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Communal MK3 Cavalier Thread


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31 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:




I don't think thats right, your supposed to crack the egg uncooked into the header tank on the side of the road a few miles away... I mean you might be able to drop a whole boiled one in, I don't know how wide the header tank is on your new car...

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Total poo count: 1

Cavalier Count :1


Dropped off at the garage who think its eminently  saveable.


Lots of lovely Vauxhall things to play with meantime!


Pleasure to deal with you @Lacquer Peel, and thanks* fornthe Proclaimers CD.

The garage are very busy at the moment so probably wont hear back until next week.

Very pleased with it though, it drives incredibly  well for a 28 year old Vauxhall with 220000 miles. Its definitely  still got all of the 89bhp it left the factory with.

Layla by Eric Clapton is my earthworm for the rest of the day which is even better.

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