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Right... Let's not beat about the bush. 

This is the commencement of my first collection caper. I am jittery today! For those who haven't been in the Autoshite Zoom calls, keep posted for a reveal in a couple of hours once we're on the way home. 

Steed of choice for the day selected: #NotMyAudi


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19 minutes ago, Crackers said:

Collectioning has ensued. It's brown.

She's running like a dream so far. One quick pez stop (not pictured) and now just paused for a quick check over before we hit the motorway. 

I'm in love. 

Better pics to come later. 



12 minutes ago, Crackers said:


Awesome beast!

im happy to hear your bonding with it well already :) 


I look forward to seeing more on the car and hopefully a video of the glorious Rover V8 in action :) 

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70s-tastic! Looking forward to more pics later.
Wheels might be a bit Marmite to some but I think they suit  it, plenty of P6s wore Appliance or Wolfrace slotmags back in the day. 😎

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Very nice. My neighbor had one of these (JTVxxxP) in the same brown that had gone all pogweasel.

Interesting to finally see what it should have looked like. The wheels suit it well.

Top purchase. Enjoy!



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