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  1. FWIW my mate bought a Toshiba recently and took it back complaining of v similar issues. Lovely of someone to buy you a new telly but as with so many things and expensive old thing is better than a cheap new thing
  2. Horses for courses I suppose. Imo proper interview technique (on both sides of the table) means they shouldn't be required. It has never occurred to me that there would be a situation where someone would need to refer to notes. It would completely ruin the flow of the interview. In my game it would instantly mark you out as a weak candidate as recall under pressure can be an important part of the job, maybe that's why i havent seen it.
  3. I'm struggling to find the words to describe just how unimpressed I would be if someone I was interviewing referred to a notebook throughout an interview. Basic interview technique to remind yourself of your career highlights and lowlights beforehand.
  4. I'll check for old photos but I don't think it had a private reg
  5. My great uncle had one like this, or at least very similar. My schoolboy recollection is that it was a DSE. He was also a Hampshire farmer, albeit it wasn't his primary occupation. I don't recognise the reg though. If I have any other unhelpful musings I'll let you know. 😄
  6. IME that works OK until one of them has blocked your missus in when she's trying to get to work and she can't move it because you accidentally left the keys in your coat pocket which you are currently wearing 300 miles away GLWC, may your voyage be bon
  7. They're turning me in to a miserable fucker but every pothole I see round here I take a picture and fill out the Council's online form. Fair play to Leeds City Council, its almost always been filled in within a couple of days. Not that the repairs last long at this time of year...
  8. The active ingredients are the same but the others may well not be. These can affect absorption and efficacy of the active ingredient. It's not codswallop but you pays your money and takes your choice. I buy the cheap stuff but those gel nurofens are best for a hangover imo
  9. While dropping my kid off at school yesterday I learned that there is a kid in another class called Astra Not sure whether they're a Pollo Ad or a Belmont but will report back
  10. I read that as 'Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament' Showing my age
  11. When I was a student I worked at Tesco. One Xmas eve a few of us had to break up a full on fist fight between two blokes over the last bag of sprouts. This was a supposedly posh part of Manchester. Haven't seen many things more ridiculous in the last 20 odd years
  12. I struggle to get passed the atrocious production values
  13. When I did a lot of driving between Coventry and t'North a few years back Tibshelf was my favourite if in need of a pee as it was always dead and pretty clean. There was also a wimpy there, long after they'd gone off the high street
  14. Always nice to see an old car being used
  15. Ah man that sucks. Time was you could've got a whole rear axle for £fuckall , imagine it's a bit different now
  16. A classic 'these used to be everywhere'
  17. Clean pants needed ETA - owner should definitely be on here. I was behind him in the supermarket queue. He: 1. Wore a lot of brown; 2. Bought almost exclusively tinned food; and 3. Paid in cash, down to the correct pennies.
  18. Which bit? It's standard in Brum and Black Country but not when you drift out of that area
  19. This was lovely, on 10 inch wheels but definitely a tuned engine
  20. Every day is national twat day
  21. I saw a model S in Porsche peppermint green the other week. First time I've seen one that wasn't white or grey. I did wonder if it was a wrap
  22. Fat fingers, now corrected. I really liked that pub
  23. I definitely judge people who say they found it useful. My post lunch nap was too long and I've felt like shit all afternoon
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