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  1. Long long overdue update. Work and life very much getting in the way of tat fettling and autoshite posting. With the Volvo gone and the Astra providing sterling service I did an impulse buy and bought a Saab off a mate of mine. It's a 9-5 Aero Hot estate. 260bhp of turbot petrol goodness with a manual box. Very cheap because said box was foobarred. What was supposed to be a (relatively) cost effective gearbox rebuild turned into a (more expensive) replacement box as the old one was beyond economic repair. To compound the madness I hadn't driven the car until after the box was replaced as I'd had my mate just take it to the garage. This meant that I didn't realize that the clutch bite was very low to the floor. It never bothered my mate so he didn't mention it but had I known I'd probably have opted for an (expensive) clutch kit too. To be fair to the garage the clutch still works fine and they were probably trying to keep the costs down as the car looked a total unloved shed and is on nearly 200k miles. It has taken some time for me to get over the buyers remorse and feeling like I've been committing automotive self harming again. It is now growing on me however and under the lacquer peel, grubby interior (mate is into mountain bikes and has 2 young kids) there is a decent car trying to be saved. Plus points are 4 good conti tyres. Engine had timing chains done in the last couple of years. Air con and heated leather all work as they should. It came with almost a full 12 month ticket and the insurance is £100 cheaper than the Volvo. Presumably because everything for a Volvo costs eleventy million quid. Oh and boost, it's got lots and lots of BOOST! It's a hoot to drive and handles really well for such a big old barge. Bonus is it has a towbar so will be useful for the next six months or so as I continue to sort out my collection of two wheeled shite. Seen in the pic below moving my "spares" Honda Dominator from the lock up back to the house. Said two wheeler which was no more than an incomplete collection of largely worn out "useful spares" i'd collected over the years assembled on a frame with a V5 sold on the bay for over £400. What was even more amazing was the buyer cane all the way from Belfast to collect it and was over the moon with his purchase!
  2. After working 55 hours in the last 4 days to make the seemingly impossible possible I'm upgrading my status from probable to almost certain. I apologize in advance if I fall asleep face down in my pudding, it's been a long, long couple of weeks!
  3. Sticking my name on the list as a probable. I've a project at work that's being delivered on Thursday morning so if it goes tits up over the next couple of days I'll end up at work all of Wednesday night. Just spent two 14hr shifts at work this weekend and have managed to turn a catastrophe into mere disaster so the outlook is more optimistic for Wednesday.
  4. Looks like for once I'll be able to make it tonight. Only 7 months after I promised @davehedgehog31 I'd make more of an effort to come along! New chod still in the garage so it'll be the mighty Astra. What time is it, 7 for 7:30?
  5. Bye bye Volvo WBAC will look after you now............ In truth I'm quite glad it didn't sell on here as it wasn't a good car at all. It would have done somebody a turn and been ok until the MOT expired but realistically it was at that stage when there are so many things wearing out and starting to fail that it's not worth throwing money at it. Insurance has already been transferred over to the Volvo's replacement. In true Autoshite fashion I've spent £400 on a car that's going straight into a garage to get a £500 gearbox repair done before I hopefully collect it at the end of the week. Stand by for "teh big reveel" in a few days! If there was ever any doubt that the autoshite way isn't the most economic route to modern motoring consider this. Lad in front of me at WBAC this morning was selling a 17 plate Golf GTD with circa 10k miles on it that he'd owned from new. He had to PAY WBAC £250 for them to take the car off him because the outstanding finance was more than WBAC could offer him. This is after he'd been paying £350 a month to the finance company for a couple of years, who knows he probably put a deposit down as well. That's right, about FOUR GRAND a year just to drive a poxy Golf in Zanussi white. It sort of puts all the "massive losses" I've suffered with cars over the years into perspective!
  6. Astra fettling time....... Check out my sexy new gear........ ... lever and handbrake gaiters. £10 and and half an hour to fit both. These and the £12 set of tailored mats have really transformed the interior into a nice place to be. I've also swapped out the remaining two alloys for steel wheels and added a set of gen-yew-ine Vauxhall trimz. While I did like the look of the original alloy wheels old alloys are just a never ending source of rim leaks and slow punctures in my experience. This and the steady supply of mint steels with new or nearly new tyres coming up on facebook marketplace for around £20 prompted the move. Just one more to source to go in the spare wheel well which is currently filled with an alloy. On the subject of tyres Landsail can get in the fekkin sea (no pun intended). One of the alloys that came off today had one of those POS tyres on. Three quarters of the tread still there and massive deep cracks between the treads so straight in the scrap pile. While I had the rear wheels off I checked out the springs which were an advisory at the recent MOT for being rusty. Rusty they are but rotten they are not. Just no paint and surface rust all over so I'm pronouncing them good. You can buy new rear springs for £13 a pair delivered on ebay but I recon that they'd probably snap before the current rusty (probably original) springs would. While swapping over the spare wheels I whipped out the boot carpet which has now been shampooed and is currently propped up against a radiator in the house to dry. One step at a time the car is getting better and better so I'm just keeping chipping away whenever I can. Having said that if I could pay £2K for an absolutely mint sub 100k mile example I would jump at the chance. Absolutely brilliant cars for what they are.
  7. Can't speak of the exact pan you need but the pattern sump I bought for the astra earlier in the year was very well made out of nice thick material and came with a new sump plug and washer. Based on that experience I'd have no hesitation in buying a pattern sump again. My old sump was so rotten when I went to undo the plug to drain the oil I ripped a chunk of rusty metal out of the sump rather than unscrewing the plug!
  8. Cut the Hyundai badge from a rocker cover like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HYUNDAI-SANTA-2004-2-0-PETROL-ENGINE-COVER-29240-27101/122769820452?hash=item1c95a6cb24:g:p5EAAOSwc0FUqpBE and epoxy onto one of your new covers before spraying them satin black. That would give a real OEM look!
  9. Searching Ebay for "egr wiring plug" brings up a few options for new plugs. Clicking on one of them brings up a load of other options for different plugs in the people also searched for/suggested other items list at the bottom of the page. Knowing who made the connector ie Sumitomo would help in the search too. Awesome work though. Don't think you're too far from the finishing post now so hang on in there.
  10. The Astra is set to be the mainstay of the fleet again you'll be glad to hear. While the Volvo is an awesome car to drive I find it's a bit frustrating as a daily. My commute is a mix of congested motorway and city and that's at odds with the Volvo's natural habitat as a high speed cruiser. I have found that I drive like a bit of a knob at times in the Volvo because I'm constantly wanting to stretch it's legs and the outside lane is always full of people who are getting in my way by daring to drive at the speed limit! By contrast the Astra is smaller, content to sit at 50-60 without making you frustrated and has better all round visibility thanks to not being burdened by the thick pillars etc that come with Volvo's obsession with tank building and crumple zones. I never intended to have 2 cars but since man maths and autoshite logic say it's worth while I'm going to have the Astra as the cheap to run daily commuter and a "Sunday Best" and backup commuter No 2 car. The Volvo is going to be moved on now as I've agreed to but another car from a mate of mine to fill the No2 slot. Arrival is a few weeks out for now so all I'll say is that it's petrol and has a lot of GLF about it. Watch this space...........
  11. Back in the 90's when such motors were posh and modern I had a colleague with a scirocco that was forever breaking down or not running right due to injection problems. After keeping breakers rich buying used parts and lots of swearing over a period of several months he eventually found the problem. A rotten filler neck was letting water and dirt into the tank. The rot was in a difficult to access spot right next to the filler cap and in such as a position not to leak fuel while filling or driving but it was letting spray from the wheel in. Just a thought since the fuel in the bottle looks like it came from a pothole in the road.
  12. Quick update from Monday. How long does it take to shampoo the velour interior of a Volvo Estate?? All day that's how long! Decided to go full valet on the barge and the whole carpet and velour palace of an interior got a going over with the carpet shampooer. That, rebuilding the rear wiper arm (see above) and cleaning all the door checks took me a whole day. Thanks to the miracle that is HEATED VELOUR front seats (seriously do seats get any better) it only took a couple of drives out sitting on a towel with the car set to "maximum sauna" to get the front seats dry again. As is the way with autoshite though you do all that work and immediately something else is dangled in front of you that is even more appealing! Potential fleet movements up and coming so watch this space............. In other news the disAstra continues to function perfectly as "an car" so is definitely staying. No car ever represented value low cost motoring more than a MK4 diesel Astra.
  13. I've got Ewan McGregor stuck in my head now narrating over an Iggy Pop soundtrack....... Choose Shite, Choose Korean Cortina's at the other end of the country. Choose pre-booked MOT's and tyres borrowed from a bloke on the internet. Choose eating chips on the hard shoulder waiting for recovery. Choose fuel starvation and forty miles an hour up the motorway through the borders. Choose 3AM and nae fuckin' wireless. Choose collection of the year and immortality on a forum nobody's even heard of, choose Shite.
  14. Fuck it, two randoms for me please. Don't really wan't it but inspired by messers CMS & Fowler's epic Hyundai mission if I win I'll ride it back to Scotland just for the sake of having an epic collection fred!
  15. Brilliant, free parts are always the best kind 😉
  16. Was going to leave the advisories on the astra but the parts are sooooo cheap that I'll probably do them when I have some free time. When it's not pissing rain and once the Volvo has it's MOT renewed that is so that'll more than likely be some time off yet. Talking of the Volvo, yesterday with 5 minutes to spare before a thunderstorm I decided to replace the wiper blades and made an arse of removing the old rear breaking the plastic retaining clip on the arm rendering it scrap. A replacement was duly ordered off ebay and tonight I decided to remove the old arm in preparation. Remove plastic cover to reveal very vulnerable looking washer jet. Have brainfart and think removing said jet for safe keeping is a good idea(*). Snap washer jet clean off after applying almost zero force. Arsebiscuits! After much wrestling the arm came off and the alloy fur sticking to the spindle was cleaned off. Now insert self tapper to expertly remove the plastic remains of the broken jet. Deftly pull remains of jet out with pliers. Arsebiscuits part 2 as the brass delivery tube comes with it. Only once the remains of the plastic jet was burnt out the tube with a blowtorch could the comedy of errors came to an end with the successful re-insertion of the tube. Everything was then tested and found to be still working. New washer jet ordered off ebay taking the parts spend (so far) to replace a single wiper blade to around £35. Not one of my more cost effective repair sessions!
  17. Get in............ Had to use a garage I'd rather have not gone to as my favoured one was fully booked all week. Outcome not as bad as it could have been. Front subframe although not crispy is very rusty so mild concern as to what the testers hammer would find but it held up to scrutiny. Also windscreen wipers look to have been moving gravel at some point as the screen is quite scuffed right in front of the driver but again nothing mentioned. Advisory for front damper was a desired outcome as the oil on both front dampers was removed with brake clean/TFR/power washer the night before! Advisories for rusty springs, can be ignored. Fail was from an broken headlight that wouldn't adjust. It was secure and did work ok so I missed it in prep. I had the garage replace it and felt a little drybummed that they fitted a new Vauxhall part instead of a pattern one. Never mind for £160 it has a years ticket now and I have a backup car to take the pressure of the Volvo's up and coming MOT in December. Celebrated by splashing out £12 on a new set of mats and putting a spare wheel (with very borderline tread depth) back in the boot.
  18. The Volvo has been earning it's keep for the last couple of days doing multiple tip runs while I've been doing a major tidy up on two neighbours gardens due to them being elderly/unwell and their children being abroad and/or terminally hopeless & lazy. Balancing at the top of a shoogly ladder wielding a chainsaw is not one of my favorite pastimes but thankfully it's all done and I still have all appendages intact. The Leyland conifer is surely the most hopeless and misery inducing of all the trees. No wonder it was named after the UK's premier (*) motor manufacturer
  19. Definitely nothing for you to feel bad about. Lets be honest it's hardly surprising a £300 car developing a problem is it. I think you just lucked out more than anything during your ownership being able to run it without having any problems. Just imagine if Cavcrafts 12,000 mile astra (in the for sale section) was a diesel estate. We'd need to organize a last man standing cage fight to select a winner there'd be so many of us queuing up to buy it 😅😅😅
  20. That's a pump that's been run dry. Your pump looks like it's never been run dry but was pumping some very dirty oil for some time. Going by your pics and in your state of financial ill health I'd be doing the following. Rebuild the bottom end with all new shells, your shells are fucked but the journals don't look too bad. Use a proper assembly lube too go give everything a chance at first startup. Hone the bores and refit the pistons and rings as is. Replace all oil seals and gaskets. Refit any old head after lapping in the valves. Remember that the head of your original engine looked totally fucked but the engine was still running with that head when the bottom end failed. That will give you a running engine that should last for a thousand or two miles. It might smoke and use oil but you'll have a running driving car again for probably under £100. It'll turn a liability into an asset and take a bit of pressure off you. Use it sparingly and you'll have a backup car for the acclaim for some time to come. If finances improve you can properly rebuild another engine and if they don't then you'll have a running driving fully legal car that's an asset that you could sell. Two stories of knackered engines. Mate #1 many years ago had an MG midget with knackered big ends. Shells worn out and journals miles out of spec. He got a full year commuting out of it by dropping the sump and lobbing new shells in it once a month for a whole year. It was still running like that when he sold it on. Mate#2 worked as a diesel fitter for the council. A bin lorry lost its sump plug at the tip and seized solid and my mate had to rebuild it. It got new pistons and liners and my mate wanted to get the crank ground because it looked like a ploughed field. His boss refused because of budget and insisted he cleaned up the journals with emery cloth and just throw new shells in. This he duly did and much to his amazement that wagon ran constantly for the next three years without that engine having a single problem. I have a honing tool if you need a hand cleaning the bores up. Just drop me a PM if I can be any help.
  21. It hasn't missed a beat once all the initial issues got ironed out. Still has many issues as with any old car so we'll see what the MOT man says but I'd like to see it live on for a bit yet. Even though wafting around in the Volvo is comparative luxury and great fun I have missed the utilitarian charm that only a base spec diesel astra can provide 😂.
  22. After many a long year of occasional contribution on here I've probably got enough old shite on fleet now to do something I should have done yonks ago and start a project thread. The story so far......... I had an 02 CRV for 6 years and it performed faultlessly as an car taking everything in it's stride. The only issue with it was the 25mpg it returned but as I worked close to home that wasn't an issue. Cue December last year and a new job saw my commute go up from 4 miles a day to 32 miles a day. By March I was drowning in green shield stamps so bought the mighty diesel disAstra from Davehedgehog of this here parish. Shown here on the only off-road parking and only second car parking space I have. The garage contains a few motorbikes so I've always stubbornly stuck to a single car rule so I don't have to move motors to get bikes in and out. More on this detail in a bit..... A combination of broken motorcycles needing worked on, a bike trip around the Baltic and work meant that I soon realised that I had no time to prep the disAstra for its MOT at the start of this month. It wasn't worth enough to pay to have the work done so I decided that the poor old thing would be scrapped in favour of a replacement motor......... The mighty Volvo (V70 D5) was purchased from Ma & Pa forddeliveryboy of this parish and migrated north of the border back to it's natural home. Three days after being pressed into commuting service the mighty volvo suffered a (badly) sticking caliper and much burning brake smells that had to be stripped and rebuilt before work the next day. Sticking piston at that so the whole thing was off and the brakes had to be bled afterwards. Two and a half hours in the pissing rain was a bit character building especially as the still MOT'd (by 3 days) and taxed (but not insured) astra was sitting on the drive. Decision made, insurance checked and a soon to be taken out Admiral multi-car policy will see me with two cars on the fleet again. I could have used one of the bikes but motorway commuting in the pissing rain on two wheels is no fun. The volvo needs an MOT in december so having the astra back on the road will take the pressure off getting that done if it needs work and the weather is bad. And so as the volvo continues to provide daily service, project astra revival starts. Known MOT work needed is frilly arches, broken number plate and front discs and pads so nothing major. Thus far the arches have been sorted without resort to duct tape. After a bit of prodding....... And after the angle grinder was let loose surprisingly it was only the return lip that was rotten so the welder was broken out to lash on some roughly cut fresh metal. Linished off filled, sanded and primed. Note the use of a farmfoods brochure pulled out the bin being used as masking paper for extra shite points. Followed by a near perfect colour matched (*) top coat.... Well I had black on the shelf and it's good enough to stop the primer soaking up the water so that'll do for now. Hoping to get brakes and MOT sorted in the coming week so more to follow soon (hopefully).
  23. As summer draws to a close so the migration season begins............. That's right folks another Volvo headed north across the border on Saturday. A huge thanks to forddeliveryboy of this parish for not only selling me his parents car at a massively bargenous price but for storing it for a few weeks while I went on holiday. Not only that but after the sale was agreed (unknown to me) the car developed an abs warning light so they paid a garage to fit a new abs ring to a driveshaft so it would be fully functioning as described for me to collect. Top shitter, would buy from again A++++. It's a 2003 D5 manual with cloth interior on a mere 209k miles. Everything works bar the air con and it's the nicest car I've owned in over a decade. The drive back up the road from deepest Yorkshire was just glorious wafting along a largely empty motorway with the cruise control on. Today has been spent giving it a good scrub inside and out and generally marveling at how its possible to buy so much car for so little money.
  24. 100% frag the MG. Welding around sub-frame mounts could grow arms and legs very quickly. Add to that the odd caliper as well as discs and pads and your bill to get an MOT could easily exceed the value of the car. All of that is before you consider we're talking about an MGF that's an unknown motor has been off the road for some time. Even with an MOT it could turn into a money pit as soon as you start using it! Time to cut your losses and run.
  25. Just a little tidy up in the garage before lunch.................... Started to tidy up the mess I'd left in the garage after changing the Astra sump the other day. Wipe black oily mess of can of WD40 before putting it back on the shelf. Wipe, wipe, fumble drop! As the can left my hand and headed for terra firma it struck the slightest of glancing blows on the car ramp that was still sitting in the middle of the floor. Said Chinese sweatshop made ramp is naturally covered in many, many sharp unfinished edges. The ensuing geyser of WD40 erupting from the puncture wound in the nearly full jumbo size trade size can was so violent and rapid I just stood there and watched it laughing. Floor, toolboxes, motorbikes and me all drenched in the stuff. Two hours, half a gallon of screwfix degreaser, a box of rags and several buckets of hot soapy water later, the inside of the garage has never been so clean and I could see the funny side of things! Silver linings and all that it's made me have a good tidy up which has actually improved my shite fettling mojo somewhat. I'm just REALLY grateful it wasn't a can of paint!
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