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Car chases


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On 16/03/2022 at 16:54, Remspoor said:

What's up Doc? (1972)

This shows the start of the chase....


This caries on....

I can not find the full chase...... Thankfullyūüôā

I quite enjoyed those!  A reminder of the good old days of films that attempted nothing more complicated than entertaining the audience.  It also calls into question why SCHWEET DOOOD DRIFFTT BROOOS (and sisters) put so much effort into making Supras and the like slide about when American sedans on crossply tyres do it twice as well in factory trim.  

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On 22/12/2019 at 10:25, Twiggy said:

A  good one:

"Fear  is the key car chase" on you tube.

I`ve no idea how to get it from you tube to here !

Maybe someone a little more computer savvy than I could do it please ?


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1 hour ago, horriblemercedes said:

On the occasional interior shots (rare that you saw this), you could even see it had an automatic gearbox, which proves the replica thing

And the odd interior shot showed that it also had a digital instrument cluster as well.


They did have a real Daytona for static shots in the first episode. 

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Yep, the Daytona is well known to be a kit - there were two used for filming. Ferrari asked them to stop using them and offered them access to the Testarossa, they said yes as long as they could keep the kit Daytonas to write them out of the show, which is where it gets blown up. But only an empty shell did - both screen cars are still out there. 


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18 hours ago, warren t claim said:


I remember seeing that with my brother when I was young & we made a replica of the car within a van out of Lego.

While it's light-hearted it would be hard to take seriously with Michael Crawford in it, I would be expecting him to get into some Frank Spencer style scrapes!

It looks like the fitted some Ford Pintos with Porsche 911 bodywork!

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46 minutes ago, D.E said:

Big American boat keeps up with a smoking XJS


It the same with Fast and Furious  films. Police cruisers and old muscle cars keeping up with EVOs etc. They'd be lost at the first corner but I don’t suppose that would go down well with American audiences., where 2 litre cars are for school kids and turbos are the work of the devil.

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