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eBay tat volume 3.


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When I were a lad Fatha_Outlaw had a van one of these RYM432E (Guardinera?) which he "bought" whilst doing a cash in hand job for some bloke in East London. It was sitting in a car port with it's engine in two crates and 1739 pieces, tyres and paintwork as flat as the proverbial witches tit. "How much for the Fiat M8?" "Build me two piers and an arch in the back garden and it's yours".

It got towed home after muggins here spent what seemed like 37 hours with a foot pump, and disappeared Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-like into the neighbours workshop opposite, Friday 9pm, and he came out Sunday lunchtime with it running, paint buffed, chrome shiny. Not sure if he slept, I certainly remember going in there Saturday afternoon with a packet of Senior Service and some biscuits.... anyhoo, this one's £10k and it's got windows in.



Image 1 - Fiat 500 Autobianchi Estate

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Wonder how far this'll go..... Looks a corker 


EDIT - bugger 940 turbo.... 1 owner until deceased. Full history from purchase. Only 2urs missing MoT as he was ill.... Lovely original looking barge. 

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19 hours ago, 11001010 said:


The Coach is a Santana 170 that originally came with a full fiberglass top. Well that blew off in transport so we came up with the masterpiece that you see here today.




Another YT "star"

If you want the  whole vid. here is the link.



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