a bit new for you though maybe, and pretty weird to drive.

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In Ford circles, it seems as if what was once desirable is now depreciating and yesterday's old rubbish is now worth a fortune.  The old non-Cosworth XR series road burners used to cost pennies and are now changing hands for thousands, as are run of the mill Cortinas, Sierras, Capris and even Fiestas.  

The only bargains now seem to be Consuls and Corsairs and, comparatively, Z cars (obviously the Mark Two Lowline will go for more on the basis of being the best looking English Ford).  Pilots are good value for money, I think, but are probably too old for most.  Sidevalve cars, which were the business at one time, don't seem to excite anybody.  For some reason, however, most things get cheaper if you cut off the roof.  Real bargain?  An Escort convertible.  I know everyone hates them, but that's because most people seem to think they are sports cars when in reality they are fashion accessories.  


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The original mini is overrated and overpriced, as you hint at. They rust for fun, and maintenance is erm always essential and urgent. (Have owned 4) 


Japanese Kei cars?  

MX5 ? Z3? 

4 door chevette (with an omega 5 speed box and a mk2 cavalier 1.8e 8v preferably) 

Alfa 75 ? GTV OR 33 

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