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  1. I promise to look after him. Still can't believe that such a bargain lasted long enough for me to snap it up. I'm totally gobsmacked on how little progress the automotive industry has made in the last 48 years. This still has everything the modern motorist could ever desire, it genuinely doesn't feel old at all. Perhaps that just means I am old? - don't answer that please!
  2. Liked for the progress, not for the rot! I'm not sure how much the 4 door Toledo varied from the Dolomite but Sonic is at your disposal if you need to measure up an arch for making repair panels. As long as you don't go near him with tin snips 😄
  3. Absolutely to every point. You're more than welcome to borrow Sonic any time if you wants to make a road test video for that there youtubes channel before the doloshite needs re-christened after it's restoration.
  4. Now back home and seeking nomination for neighbour of the year! Only temporary, sonic will be moved to the lockup later this evening before I get accused of dragging the neighbourhood too upmarket 😂😂😂
  5. Customery pez station shot, although it had tons left in it and plenty enough to get me home. Taking the scenic route home Perth-Crieff-Dunblane to avoid the dreary A9 and it's ANPR cameras just in case the computers weren't up to speed with the keeper/tax changes done only moments earlier. This really is an awesome little car that actually feels more modern than it's 48 years.
  6. Ta Dah............. Massive thanks to @Tickman for such a great car and all his help and patience during the sale. The gravitational pull generated by @captain_70s is pulling another triumph from the NE down towards (just outside) Glasgow.
  7. Getting warmer in many respects but the object of my desires is fully functioning and far more bargenous than that! Nae ford tax!
  8. That's properly tempting but again sadly wrong. I can reveal that the said conveyance in question is infact pez powered.
  9. Nice try but altogether too continental for todays collection.........
  10. Another small clue for anyone with an indepth knowledge of the UK rail network. Fans of The Young Ones can content themselves with shouting "TO THE STATION......" and playing some Motorhead......
  11. The obvious choice but in this case, unfortunately incorrect.
  12. Wait no more @Jim Bell collection day has arrived! First mode of transport today was feet on the 3 mile saunter down hill into town to catch the first train of the day. Now on said train into "the toon" to catch the main train for the onward journey. Clue.... A strong migratory pull is being experienced at this time of year.
  13. You have so much more patience than me. I just sprayed 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and 2 coats of clear in 2.5 hours today! You have a much nicer car though which deserves better treatment than mine gets 😊
  14. Many months ago I prodded a scab under the drivers door handle on the astra with a burr in the dremmel. Just expected to dig out a rusty scab and paint over it with a touch up brush. Oh.... From the filler around it looks to have been an old repair following attempted break-in that had rotted out under the filler. Naturally I did what anyone would do and slapped some rust converter on and then left it for months. Decided to do something about it today as the MOT is booked for 2 weeks away. First up, throw in some mesh to bridge the gap. Then fill and sand that as well as sanding the rear arch and the big scab at the bottom of the drivers door. The arch was welded last year for the MOT but hastily sprayed in black because that was all that was "in stock" at the time. Did the job at the time but the rust was coming back through the cheap paint. Once sanded back the arch got a coat of filler to take care of a few pin holes then final sand and a bare minimum of masking off...... 2xprimer, 2xpaint and 2xclear later and it's reasonably presentable..... Just got the opposite side rear arch to do tomorrow and it'll be looking like new* again.
  15. 1980's fuel injection pulled through and with the application of a fresh battery the last bike was whisked away and the emptying of the cooncil car hoose is now complete. Collection capers at some point in the next week........
  16. They don't make them like this anymore. Dragged my GPz1100 out of the lockup yesterday and brought it back to the house. 1980's fuel injection might be somewhat crude but it sure is a lot better than carbs. Two year old stale fuel in the tank but with a fresh battery she fired straight up first press of the button. No MOT or tax so it was just a quick run up the road to home. Now stuck in limbo slightly. It's going to be rebuilt into a different frame (freshly powder coated with v5) as the current one has damage to the lower frame rails. I can't tear it apart because I've applied to keep the plate of the bike as it stands (because nostalgia) but that process could be subject to inspection so I need to keep it in one piece until Dvla process that application. Next year when it's back on the road then I'll probably dispose of my ZZR1100 as the GPz has so much more character and there's no room at the inn for two aging Kawasaki sportsbikes.
  17. Great news, now go and enjoy what's left of summer on 2 wheels. I'd advise fitting some fork gaiters and lightly greasing the legs underneath the gaiter. It's cheap insurance to stop that advisory getting any worse.
  18. Dictionary definition of "an car" is a Vauxhall of this era. Cheap to buy, cheap to repair and ultimately boring and common enough that you''ll still sleep at night if you need to recycle into bean tins. When fleet management and buying decisions have got somewhat out of hand owning AN CAR is the only thing that'll buy you a bit of breathing space to sort out the automotive mess of your own making that you find yourself in. I've just booked the mighty Astra in for another MOT in a couple of weeks time - think happy thoughts everyone, think happy thoughts!
  19. It needs filling doesn't it..........................
  20. Not seen a gusset that crispy in many's a long year! Outstanding work to get it back in one piece and as good as new. Just as well it's been whisked away for a re-test as making old bits look as shiny and new as that bike has a habit of snowballing into a full restoration if left unchecked!
  21. Brilliant news that the 205 will be back on the road again soon. A clean car is a roadworthy car, we all know that. At least that's what I tell myself every time I wash and hoover one just before an MOT! Fingers crossed for Friday.
  22. End of an era, part the third......... Yesterday my XR650L was collected by a courier to take it to it's new home. I've owned two dominators and this all with the same 650 lump for almost a decade and this is the last one to go. Not sorry to see the back of it really as it wasn't as nice a bike to ride as the dommie and the last time it was ridden in anger was four years ago when I took a tumble trail riding in Spain and it broke my leg! It was big, top heavy and unstable so I was a bit daft trying to tame it. I did get a free helicopter ride though........ That's me now down to five bikes plus storing one for a mate (which will be repatriated soonish) which to some may seem a lot but compared to a total of 10 last year counts as olympic standard fleet reduction! Trying to make my bike owning a bit more serial rather than parallel going forward. Buy, enjoy, sell, buy again rather than buy, hoard, buy, hoard..... until there is no space to store anything and no time to actually enjoy riding anything.
  23. And then there was one....... Just the GPz remains in the lockup now with all the boxes of priceless* spares now up on the "shelf". My mates bike has been trailered up to be stored in one of my sheds at the house. Totally failed to get a pic of that as my street was full of workmen filling holes with tarmac when I got back so unloading was a bit hectic to get everything put away quickly. By the time I went back down to tidy up and sweep out it was naturally pissing down with rain again so any thoughts of moving the GPz today were shelved. Progress is progress though, slowly but surely getting there now.
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