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Cars in Colour


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I've always, where possible, tried to buy a car with a bit of colour to it.  My daily, dull and utterly dependable Toyota Avensis is in purple (very rare) and the summer car is a Peugeot 306 in Sundance Yellow.



This week I saw a Freelander in a hue I've never seen before.  Borrego Yellow.  WOOD.




Also spotted a Mercedes A Klasse in green on the M1 this week.  It's very bold, and reminiscent of some of the colours you'd get in the 70s.




Got any favourites?

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I prefer my Land Rovers in Monte Carlo Blue. Looks especially good on the 3dr Freelander.



Mind you, I think it suits the L322 too.



Copperleaf is probably my favourite Rover 75 colour.



I'll take a Rover 600 in Kinversand though.



I hate, hate, HATE silver, despise white (though my XM looked ok) and am not a fan of black (despite having owned two black Hondas that looked ok). I do like a proper colour.

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Don't have a photo of the actual lot, but the Dodge/FIAT dealership in town looks much like this:




Dodge recently revamped their color range, including a bunch of favorites from the seventies. They missed Key Lime and Hemi Orange in that shot, but you can see the sea of black/gray/white/red cars in the lot out back there. That's slowly changing.


I don't think you can buy a Challenger in metallic poo brown though. They missed that one.



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I'm right with you on this one.


Most of my cars have been red followed by blue.

Only when buying crap that is unturndownably cheap have I ended up with whites or silvers.


Notable was the Rover 100 bought unseen from a mate* whilst a few beers into a Friday evening.


Met at the same pub next night with the cash I happened to ask what colour it was. His refusal to say confirmed my kingfisher blue suspicions.

Cheggers can't be boozers.


I've yet to own a yellow car and I'm not sure one would be welcomed when I brought it home.


That said, I'm first in line for the roffle tickets when you move the 306 on.

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Spotted this Focus ST in yellow a while back, made better by the fact it's an estate, and yellow on a roller too. I've got a Flickr album just for yellow vehicles here.



2015 Ford Focus ST-3 TDCI & 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith V12 Auto by MattLikesCars, on Flickr


I have a photograph somewhere of an Audi A3 in a bright, non-metallic green but I can't find it. It stood out a mile.

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I think Rebel (Volvo), Baby (Aston Martin) and Grabber (Ford) Blue are great colours. For the most part I think modern cars look wrong without metallic paint but these seem to work. Not the most lairy colours but miles better than typical grey scale. I think they originated from Ford with Volvo and AM making their own variations.






I was going to post a modern Mustang in this colour but found this person living some weird Autoshite dream with their Swiss-registered 351 towing a caravan.


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Can't beat a bit of colour. That's partly what made my Mercury stand out when I bought it.




Lovely colour, especially when it's got the sun on it, and it stands out a mile off!

The colours name could have been a little bit more creative though, it's called... light green!

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I'm a big fan of colour, and hate grey cars.  Moderns especially look horrible in black, as there's no chrome to relieve the darkness, so they just suck light from their surroundings.

My present fleet consists of one white, one blue and one brown.  Brown wouldn't have really been my choice but you can't argue with value.  I particularly like reds and greens, in general.

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I keep seeing people driving round in Fiat Panda 4x4s painted in recession white or, worse, black and almost want to drag them out of the car and impress upon them how foolish they've been when they could have had Tuscany green.




Similarly, do you remember that period in the early noughties when Volkswagen used to offer their small cars in bright, cheery colours? I don't have a clue if the Lupo is a good car or not, but they look ace, especially in yellow or that lurid lime green. I imagine modern VW buyers would be horrified if they found out their cars were available in anything other than grey or black




Austin Rover's shades of blue were also a bit of a high point in colour terms. Moonraker blue makes even a humble Maestro look effortlessly stylish, whilst Henley blue was probably the best colour applied to the Mini in its extremely long life.






The ultimate car colour, though, has to be Citroen Triton green. I like this colour so much that I was willing to buy a shonky, rubbish Triton BX over a properly functioning one in another colour.







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