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  1. I got this C6 ex-press car from BL Autos for a day or so when mine was in for a wallet lightening. I loved the colour of the outside and the cream interior, unlike my coffin like dark grey paint and black interior. Also, mine being a petrol, I’d never driven a 2.7 diesel a properly— it is a really good engine with the power always there and very little turbo lag (maybe none).
  2. Wheels look great! C5 looks well goofy jacked up on high though!
  3. Fantastic to hear, we’ll done on the progress. I saw Brian today and updated him with your progress before this update. He is still very pleased it got a good home with you. I will pop around with the laptop And show him the pics some time too— got any more?
  4. If say go for it. My sister’s looks great on them, pictured. If you poke yourself in the eye you can even convince yourself that they look like C6 prototype wheels!
  5. Ah well, that was the limit of my Landcruiser suspension knowledge anyway! Good luck with it.
  6. Is your Landcruiser the type with basically Citroen hydraulic suspension? I ask because I was at Pleiades yesterday and while we were discussing spheres in general they told me that they can not only re-gas Landcruiser spheres but also have adapters to make C5 spheres fit if required as the Toyota ones are insanely expensive if a replacement is required (E.g. the membrane is torn).
  7. Fantastic. You've spurred me to get the C6's spheres recharged at Pleiades next week! Happy waftage!
  8. This looks lovely, particularly the interior fabric. Just like yours but with the slightly more delicate engine (well the mad shit attached to it anyway!). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-Citroen-C5-2-2-HDi-SX-5dr-Auto-ESTATE-Diesel-Automatic-/313761712478?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 I love how used car dealers put them on “low” as they think it will seduce people somehow but they just look broken. Although the guy selling the potato cam Mk. 1 V6 on stilts manages to make it look even worse!
  9. Oh dear! Bad typing on my part: edited original post to be CRIME scene, not come scene!
  10. True, no point in seeking trouble out. Would be satisfying though!
  11. You definitely need the cheapest legal car parked up outside this twats house pronto.
  12. Oops just re-read that this is Motor Industry… mine are slightly off topic, sorry!
  13. Oh, and a guy that seemed to constantly injure himself, like majorly, had a sort of crime scene outline of a dead body stuck on the floor outside his locker now and again in masking tape.
  14. We had a tractor tug that had a placard hand amended for years, probably still there, that stated the maximum it could could tow was 1 G.T., which was shorthand for Ginger Tosser. Said “Ginger Tosser” was quite fat but actually a top bloke in my book so no idea why that was there. I actually asked him about it but he didn’t really care. I quite respected that he was above such shit.
  15. The funniest response I heard to such people thinking that that own the street outside their house is to point that it’s not your fault and if they’d done better at life, they’d have a driveway. (no offence to those without a driveway, but it’s a fun way to wind up these entitled pricks)
  16. Aah I feel even more incompetent now! Lesson well and truly learnt!
  17. Ah yes, I was referring to mere-mortal, non-Citroen owners finding them scary.... you would be a great C6 owner going in with your eyes wide open! If you can cope with a C5, a C6 is not much more complication. In fact, its the C5 I've had the most difficulty getting parts for-- had to get a three pipes from a scrap car and send the smaller one via Pleiades for a pressure test first for piece of mind. You are probably right there. Its a nice to have "feature" but a "big BX" is a superb thing to waft about in. I feel I am currently occupying my "peak car" dreams with the C6 and 480 but if I had the space I'd also have a BX; and if I had the money I'd have a DS sitting along side them all too-- all non-hydractive Citroens that ride very nicely, like your C5.
  18. Oh, and as you probably know your non-hydractive (no matter what it claims on the black panel under the bonnet!) will be just as soft and lovely in normal circumstances a full hydractive car, it just can’t tighten itself up for corners, spirited driving, braking, etc.
  19. You are probably In a good position to judge yourself as lots “scary” stuff on the C5 is the same on the C6. They are both sublime to drive, until they break… but my experience of the C5 and C6 makes me think of both in this way! If it helps get this ruinous idea out of your head: I don’t think my sister’s 190k miles, 2001 2.2 diesel Hydractive 3 C5 floats along any better or worse than my 90k miles, 2006 3.0 petrol Hydractive 3 (+AMVAR) C6 🙂 My experience of both is that paying the expensive preventative maintenance (probably neglected by previous owners) makes them both pretty reliable. I would happily get in either and drive abroad now. My sister’s has let itself down majorly twice (DPF blocked due to probably having EOLYS level reset but not topped up in the past and cheap single-mass flywheel conversion which let go)— neither of which I can really blame on the car. But, once these have been reversed, and lots of preventative maintenance done to bring it back to spec, it is actually quite reliable. I think the last owner was on a maintenance wind-down as it got older but this was easily reversed. Probably a little more than other elderly cars, both really don’t take well to neglect. The C6, and the one before, were pampered at BL Autos and it’s hard to get out of there without approaching 4-figures— but then they have basically worked without issue for a year until their next visit.
  20. I I met @richykitchy from here once to swap some parts in a service station and we both got a Parking Eye ticket. He paid like a good boy, I ignored them. Parking Eye too me to court, I lost. The judge was very sympathetic but ultimately it stuck on my credit record for 6 years. I wish Parking Eye would just fuck off and die but ultimately the law is on their side, sadly. We both turned up in BXs… He owns an SM now, I don’t. Any more proof required of how my life declined since I ignored Parking Eye?
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