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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, coachie said:


I love these, the large family next door to me when I was a kid had loads of them that inevitably died and another slightly less rusty was procured.  There's one in my profile picture.  

I could relive my youth for HFM?



£180 worth of scrap metal for 9 bags, where do I sign?

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My father is selling his vauxhall VX1800 and has asked to post to this site for him. He bought this car last year from a gentleman in airdrie and its been his daily use car since then. He is selling as he has just purchased the wolseley.








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7 hours ago, Remspoor said:

My local motorway is called an Autovía . The regulations for these are clear.


Yes, it's almost as if your motorways are in a different country.

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11 hours ago, sierraman said:

It doesn’t look a bad price, it’s clearly not fell into the hands of some absolute fool as it’s not got the obligatory chrome arches and Irish plate. 


Looks okay for the price but there's probably still plenty of hidden grot. Likely weldathon in 2020 looking at history. This one went for £1420 today & my seasoned XJ-S snout reckons it's not too far from an MOT.  I was almost tempted to put in a cheeky bid. 



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11 hours ago, meggersdog said:

This is a bag of shit I know. But aren't these Polo Classics meant to have squarer headlamps with straight bonnet leading edges? Or am I thinking of its Derby fore-runner? It somehow looks odd as a saloon with the breadvan front end.

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