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  1. Your thread is on my follow list, I just didn’t have much to add as a reply. I found it interesting!
  2. Excellent, thanks for that. I must have spotted it before on here as I have you in my “Launch Car” list! https://www.volvo-480-europe.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=36281&hilit=Launch It’s great to see your 480s. The blue turbo is particularly beautiful.
  3. If you really fancy one again, there is a little rescue group over on Volvo 480 Club Europe forum. Cars get a bit of love, back in MOT and look for new loving owners. Prices seems to have gone nuts but I don’t think any of the shit overpriced ones sell, they are just in the hands of chancres rather than good owners.
  4. Kind of conflicted. This was never supposed to be out in salt but needs must and it gave me a great big grin to be digging the 480 out at 6:30 and being one of the first out of our winter wonderland village. (C6 broke down at family-in-law’s place so had to go in the 480 and get it ready for transport to the suspension doctors via a car transporter this morning).
  5. This is becoming a bit of an annual tradition now!
  6. I’ve talked myself in to one for a commuter mobile for a new job. Maybe next year!
  7. I took my last C6 for an MOT a few years ago and it was handed back to me with a pass but also a comment that the main beam was not working on one side and that this was a recent change in the MOT test. Its weird that your tester failed you, unless this is a quirk that is only allowed on HID lights or something.
  8. Not YouTube but Driving School is on BBC iPlayer! https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00fkt4h I can’t quite get over how long ago 1997 looks! The instructor with the new fangled mobile phone! Brilliant!
  9. It’s magically fixed itself today apparently! (move to grin thread?!) So that buys me some time until a I get a few hours at the weekend to work on it. Really don’t have time for this but half the coils are easy and the other half only require the intake manifold to come off (or that was the case on same engine in the Renault).
  10. Trying to work out what is wrong with the C6 over the phone with my wife. I seriously can’t work out from her answers if the suspension has collapsed or if the engine has a misfire! It’s like a game show and I’m not allowed to ask any more questions, nor will she go and look at the car!
  11. Fingers crossed they accept. This looks great in an actual colour. Would be very interested in reading collection and repair thread! Best of luck!
  12. I seem to remember the Citroen dealer sold me a repair kit a few years ago for mine. However, this might not have been a snapped cable but the cable ripped out of its plastic blocks. https://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8938&p=108820&hilit=Window#p108820
  13. Wiggle stop solenoid connectors? Best of luck mate!
  14. Woooooow! What a result. You must be very pleased!
  15. Once stuff was sorted properly, I also found mine to be incredibly reliable. Hope it keeps on bringing the smiles.
  16. Not quite sure how this bus got in to this trouble in our little sleepy village on a 30mph road?! Possibly on wet grass and slid with a bit of power application? RH side all bent sadly G533 VBB I think
  17. If it’s a C6, I’d say they are very reliable but I’d be scared of that 2.7 diesel.
  18. Must be encouraged. Is it green blooded too?
  19. I was in Screwfix a few weeks ago to collect and asked to add some C-cell batteries to the order. The bloke looked at me like it was a time-wasting-mentalist! He explained to me, like I was a simpleton, not that they didn’t have them but that they didn’t exist— but that AA’s do, and maybe that’s what I meant. After suggesting that he search his computer for stock of what are basically big-boy AA batteries he found that they did exist and went to get them. I told him that D-cell batteries would blow his mind if he saw them but he didn’t have a sense of humour either.
  20. Fantastic! This is always a great meet. Gutted I didn’t make it this year. Good thing you bought this and not my sister’s 2.2 as that’s just decided to clogs it DPF… again… when I’m a million miles away.
  21. I saw an earlier post about the holes in the blocks. What is the reasoning for the disabling of the engines with this or epoxy in them? I’m not in the market for a fuzzmobile, just curious as to the wastefulness. Or maybe it isn’t: are the engines pretty knackered, they know it and actually trying to prevent someone buying and then re-selling on as fully working with minimum repair*?
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