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Learning to drive

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as im currently still learning to drive this list is subject to change!

but lets see so far i have "learnt to drive" in the following

a 1993 Lada Riva 1500E Estate

a 1976 Invacar Model 70

a 1969 Nissan Cedric estate

a 1996 Citroen ZX Turbo Diesel estate

a 1976 Daimler sovereign

a 1993 Renault Safrane V6

not a bad list If I dont say so myself! 

most thanks to the Autoshite school of learning how to driving! :) 


and finally the car ill probably be doing most of my learning in, some modern VAG group car that I need to grab a picture of and figure out exactly what it is!

in terms of what I have driven the most that currently goes to the Invacar :mrgreen: (standing in at about 15 miles so far)

(tho now I think about it , I may have done more in the VAG group car I think? roughly 2 hour lesson at about 15 miles an hour=30 miles or so!)

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I had 1 lesson in a 2005 Corsa before my instructor upgraded to a 2008 Mazda2. I loved that car, AM08MXW, now not unsurprisingly off the road.

My parents had a 2004 Panda Eleganza Dualogic they took me out in too. AF54XAJ. Red with yellow seats and way too much fun for driving lessons.

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My first car on the road was an aluminium bodied Reliant, on a bike licence.

I also had a go on the road in a Vicars Morris minor, still with a bike licence, but he didn't care.

Driving School car was HA Viva. I told you I was old!

Only had 6 lessons, because having had a Reliant I could drive a Viva easy.

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