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Which car on Grand Theft Auto did you always choose?


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I’ve never played any GTA games other than the original top-down version, the London 1969 extension pack and GTA2 (which was overall a bit inferior). I would always try and get a Beast GTS but failing that, a Penetrator. 

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Now you're talking.

The PC release of Vice City in 2003 was "peak" gaming for me. 16 year old me wasted months (and I mean months!) of my time playing it on PC and importing new skins,  tweaking setups on the cars.

The Esperanto was always my favourite due to its boat handling. Although I think it's braking was terrible?


@sierramanThe admiral/fake W123 was deffers AS material. I mean just look at those Halfords wheel trims:


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One of the quicker coupé based ones - Cougar?? Ideal for missions where there is a race against the clock.

However, the Blista Compact (Honda CRX) seem to have good blend of pace and not continually crashing into things.

There was a 4 door Nissan Skyline based car in GTA 3 San Andreas which was pretty good too.

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GTA III: Kuruma or Taxi, I think my favorite one was the blacked out FBI Kuruma though.


Vice City: Washington, which also happened to have an FBI version:


San Andreas: Premier and it's taxi/police car variants. I liked the Emperor and Merit as well though:




IV: Taxi, Schafter and Fortune probably:




V: Washington, haven't played it in years so I've never looked at all the new stuff, although there's plenty of great stuff added over the years.


You might notice a pattern...


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It's got to be the emperor in the HD games, Looks like a 89 brougham.


The GTA IV is superior too the Gta V one due to the tail lights just making more sense. 

I love the way the Hakumai and Willard in gta Iv are dull but really rare cars

I like the Primo as it looks like a dodge spirit, sometimes a "performance" one spawns but I don't think there is any difference other then the looks. 

For the older gta games it's probably a Idaho or a Remingtom! 

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23 hours ago, D.E said:

You can buy a Corsa in GTA V! No idea why Rockstar included that in a game that takes place in a fictional version of LA, but I love the idea of my multimillionaire character driving around in a stock Corsa C while everyone else chooses supercars or that silly flying bike.



They added this car in like 2019, mainly for the online crowd. If you play the original single player incarnation of the game from 2013, it doesn't really have any Euro cars. They actually later put in a bunch of cars that were never available stateside. The dev team on GTA 5 is actually mostly British, and it shows.

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So long ago that I played the original game... I remember the Cossie was hard to find, and as well as being silly fast, was very fragile. I quite liked the Mundano because of the clever pun, and still call Mondeos that, to this day. I never really played the London Edition or GTA2.

GTA III, I just can't remember. Maybe the Borgnine Taxi.

Vice City, the PCJ600 or the Sea Sparrow, basically the quickest way of getting point to point. If I really had to pick a car, maybe the Phoenix, or Infernus.

Liberty City Stories I didn't play much, Vice City Stories there was a rough copy of the RA25 Celica that I liked a bit.

San Andreas, the NRG500 or the Sultan, naturally with nitrous. No more helicopters, as they removed the two-stick control method.

GTA IV the Banshee or the Infernus, maybe the Comet, or a Sabre Turbo. No more bikes as they ruined the way they drive.

GTA V the Progen T20 is the ultimate high speed go-anywhere vehicle, quite bizarre... the Duke O Death is a great police trolling machine, the Dump and the Rhino good for crushing things, and the Dozer is tons of fun even slow as it is, flipping cop cars over never gets old. Again no bikes or helos as they ruined the way they handle. GTA online is a steaming pile of dingo's kidneys, full of Batmobiles and faux-Bond cars driven by talentless cashers, so I never play it.

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In the HD games, I always grabbed one of these, the Karin Futo, clearly meant to be an AE86 Levin saloon:

In GTA 4 especially, they're proper fast. I especially like the decal on the door that says it's fitted with the 20 valve version of the 4-AGE engine, which means someone on the dev team actually knows their cars.

In San Andreas, continuing my love of Jap stuff, the ZR-350, meant to be an RX-7 FD:

I also liked the FBI Rancher, (Chevy Suburban) partly because of the black paint, partly because it was hard to get, and also because it was the only version of the Rancher that was LWB and could carry 4 people. The siren was cool too:


In Vice City, without question, the Cuban Hermes (late 40s Mercury?):

In GTA 3, the Patriot, because I was a kid and could smash through things with it:

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as someone who grew up playing all the GTA games (and the Getaway while im at it) I love this thread! :) 

I always gravitated to the more autoshite cars, which always annoyed my brothers, because we would take in turns in lives, if you die, the next person gets to play

but I would just trundle about in buses trucks, shite slow cars that interested me much more then the fast things my brothers would take and quick crash and die in LOL

but my favourite has to be the bus from GTA 4, not only because of my bus enthusiasm, but also because it was fucking invincible and a hoot to go on a 6 star police chase with


see in GTA4 the way the cars take damage, is they only will break/catch fire/explode, if the engine gets too damaged, but the engine of the bus is at the rear, which rarely got any damage

so you could just plow through traffic and police cars with, till the front was utterly wrecked and keep going

(thats the other thing the damage physics on GTA4 was a lot of fun, especially with the swing set glitch of death)

as long as you keep moving the police literally cannot not stop you in a bus LOL (and although it would take a while, it would shift!) as such I was pretty much banned in using it if we where taking turns like above LOL

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On 7/31/2022 at 11:20 AM, Scrubworks said:

They added this car in like 2019, mainly for the online crowd. If you play the original single player incarnation of the game from 2013, it doesn't really have any Euro cars. They actually later put in a bunch of cars that were never available stateside. The dev team on GTA 5 is actually mostly British, and it shows.

And it's called the Asbo...

I have a 3 floor garage full of rally cars,from the mk1 and 2 Escorts to the Scooby 22b's,Audi S2 and the RS200s

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I only ever played the 3d-era games, the 2d era was a bit before my time and I lost interest by the HD era.

In GTA 3, I'd always break into the car dealership and nick the Banshee:


In Vice City, the Sentinel XS was my first choice, usually in blue. Couldn't find a pic of a blue one, so here's a red one:


And finally San Andreas, the good old Stallion was my main choice, largely because I really liked the engine sound they gave it.


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I’ve played GTA games right from the top-down era original games. I got the original way back in 1997 at first release. I’ve played every one since.
A favourite of mine then was the GTA London 1969. I played it to absolute death! 
My two favourite cars in it were:

The Crapi (had to be didn’t it!)


And the S-cart


There was an add on for this too; GTA London 1961 which had the same map but with new missions and loads of different cars. 

GTA 2 I found a bit of a let down really. Never really liked it as much as the previous ones.

GTA3 was brilliant when it came out as the first of the 3D era games. Favourites on this one were the Esperanto, Manana and Perennial. San Andreas was absolutely fantastic. The map seemed absolutely enormous and there was so much to do.

By far my favourite GTA of all though was GTA IV. Not the biggest map, but it was really detailed and had a good story. The graphics were great and best of all, the car handling and collision damage was absolutely brilliant. Way more realistic than GTA V.

Favourites from IV were;

Marbelle. Handled awfully but I like that and it looks like a classic yank. (Think it’s based on a US Granada/Lincoln Versailles) 






Uranus. Love it’s fox Mustang/Escort-ish looks.


Buccaneer. Classic muscle. These seemed really rare though?


And from The Lost & Damned add on for IV (which was brilliant add on!).

Regina. Classic station wagon, all in beat up rusty appearance only in IV and with a way better looking front end that the same car in GTA V.


Rhapsody. Because AMC Pacers are cool. Fact!



GTA V I was very disappointed with. The story and missions were good, Trevor was a great character and the map & graphics were great but the car handling was terrible and very unrealistic and the car damage was absolute crap compared to IV. I’d say this was the GTA I’ve played the least and enjoyed least.

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I used to play a lot of SAMP, which is a San Andreas multiplayer mod with loads of community-run servers. Runs on a potato, basically GTA Online for kids without their own money or rich parents. Last time I checked it's still going strong.

Anyway, unlike GTA Online the server I used to play on limited you to only one personal vehicle. Most players rode around in Bullets or Turismos... I chose the Manana.



No surprises then that I ended up here all these years later!

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