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Car chases


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On 6/27/2020 at 11:08 PM, Stinkwheel said:

Has Mad Max been mentioned yet?
The director George Miller did some seriously new stuff with that film, fitting the cameras to unusual places in the cars making some very ‘close’ action shots....



The first ten minutes of this film might be the best petrol head chase of all time. And I’ll argue that with anyone, come at me.


toecutter ... was the head baddie in Fury Road



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On 1/2/2021 at 12:24 PM, Austat said:

I'm surprised the MG is LHD, but I'm told Japan isn't as strict on LHD vehicles.

It's a status symbol thing - not in 'cool' as much as 'I can'.

Which is why mobster (Yakuza etc) cars tend to be LHD.  If you see a LHD prestige car with the occupants in suits, you'll notice that other cars get out of the way.  When I was in Tokyo they stood out to me...  except being a typical gaijin tourist, I gawped.  Not clever  😄

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9 hours ago, SteersWithThrottle said:

Proof if it were needed that power is a poor substitute for skill:


Given the way that C15 was cut up by the DBS at 1:25, I'm not surprised he gave it some beans.  I do wonder if he was going to pull in at the end too and have a bit of a straightener with the DBS driver, then thought better of it when he realised there were 3 cars traveling together.

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Well... that was fun!  When the original clip ended, it offered me some more, and top left showed a car remarkably like Huggy, flying, so I watched it, with the sound on.  Speed Trap (1977) appears to be a movie about, well, someone who interferes in police chases.  There are 24 minutes of this stuff, clearly edited highlights so you don't get any context and almost no dialogue, but Starring... credits flash up for Joe Don Baker and Tyne Daly, which would be enough to make me watch anyway.  JDB drives a selection of cars with which he baits the black-and-white police Dodge Coronets, starting with an English-registered RHD Jensen Interceptor.  Not one but two Cadillac Eldorados also appear, both about 1972-3, one of which is the car I mistook (in an action shot) for mine.

@Austat thank you for that!

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18 hours ago, Rod/b said:

Don’t know if this is the right place or if it’s been posted before but for fans of early 90’s cop programmes here’s the first in a series of uploads of X-Cars, which saw the bbc shadowing GMP’s car crime unit. 80’s and 90’s cars ahoy!

I remember really liking this along with my Dad.

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not so much a chase, but does anyone remember a Bloke filming himself crossing Paris in a BMW (i think) bumper mounted camera..Proper "as was" action, no cuts and no stunts...think it was early 80's?????



late 70's LOL but I was close...

8 minutes across Paris


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