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  1. Why thank you , strangely its been the most reliable car weve ever had , who said buying a car from a scrapyard was a bad idea , done about 200,000 miles in it since 91 - best £50 I ever spent
  2. It was a Commer Imp van , i never put the side windows or rear seat in though as that was done in the 70s , fronts off a scrapped orange Stiletto as the original was rotten . Colour now is original - Bermuda Blue although some dough head troweled on Caribbean blue wiv a white roof back in the day
  3. Yep , took 4 months , fitted this wing cut from a scrapper and a s/h door . its still on the road and we still use it almost on a daily basis
  4. A long time ago now - from this To this - hit and run at night - bastard !!!
  5. untaxed since 09 - been there a while then
  6. Just done a gearbox reset on this - OOFDAH what a difference - feels like its twanged an extra 30HP from no where
  7. Lovin this thread , il be watching with much interest - top job
  8. Mercs foot / hand brake effort . use your left foot to apply and pull off with your right hand . they often stick and the handle sometimes grenades and falls off . On an auto like mine i guess its OK , On any Merc with a manual box it must be a right mare , use mine once a month to stop it seizing - other wise its an ornament
  9. Theres a whole race series in the States using Crown Vics Watch this guy - hes ace
  10. Love this thread on the Moggy , top work indeed
  11. I too do the throttle reset on my W203 , Makes a huge difference too
  12. Is that a factory colour for a W203 , Never seen such a thing
  13. After owning numerous cars it seems to me that a high number of owners usually signals its a rather shite unloved motor . Poked from pillar to post with no love in between . So do we have any high owner heaps on there . For example This is on 7 separate owners in 8 locations
  14. Have fun with that , same model as mine , mine was built in S Africa !!!
  15. WOW , Didnt think something that old looking was still available in 1992
  16. Daimler built and registered in 1990 ?? , did they make these this late ??
  17. Ive got two - and yes pathetic in the light giving department , popular with the Scooter crowd which is why they is expensive
  18. https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/maintenance-and-gear/dvlas-dos-and-donts-the-risks-of-modifying-your-classic-car/?fbclid=IwAR1hC7RlY1TFb3F0QOAlVEke-PTyt0k4AgVSJftVxYzgHQIA3MIyqcd-HKQ#comment-40544
  19. Wellers are great wheels , got these later style ones on this . Top job on the welding
  20. My first car was a Stiletto , bought for £60 in 1980
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