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  1. Saw one of these on the way home - NEVER seen one before ?
  2. Well a long overdue update . The feekin thing is actually behaving itself , fitted new rear discs as the old ones were fecked , changed the oil , I busted the bonnet grill using my head ( short but painful story involving me standing up in the wrong place ,) still I got a tatty second hand one off ebay which was cosmetically challenged so ended up just spraying it black . Also fitted some of them Heko wind deflectors which stopped the rain getting in as i drive with the window open a few inches most of the time ( No pics as yet ) . An hydraulic tappet decided that making a n
  3. Me too , i can get them cheap through work but they are still a hideous thing to change
  4. Starter changed - and what a faf that was , no room , torx bolts that were way too long IMHO , Main lead that only just reached , so much so you had to connect it with the starter loose . 2 1/2 hours of lying on my back under a couple tonnes of Germanys finest = not fun Whoever designed it needs it shoving somewhere painful - still its running again although im not holding my breath
  5. Shite in sticker form https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-Matchsticks-car-stickers-X-44-FREE-UK-POST/184135161343?hash=item2adf4f95ff%3Ag%3Ac4EAAOSwKwhcRGYu&LH_Auction=1
  6. Well this is actually behaving itself - so much so the clock has worked continually since 29th Dec . Im now certain it was damp , when i got it the boot leaked and it was often misted up. anyway on the 29th i did 140 miles with the heater on boil me / sweaty driver setting and the air con on , clock started working half way in the trip and its not misted up since , i recon the air con and heat has dried the thing out ?
  7. Anyone on here make stuff from bits of dead car . A n Allegro rear end seat would look cool and one day I will do just this. Anyway to start you off heres a lamp and candle holder i built from a gearbox that seized on me on the way home from Dover way back in 1989 .
  8. Just imagine chatting up a potential girlfriend , " yeh il pick you up my my Chevy " . not sure that would go down as well as it sounds
  9. Well Ingrid failed the MOT on a squiffy O/S headlight bulb ( working but fitted wrong and not by me ) Then passed the MOT after said bulb was fitted correctly.However it was a bit tight on the emissions to say the least. As Basil Faulty said in Flowery twats i think it needs a right good thrashing ?
  10. Clocks stopped yet again and its MOT time Monday , not that it will fail because its stuck in one time however the Feckin thing likes eating my money so naturally im shitting it
  11. 128,000 miles so far , it was still running fine until the tensioner pulley melted
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