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SAVED for a 2nd time Visa Cabriolet in Edinburgh! - New Clutch fitted


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There is a Visa Cabriolet in trouble in Edinburgh and I would like to see it saved.


Can somebody please get it off the street and store it off road while a long term owner is found. If a new owner cannot be found in a reasonable time I will come to Edinburgh and collect it.


Sellers words:



With great sadness, we must now part with ore red '85 cabriolet, as we are unable to get it through an MOT due to severe rust.  We have had so much fun over the years, and this is breaking our hearts.

Anyway, it failed the MOT on front wheel bearings, brake pipes and extensively rusty sills.  The MOT garage wouldn't do the welding, and neither would 2 others.  So it has to go.

Mechanically, it is fine.  It has always been reliable, and was last driven about half an hour ago.  We also have (brand new and unused) a starter, alternator and clutch cable.  It has four original alloy road wheels, and a steel spare.  The 4.50x13 tyres are good.  It is a bit tatty, including the hood, and has a dent on the front passenger door, but there is actually no outward sign of rust.  You have to get under it to see that.

It is sitting in the street in Edinburgh, still taxed and insured, but with no MOT it is now not legal and needs to go as soon as possible

If anyone can use it, or is feeling like a brave restoration, please come and get it.  If you want to give us something for it, that is fine, but its condition means it has little value

I can't believe that we have gone from using it (literally) every day to this in such a short time,  Boooooo hoooo

Anyway, I am not sure how to post contact details here.  I presume that phone numbers and email addresses are not permitted, but I will monitor this forum for replies.  It is not advertised anywhere else



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Sadly there's nothing much I can do to assist here in practical terms, but agree that removing it from immediate peril is to a place of safety is, of course, A Good Thing... even if, ultimately, the garage is proved correct and it's unweldable, there's bound to be some useful parts on there.


If nothing else, any four-door cabrio is such a rarity - I've been trying to think of any other cars with such a feature (that aren't big Septic landyachts) and I'm drawing a blank.

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I used to see this car in East Lothian when we had a unit over there.


According to the MOT history it's failed on more than sills brake pipes and wheel bearings.


Total failure sheet runs to 14 items


It's a lot of things , but amounts to


2 tyres (135 SR 13)

2 dampers

Brakelines / overhaul

Windscreen washer

Rear seatbelt

Rear wheel bearing

Oil Leak

2 welding areas


Definitely worth saving, but thought it best whoever gets it knows what it needs:)








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Pretty grim when the welders won’t touch it with a barge pole. I wonder how bad it must be underneath.


I have known that a few times where a garage will say they aren’t happy to weld something, a relatives Corsa failed on the spring mounts, the whole mount was Weetabix, guy at the test station said he wasn’t happy to weld it as it involved cutting the mount out and making sure the whole thing lined up again.

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Most garages don't want to be welding up old tat these days. I'm sure it's nothing tickman or foad have dealt with before.


I could store it too and am about 1.5 hours north. Presumably it could be driven to a pre booked mot, or does that not work if it has recently failed?


Edit: Could be a bit hairy, going by that fail list.

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Yes I can contact the owner and will if we can formulate a plan.



I does seem a fair amount of work but I would hate it to be crushed without being given a chance and for that it need to sit somewhere safe for a while.



If anybody local wants to take it on that is great. Nobody will get stuck with it if they collect it because if all else fails I will go to Edinburgh and fetch it, but I can’t do that at short notice.



Just now it needs removing from the street before anything nasty happens to it.


I have off road space to store the Visa but I am in Buckingham 350 miles away and just can't do an instant collection. 

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I suspect that might not be as bad as the mot fail says. I am pretty sure a 1984 doesn't need rear seat belts and if it did one missing wouldn't be a fail. If they have been too harsh with one item the chances are the rest might not be as bad as they say.


My 84 Mini has no rear belts. You could just remove them.

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