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Slang names for cars


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Back in the 1990s I owned what transpired to be a unicorn poop rare RHD 2 door Mk1 Jetta. 

Bored one day, I hacked up a couple of spare mk1 Golf badges I had lying around, along with the Jetta bootlid badge. When finished, my car proudly wore its GoGetta badge for the remainder of my ownership. It actually looked almost OEM too. 

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from the top of my head heres a few that WONT get me banned from most forums LOL

Brough superior: Rough Inferior

Triumph Stag: Triumph Slag

 Leyland National: Leyland Nasty

2CV: Tin snail

@Saabnut's Enema LOL

Plastic Pig or 3 Pin plug for any sort of plastic 3 wheeler

and of course all the MGB: Sherpa Coupe ones etc :) 

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Mostly gained from my early days as a trainee in a Rover dealership and later as a taxi driver.

Triumph Snag (Stag)

Triumph Dolloposhite (Dolomite)

Triumph Toiletdoor (Toledo)

Ford Esc-rot (Escort)

Austin Monte-won't go (Montego)

Vauxhall Ashtray (Astra)

Bedford 'absolute f***ing C***' (Rascal). Coined by a mechanic at Reg Vardy Rover circa 1991 after  having a flame shoot out of the carb while sitting in the drivers seat of one and eventually having to get the engine out of it. "Bedford Rascal? Bedford Absolute F***ing C*** more like!"

Vauxhall Edam (Adam). Small, round and cheesy...


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Omega. Oh-MEGA


Corsa - curse-her

Adam Ant 

Suzuki sc100 - Flying zit 

RD350LC  - Elsie 

Movano Monaro 


Honda Civic  1.5 Rover 214 


Legend Leadend 

Range Rover sport.  Beckham Barrow

Spitfire Shitfire

Midget Spriget 

MGB Sherpa Roadster

GT6 Spitfire coupe 

Morris mini seven - Austin Mini 

Maxi - Crab

Princess - great big wallowing Turd. 


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