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  1. Son in South Wales who took over the Meriva I revived last summer, phoned to say the clutch had gone on it. Slipping so badly it can be put in gear without depressing the pedal, he says. Seems a bit odd that it had gone without warning. He's not too worried, it replaced a car he had on a salary sacrifice scheme that went back when he changed his job last June and if he scraps it, it's paid for itself. He's going to ask a local garage he uses how much to repair it next week. He could use something a bit bigger, ideally with seven seats anyway. His other car is a 15 reg C4 Cactus diesel. The Meriva is roomier though and has been good for family trips and holidays.
  2. I've always had a probably irrational dislike of the 1990 onwards(mk5?)Ford Escort. It just seemed such a lacklustre effort from Ford. The 1980 mk3 was a fresh, modern, design, the first Focus was a game changer style wise. I suppose it was a stopgap, but it just seemed so dull and predictable.
  3. Saw it in July at a local(Leicestershire) evening car show. All running, apparently 200bhp.Had a long chat with the owner/ builder.Interesting fellow, calls himself The Hairy Beekeeper.
  4. Well, every days a school day. Obviously knew about the Safrane, but didn't know about the Volvo engine. Also that they used transverse engines. Assumed they'd be end on, like their 25 predecessors.
  5. Would agree that the sensible thing for Dez(and most of the rest of us) to do would be to buy a small modern hatchback that definitely doesn't need a regas M9. But this is Autoshite, the antithesis of that sort of thing. As dreams go, it's actually not much really.Initially, Dez justs wants to drive safely to the chipshop in what must be one of the least complicated machines ever. Now he is so close, he'd never forgive himself if he gave up on it.
  6. What would be a good car /vehicle to drive round London, though? One of the forum members who visited LBF reckoned on taking an hour to cover 9 miles. Believe Hackney has a 20mph speed limit as well. As a city vehicle, an Invacar almost makes sense. Automatic, easy to park, good visibility, sliding doors for tight spaces. And of course no tax and ULEZ compliant. Small bumps and scrapes shouldn't be too difficult to repair either, with Halfords technology. It's almost the "car of tomorrow " from yesterday.
  7. The "under about 10 years" Autoshite definition of "modern shite" does seem to get stretched a bit!
  8. Wondered about the Motorpunk card on my Renault!Good to meet up and put faces to names. Excellent sausage roll and the Deltic does make a good noise and nice smoke.
  9. Are you sure about the engine being a Mazda unit? Thought it would be a Ford/PSA engine that was also used in some Mazdas of that era. Happy to be corrected though as always.
  10. What are we all turning up in, vehicle wise? I don't want to talk to the wrong weird, old car driving, train spotters! I'll be in a blue Renault 25.
  11. Waiting for a presererved diesel locomotive is like making love to a beautiful woman. You wait for ages with your equipment primed and ready for action. Then she appears and it's all over in a few seconds........!
  12. Sounds like you've had a very productive day.Next stage to me would be to take the drums off and see if the pistons are sticking in the cylinders. What brake parts have you got in your stash?
  13. Another tip. If you can get down to it, soak the adjusters, bleed nipples, pipe joints etc. in WD40 or similar. If you could wire brush them first, so much the better. It just might make things easier to undo for the poor sod who's tasked with sorting it. If it cheers you up a bit, I redid the entire rear brakes on an Ital, which looks suspiciously similar,on the road, with a six year old helping. He's 41 now, but despite having a new Audi himself, still likes to help his old man work on crap cars!
  14. All excellent advice. Problem is, there's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. REV needs to get to the garage in the first place.Are there any mobile mechanics in the area? Dez sounds an intelligent young man and I'm sure he genuinely thought Adam had "gone through the brakes"before delivering the car(sorry,motorised tricycle!). On the positive side, he claims to have a stash of brake parts, and they seem to be mostly classic Triumph anyway. We've also got several owners of running Model 70s who seem happy to offer technical advice.Like others, I'm sure, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by this saga and just wish he wasn't 3+hours away so I could pop round and hopefully sort the bloody thing out!
  15. Thing is, an Invacar isn't a car. Never has been, never will be. It's a motorized tricycle. If one was hit by a car, any car, the results obviously wouldn't be good. But then people take to the roads on bicycles, motorbikes, quadbikes, those French microcars, the new Citro├źn Ami etc. and take their chances. So long as they're aware of the risks, I don't see an issue. At least a Model 70 would seem to have enough performance to keep pace with city traffic at least.
  16. Back to Dez, Autoshite, to me at least, is about not doing the sensible thing, about having dreams and beliefs that might or might not happen.A bit like primitive people with religion.There's still folk who believe that if you buy an old........... (insert favorite make) and change the oil regularly, it'll run forever and never need a regas M9! We've a regular who blew his budget on a 25 year old Toyota on the strength of it making a nice noise, having a hydraulic fan and twin rear wipers. And why not? Really the Invacar is tantalising close to fruition. Sounds as if the brakes are holding it back(sorry!) But can anbody think of a simpler system? Then the fluids probably need changing. Pretty sure the whole lot would fit in a washing up bowl. The car is now on the road, literally and thanks to Adam and a few others, it's massively further on than a year ago. Really it's got a hell of a lot going for it. Rust shouldn't be too much of a problem, no tax or Mot, ULEZ compliant, easy to park(doesn't look like much else would fit in that parking space anyway)The value can only go up. Just needs a bit of media exposure. It really is fascinating story.The AC and Greeves connections, the tales of Derry Preston Cobb, the cars getting "banned", a few escaping "the crusher"...... Ooh, I want one more and more.
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